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How to build a gazebo made of wood with their hands

How to build a gazebo made of wood

In the era of total employment and the concentration of lifein major cities nature has become for many a real luxury. Only then will people realize what an important role in their lives playing environment. Minutes of bliss in a hammock hanging in the lush garden or on a sun lounger at the fountain on the green lawn, sweet birds singing and the delightful fragrance caressing your eyes the beauty of flowers - do something positive can charge more than these wonderful moments in the arms of nature in ?! Is that the moments of pleasure that brings magic, immersed in the green garden furniture made of wood, with his hands raised to the moments of inspiration and serves as a summer room for the reception of the most expensive for your guest family.


  • Why revived construction of wooden arbors
  • The specifics of the construction and maintenance of wooden pergolas
    • Preliminary work
    • The construction of the gazebo base
    • floor Construction
    • roof Construction

Why revived construction of wooden arbors

People are tired of the hectic pace of life,artificial materials, strained smiles and superficial communication. Increasingly, they want to merge into one with Mother Nature, to plunge into the real, the true, if the world donated some wizard who knew that in fact a person needs, in contrast to the modern us.

They say with age, people start to pullearth, it is actually much simpler than age plays a crucial role, and experience a certain inner wisdom, not depending on the year of birth recorded in the passport. Therefore, those who understand that the harmony and tranquility one gets only in the embrace of nature, sooner or later become the owners of their own piece of nature - garden, plot, country house, land or a piece of garden.

a gazebo in the country

Belle-arbor made of wood again popular

It does not matter what size willown green "paradise", the main thing - that the place was bought land. Then you can turn the corner in charging you with energy and joy oasis. Those who deeply know the role of nature in our lives, "played on a grand scale." What does it mean? They build on their land structure only from natural materials, so that nothing artificial has not prevented their newly acquired, but especially valuable for the heart "friendship" with Mother Nature. That is why you can often observe people in the country, erecting wooden pergola with their own hands. And build the epicenter of the summer hanging out on your own - it's the apotheosis of unity with nature.


Build your own hands arbor of wood is not so difficult, the main thing - to choose a simple and reliable design

The specifics of the construction and maintenance of wooden pergolas

It is not important what kind of material you choose forgazebo construction - oak, fir or larch, such as how well you handle it. To a wooden cabin for vacation to please you for many years, it is very important to protect them from destructive moisture wood.

Water - it's good, nice and helpful, but onlynot on wooden materials. If you choose a high-quality impregnation and well-treated structure, it correctly you will serve at least 10 years. Then, in order to extend the life of your summer holiday place for another decade, it is necessary to repeat the operation will be.

If you decide to purchase the now popular sulfuricimpregnation, keep in mind that it tends to be washed out with water faster than its "brothers", so certainly cover their structure even special paint that will protect wood as moisture, and from all sorts of fungi.

You are burdened with chores? No problem. Then for the purchase of construction material, which is already pre-treated, the benefit of building stores right now is such a wide range of wood. Yes, it is such an expensive material, but you will find a gazebo beskhlopotnoe twenty years of use from the treated wood in a professional way.

garden path

Be prepared for the fact that a gazebo will need to make a track. Do not skimp on materials, because it is the most popular on the site

Preliminary work

As they say highly experienced gardeners chooseis ideal for the construction of pergolas - that's half the battle. Of course, the new building should fit into the overall landscape of your land. By the gazebo should be convenient approach, because it will serve as a gathering place for all the inhabitants of the house and family of luxury guests. In the end, it must be located in the place where you want. Just consider the following factors. If the building is planned to build in the open, you will need a more detailed approach. Whereas a gazebo placed in the garden, subject to the natural "defense" of trees that will save your "child" from the sun, wind, and even annoying unexpectedly appeared the rain.

They found such a place? Wonderful! So we can move on. First, decide on the size. Secondly, make a layout using a peg. Third, clean up the selected portion of the vegetation, cutting off the ground somewhere in the 10 centimeters. If a family council will approve the chosen location of the epicenter of the summer holiday and its size, it is possible to buy materials and start construction.

the construction of the gazebo

Veteran gardeners are advised to build an arbor away from prying eyes, you do not want to be the heroes of the series, the plot of which will be to monitor the neighbors ?!

The construction of the gazebo base

To gazebo from a bar with your hands turnednot only beautiful but also durable, need to act professionally, adhering to the work plan. The first thing you should do - is to dig a hole in the center and corners of the building. Next, they should set their poles and concreted. As the pillars perfectly fit the profiled beams 15x15 cm from any tree (larch but most are used for this purpose). When set the poles, the lower 50 cm bitumen treat. Then, the boards need to be strengthened. To this end, the bottom of the pit is covered with gravel, which should be properly compacted.

The very design of the perimeter of experienced buildersrecommend to cover with plastic wrap. And only then placed in a hole pillars. It is important to reinforce them precisely because it affects the fate of further construction. Then the pit should gradually fill with gravel, tamping faithfully each of the layers. You can then pour the concrete.

When the done such work can be 2 days and relax, because this term will provide an opportunity to properly freeze the mixture.

Next, the upper part of the poles need to tie beams, carefully making sure that the circuit has been strictly horizontal relative to the ground.

how to connect logs

Variants of the compounds of logs: paw and bowl

floor Construction

For this work you need the boards and bars. Instead of the latter is sometimes used log saw cut. Of course, you are free to choose, and even in the wooden gazebo can do concrete, stone or tile floor, which will be less hassle, because such materials are unpretentious in the care and serve a long time. If you select one of these practical options, you will need gravel and concrete, in order to make podsypku and equal basis.

You want all the same wooden floors, which bring togetheryou with Mother Nature? You have the right. Then you will need to take care that the wood has been separated from the land. This can be done by means of roofing material. This isolation will prevent the board from moisture and increase their service life.

The construction of the wooden floor according to the lawclassics. First, install and securely fasten with screws lag, then made Grinding. The main thing - do not forget to treat all materials protective structure that prevents the penetration of moisture into the wood.

floor in the gazebo

If the budget for construction is modest, and you plan to use the gazebo only in the summer, then you can do without sex

It is worth paying attention! Some builders are mounted on the roof of the ground, and then the finished design is attached to the base. You are free to do as you see fit.

roof Construction

Similar works begin with the crates. Its foundation - horizontal boards that you previously was tied poles, remember? In the center of the building, set the reference bar that will help you securely fasten the boards lathing. To the roof to serve you for many years, you need to think about how it will spend the winter. If in your region a lot of snow, that experienced gardeners recommend builders to enhance the strength of the set parallel to another series of bars. An example of such a structure is shown in the photo below.

roof gazebo

Install the roof an additional number of bars, while in the spring you will not have to repair it

When the crate is ready, it's time to move on to the skin. For this purpose or can use slats of wood or sheet material. As often used roof tiles or galvanized iron, because they are more durable. But you can choose your own version. If you are confident that the construction will not be affected by the weather, you can pull a tent or make a wooden roof, too, like all other structural components. Only you can decide what will be the gazebo of your dreams.

furniture in the country

Wooden furniture - a final touch to complete the project, if you want to design your attics was couched in the same style

The construction of the gazebo - fun and exciting process. The main thing in this business - competent implementation of the idea and inspiration. Good luck!

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