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How to arrange a summer kitchen in the country

Hot summer - this test. Even if you live outside the city. It can tell the ones who prepare your food! It is easier at this time to do without dinner and a tasty sandwich. But if you do not want to put up with this situation, it is absolutely right! For out of this situation has long found! This is a summer kitchen in the country, photos of rooms are amazing with its design and layout. In this article we will talk about how to build a practical construction of its own.


  • Why do we need a separate kitchen
  • Features of the construction project
  • Site selection for construction
  • The technology of construction work

Why do we need a separate kitchen

We have already mentioned that in the summer cooking easier onoutdoors than in a closed airless space. At that time, when guests or members of the household have fun in nature, the mistress often feel left out. As it turned out, to correct such injustice can be very simple! To do this you need to build a summer kitchen. It can be placed anywhere - near the outdoor terrace or pool. So all those present will be able to communicate freely. This versatile construction often becomes a favorite destination for all family members. Summer kitchen with his hands, as a rule, not only improves our way of life, but also makes the site more cozy and extraordinary. Among the advantages of this space for cooking, you can note the following.

  • You will have a large, comfortable and well ventilated workplace.
  • Your family and you yourself will not suffer from the smells that are often out of the kitchen penetrate into every corner of the house.
  • Even if you rattle the dishes, then you take it concerns those who at that time sleeping or resting in their rooms.
  • The hostess will be able to equip the kitchen at will and enjoy a lot of shelves and cabinets where you can put any utensils.
outdoor summer kitchen

The presence of the open kitchen you can think at the stage of drafting of the house

Features of the construction project

It is necessary to reassure you that the summer kitchen with your own hands can be constructed without too much difficulty. But to no building was doomed to failure, it should be carefully considered and draft.

There are two variants of kitchens - they doopen or closed. They are adjacent to the house or stand alone. A combined version, where the walls can be opened or closed depending on the vagaries of the weather.

summer kitchen at the cottage

Good review - an unquestionable advantage open kitchen

You can use ready-made project,Having examined the information on the Internet, or make it yourself. What should pay attention to? On cleaning location, plates, shelves, cabinets, dining tables, and cutting, as well as kitchen appliances.

Site selection for construction

Once the project is selected placeThis will be a small house. What do I need to consider? First of all, a summer kitchen with barbecue should be well communicated to the living quarters. Ideally, when her garden will be visible courtyard, playground, entrance to the house and walkway.

accommodation summer kitchen

Summer outdoor kitchen can be placed anywhere

Choosing a site, think about the convenience ofsumming up the water and electricity, as well as the withdrawal of sewage. Standard dimensions of platforms varies between 6-8 square meters. m, but they can increase the possibility. It is desirable that the kitchen was located on the side of the compost pit and places where pets live.

The technology of construction work

Having a kitchen in the hands of the project and to determine the place of its location, you can start the construction works.

  • In the case where the summer residence summer kitchen will becellar, it is necessary to start with him. To do this, dig a pit and cleaned. For its size it should be more than half a meter cellar on each side. The pit is filled rubble layer of 50 cm. After thorough compaction it is poured hot bitumen. The walls of the cellar will be performing the role of the foundation for the kitchen walls and so it is better to make a monolithic. Concrete is poured into the mold, and after the removal of the wall plaster cement-sand mortar. For high-quality waterproofing is better to use ruberoid.Esli you do not need in the cellar, then fill the walls of conventional monolithic concrete foundation.
  • The second stage - the assembly of the frame. It laid the foundation of timber frame section 15x15 cm. Where the frame is connected to the foundation and at fixing beams are set to improve the fixation metal corners. As a rule, the summer kitchen, which in a variety of photos displayed on the site are the main walls, covered with boards or paneling. Walls that the project will be to push, making easier (5x7 cm timber and plywood sheathing). To improve the water-repellent plywood, it is pre-treated with hot linseed oil.

    kitchen improvement

    You dreamed of a romantic evening - it you will

Important! Before you begin to sheathe the walls, take care of the device slots for water pipes and electrical wiring cables.

  • The next stage - the construction of the roof. It may be different in form, but have to have a small slope - drip of melt and rain water. It is better to give preference to lightweight materials - Ondulin, glazed tile or asphalt sheets.
  • Finishing the summer kitchen is done after the constructionwalls and roofs. With the help of a ready mix for outdoor produce plaster walls. Pre-pasted over their building felt and plaster making shingles. As such, it is quite suitable conventional plaster mesh, anchored by using roofing nails.
  • The interior of the summer kitchen will dependon your ability and creative imagination. You can oblitsevat wall ceramic tiles or granite, use tiles and mosaics, as well as a composite material.

Special attention should be furnished assummer kitchen design depends on it. Here, as in the full kitchen, washing should be, stove, chopping and dining tables. If resources permit, and the area, you can put a dishwasher, grill, barbecue, etc. Especially exotic wood stove will look! Beautiful garden furniture from rattan or wood complements any interior. And if you put on the floor vases with exotic flowers, your outdoor kitchen will become a favorite place for the whole family.

We hope that this information was for you not only interesting, but useful! The main thing to set a goal, and then there are the means to carry it out! Good luck and good rest!

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