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House for the well - photo, design, construction with their own hands

House for wells

In order to have a supply of clean, cool water, peoplebuilding of old wells. Actually it is today, especially for the summer residents and owners of country houses. And that the well did not get a different garbage, insects and fallen leaves, and do not pollute the water, install the roof, in other words - a house for the well.


  • The need or whim?
  • Getting Started
  • wooden frame device
  • Roof manhole house
  • Boarding house walls for the well and installing door
  • Finishing the well house

Of course, such structures are commercially available. But if you go to the market, you will see that it is fun is not cheap. So, maybe, it is easier to build a house with his own hands? In addition, nothing complicated about it.

The need or whim?

Take care of the arrangement of the roof to the wellneeded in the event that the water from the well is planned to be used not only for irrigation of the site, but also for cooking and drinking. And it's not a fad, but a necessity!

House to protect the well from contamination and freezing

House to protect the well from contamination and freezing

House will prevent the ingress of dust and dirt well. This structure is able to protect the water from sunlight. As you know, when warming up the healing properties of water are lost!

Harboring well need to avoid getting into the chemicals in treating the plants and rainwater. In addition, the house will help to forget about the water freezing in the most severe frosts.

Getting Started

Most gardeners choose this option, we do. They build their own house. But before you proceed directly to the construction, it is necessary to decide what will be the roof.

House perfectly fit into the design of the site

House perfectly fit into the design of the site

recommended type "house in a search engine forphoto well "and view the proposed options. At the same time we should not forget that the sump house must necessarily fit into the established design of land. It is necessary to use building materials, combined with other buildings of the infield.

The dwelling often made of wood, for example,boards, timber or logs, which remain at the disposal of the hosts at the end of the construction of a wooden house. The roof can be 2 or 4 ramp to be peaked or flat. The coating is made of tar paper, metal, tiles or planks.

Important! The tool must be prepared in advance! In the construction of shelters for the well will need: jigsaw, circular saw or hand woodworking machine, building level, hacksaw on wood planer, Phillips screwdriver, hammer, spade, crowbar, pencil and tape measure.

So you need to log ostrugivat

So you need to log ostrugivat

Started construction of the house, it is worth againconsider how to make a house for the well. First of all it is recommended to stamp the ground around the well and flatten it by podsypaniya rubble. To control the alignment it is recommended to use a level. Choosing the rubble, it is better to give preference to a material that has a cross-section of nearly 50 millimeters. Area of ​​gravel is needed to install it on the frame. At the preparatory stage and should be planed boards and perform pruning material to the desired size.

wooden frame device

During the construction of an object such as a house forwell drawing is of great importance, because it allows you to calculate in advance the exact amount of the material and its dimensions. To make better use of struts 80 mm bar. Cutting board is necessary for the upper and lower trim that was previously cut to the desired length.

frame house for the well - correctly calculate the amount of material

frame house for the well - correctly calculate the amount of material

Tying frame is as follows: placed on a flat surface, and two racks to them nails fastened boards the upper and lower trim. After that everything is repeated with the second pair of uprights. To achieve high reliability of fixation, to be used for one place for four nail fastening. Then the design is placed near the well ring. With the help of strapping side walls connected to each other back and front wall of the house.

Roof manhole house

The basis of the roof trusses perform thatbuilt from boards having a length of 180 mm and a thickness of 30 mm, and the timber and pins for the struts a longitudinal section (25 millimeters). It would take a whole: struts 8 to 40 centimeters, 3 bolts to 30 centimeters each, 8 rafters to 180 centimeters.

Roof house made of boards

The roof hut made of boards do, but they can be replaced any roofing material

At the top of the truss elements are fixedself-tapping screws. Previously for the convenience of the compounds they should cut a bevel. To fix the construction of farms and the upper trim is recommended to make a technological notch fixing nails design 120 millimeters.

The roof of the house for a well made to strengthenthe struts, and the top roofing frameworks need to connect the boards, which function as the ridge. Further downward crate made at intervals of 10 - 15 centimeters, and the projection of the rear and front walls 10 centimeters.

It remains to cover the roof with roofing material forwaterproofing and make trim. Casing frame carried sheets of slate. Sheets of slate, which go on trim, should be divided into two parts and slate nails to attach to the frame. Angular connections skin should be closed by tamping them wind boards.

Boarding house walls for the well and installing door

For door house, which measures 85 by 55centimeters, required edged boards and 3 bar dimensions of 25 by 30 millimeters. Boards should be cut at a height to the desired size. In this case, the figure is 85 centimeters. boards should be laid on a flat surface in the form of a shield, the top and bottom boards have bars, connecting with one another board with them.

Important! For mounting use screws, 4 on the same level at the bottom and top of the door panel. To when closing the door-opening was not skew between the connecting bars diagonally doors attach bar stiffness. The walls of the house should sheathe edged boards.

Fixing the door

Functional house door fittings installed on standard doors to install any rules

should take piano hinges for door canopies,which on one hand are fastened to the door, and on the other hand - a face gable. To lodge served for many years, all wood to be processed atseptikami and decorative finishes toplazuryu perform "under the tree." House for the well prepared with their own hands and still enjoy its functionality and elegance!

Finishing the well house

Constructing sump house should pay specialattention to its finish. Wooden houses fit perfectly in any version of the design and look good in combination with the well-laid around the green lawn. To enhance the effect, you can cap the well pour gravel, can be laid out near large rocks or have a paved area.

Installation of concrete roof tiles

Installation of concrete roof tiles

If the recovery of water wells used"Crane", the top of the log-support can be decorated with decorative lights that will illuminate the space at the well, and simply serve as an unusual decoration in the night. If you like the rustic style, the colorful building can be created in people's motives, adorning it with tiles. "Fabulous" house will resemble a gnome home.

You already know how to build a house for the well! What is more important. He must perform the main function - to keep the water clean and icy, which is tastier in the world there is nothing!

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