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How to calculate and build a geodesic dome

Have a suburban area for creativity. In particular, if the fantasy owners of rural land does not hold, and the desire to create aesthetically pleasing structures superior present. A variety of construction, being built on the frame-panel technology, is a geodesic dome - the object is incredibly practical, capable of performing more than one function. This design can be used as the basis of a country house, greenhouses, pergolas or play area for the kids.


  • Pros and Cons of the spherical construction.
  • On the shortcomings.
  • Preparations for the construction and calculation of the geodesic dome
    • Locating and laying all construction sites.
    • Geometry: public and private moments

  • Required elements and stages of construction.
  • The order of assembly and technological nuances

Pros and Cons of the spherical construction

On the advantages

  • This form has a high load-bearing capacity. The weight is distributed perfectly evenly - it allows you to maintain solid load and save on the foundation.
  • Good aerodynamic properties. "Streamlined" form geokupola increases resistance to even the most powerful air flow - in the form of devastating tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • There is no doubt spherical frame resistance to jolts and shocks can recommend this type of construction for the most earthquake-prone areas.
  • Cost-called ways to create a multi-functional buildings, shelters, greenhouses, playgrounds indisputable: the area of ​​the side surface parts is extremely minimized.
  • Geokupolnoe structure - the best option for the organization of an improved system of maintaining mikromiklimata: hemispherical wall facilitate the circulation of the air stream.
  • Rare beauty kupolopodobny object easily fits into any design made out on the territory of the criteria and the "rise" quickly, even by non-professionals-builders.
dome home

Dome are not only the greenhouse, but also at home

On the shortcomings

  • Flatness walls complicates alignment of shelves, racks in the greenhouse geokupolnoy. In a situation with a domed roof dwelling difficult division of living space.
  • During construction work, there is an abundance of joints to be sealed, and insulate separately. This is a complex process that requires certain skills and patience.
  • The calculations in the design represent a challenge - as well as the pursuit of high precision and beauty bars and triangles used in the "computation" cover.

Preparations for the construction and calculation of the geodesic dome.

Locating and laying all construction sites

Each project begins with site selection underdevelopment. Localization depends on the destination geokupolnogo complex. If this design greenhouses and greenhouse type is looked plot, plenty of natural light. Planning to build a gazebo or indoor courts - choose the shadow side of the territory. Dreaming about the original, unusual house-cap - would be entirely appropriate option to close poluzatenenny adjoining garden.

The Site should be released from the hills,irregularities residues of stumps and roots. In the case of a large dome may need a strong base - then marking tape base will be one of the pre-construction stage. Outline the circle boundaries, you dig a trench and install the casing. Valid start construction without concrete foundation - in the presence of the desired amount of metal piles. Note: soft ground - a bad premise for such an idea.

dome frame

The assembly begins with a frame bottom part of the structure

Hoping to use erected "umbrella" undertransparent greenhouse, greenhouse, you are likely to do otherwise. The first phase will be the removal of the soil on a circular platform inside the structure. Soil mass makes sense somewhere push - to subsequently use it for planting plants in the fertile environment. Circle-base is lined with non-woven fabric (eg agrovoloknom) - such a measure will not allow weeds to germinate. Flooring is filled with a thick layer of gravel.

Geometry: public and private moments

Another series of actions associated with the exact calculationgeokupola both the size and each of its constituent fragments. The most common ratio 1: 2, ie, the height of the structure kupolnika-half the diameter of its base. Get the right hemisphere. the bottom area is calculated by a known formula to all: S =? * R2, where r a mean radius of the circle, and the stable value of? - 3.14. The area of ​​the dome itself sotavit 2? * R2.

dome scheme

Opportunities to use a variety of technologies dome

Note: in fact curved portion would be a little less, because there are in the frame and connecting the beam rail. However, the difference is not too noticeable. As for the establishment of the length of the sides of triangles from which to assemble a hemispherical "mosaic", it is better to consult a specialized in such complex calculations Internet sites. They will help to calculate the area of ​​a hemispherical dome, and the dome structure, length up to? sphere (there are also such: they are incredibly beautiful).

Here we present the result of the finished calculations. Particularly in full integration "roofing" dome parts with a total diameter of 4 m will triangular plates 35 large plates, with edge A (side length 1.23 m) and 30 smaller triangles - B with an edge (1, 09 m long). Remember: the number of planes-triangles increases as "adding to the growth of" dome "roof". If your house gazebo will look like cut by a quarter ball, triangular flaps will take more than 90 pieces. The size of the base is reduced significantly.

Required elements and stages of construction

Since most of the structure, created in the hemisphere"Agricultural" purposes, it is advisable to consider the stages of realization in reality the idea of ​​a hothouse-greenhouse bias. So, we are building a geodesic dome with his own hands as the premise for early vegetables, fruits, flowers and other ornamental plants. This tseleustanovka affect the choice of tools and building materials. The terms of their extensive and variants may be a few - depending on what is already available and that can be purchased over the stock.

Dome technology

Dome-frame greenhouses greenhouses can be wooden

Basic materials and tools:

  1. Universal drill (and better - screwdriver);
  2. steam shovels to remove the top layer of the land;
  3. not too thick pieces of wood (beams) or metal bars (plastic tube), approximately the same length;
  4. screws;
  5. polycarbonate, polyethylene film or glass for cladding greenhouses;
  6. Connectors - four-, five- and six-petalled (permissible independent of their production of the perforated metal strip).

The film for geokupola-greenhouses do not need to cut into triangles: it pull on the frame, and attach to the ribs

dome connector

Species dome set of connectors

The order of assembly and technological nuances

  • About the types of coverage

Highlighting the features of the "clap-" Stroygroup,Point out that each type of coverage is good in its own way, but not without negative qualities. Polycarbonate is not perfectly transparent in the heat too hot, but it demonstrates the excellent properties of heat-saving and easy to mount. The film also does not differ superprozrachnostyu but further facilitates the mounting process. Glass does not block the path of the sun is very durable. However, too heavy, and not cheap. The best option - double glazed windows. Of course the road.

  • Installation recommendations

Hothouse "house" is mounted on the setpre-foundation floor - from the bottom up, "rings". Partitions are held together with special fasteners - connectors. They can be screwed with both the outer and the inner side. In terms of technical skills of the process is simple, but requires care. The denser adjacent sections to one another, the smaller the gaps at the joints, the easier it will be to ensure the integrity of the shell in the future. On the north side of the "network" inside complement reflective shiny stripe.


Using metal rods, tubes permitted in the construction of geokupola

On the penultimate stage of the work, when the skeleton is alreadycovered with "skin", will have to devote time to sealing and insulation. The ventilation system (for a hot summer - forced) should also be thought out in advance. Several movable sections serve as air vents. Acceptable to attract and venting door set - sometimes do the transforming. Since the bottom of the greenhouse "clothes" is not involved in the coverage, you can "build" a heat insulating rim, using a number of bricks, a mound of wood chips, sawdust.

  • Interior, garden problems

Design and construction of hothouseentirely subordinated to the desire to optimize the conditions of the life of plants and give the room a cozy, pleasant to the eye look. Win one who correctly arrange racks with greens and do not forget about the needs of the main "inhabitants" of the garden-vegetable garden. A place for the beds is reasonable to allocate the south side: there is heat and light more. Fan is desirable to "power up" by solar panels, fastened on the "ceiling" of the dome. Fences gryadochek would be nice to provide benches - "relaxation."


Model of the future greenhouse: inside visible sensible plan arrangement of seating rows


Dome greenhouse in the country: visible venting verge-vents


Proposals for the use of the film and the arrangement of beds in schematic form

All. It remains to plant seedlings, shrubs, flowers - and start getting pleasure from the contemplation of all-season rampage raznotsvetya greenery and ornamental crops. We hope, the dream of a home under the tropical park fabulous dome took place, and now in front of you - years and years of positive, which gives us unity with the beautiful nature ...

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