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Construction Guide gazebo in the country with their own hands

Construction Guide gazebo

True gardeners claim that land withoutpergola - a sign of laziness, or proof that the owners of the territory has not yet matured to become true masters of the land. But, it is true, only the lazy or nature-loving person can refuse such a "complex" pleasure as fragrant barbecue in the company of loved ones, rest in the air, enjoying the rustle of leaves and the scent of flowers. Simple arbor in the country with their own hands constructed in just a few days, and the pleasure brings many years. You will see - your work will pay off handsomely.


  • Patrimony gazebo Birthday
  • Types arbors - what to choose
  • Styles arbors - how to find your own version
  • The choice of location - the basis for success
  • The procedure works in the construction of the gazebo
  • Step by step instructions of building

Patrimony gazebo Birthday

What do you think, where and when the firstprojects gazebos to give? You will be surprised, there is more than 5 thousand ago in Egypt. One of the ancient architects came up with such a structure that its owner was a comfortable rest in the embrace of nature, and not alone, but surrounded by distinguished guests. The first name of the gazebo - "paradise garden". Meanwhile, a similar structure could afford only the chosen. It even suggests the frescoes found in the graves of rich Egyptians, in which fragments of the garden with a gazebo have been depicted. The history of the construction of pavilions states that due to the excavation of graves and the world discovered the gazebo, or mystery.

If ever there was a rare luxury garden furniture, isNow the construction of the gazebo in the country - the usual phenomenon. Become a master of "heavenly places" Anyone can become a landlord, for that just need the desire, time and a bit of material.

construction of pergola

Cozy and beautiful gazebo attracts like a magnet, is not it ?!

Types arbors - what to choose

Before you start looking for how to make the gazeboin the country, you need to decide in what will be the construction, because in contrast to the times of ancient Egypt today, this design is presented in a variety of options. You have to choose the one that will appeal to family members, "fit" in the budget and is suitable for holiday company you are planning to invite guests.

Thus, the type of construction of such variants are distinguished pavilions:

  1. Notebooks, which are collapsibleKits, which are mounted as required or for the season. This option is suitable for those who, for example, rents a cottage or a few estates, roaming from one section to another. For installation of this model also resorted cheap, creative and engaged owners who do not have the ability to update the spring construction, want to have every season a new, fashionable gazebo or simply planning the summer he borrowed the design, and then sell it, restoring part of the invested funds. In addition, the portable gazebo is easy and fast to install, their construction does not require any special knowledge, the likelihood of errors in the construction of virtually reduced to zero. But some true gardeners claim that a vacation in a portable gazebo - it's like, what to eat from disposable utensils. Are they right to you.
  2. Stationary design, who have their permanent place in the area, winter, along with other facilities or even operate all year round, without losing its beauty.

    beach house

    The proximity of the pond will allow a gazebo to take the beach house features

In turn, the stationary arbor are such types:

  • open, intended only for recreation inwarm time of year. Such models are not glazed, have no windows, often - and walls. Roof - is also not a mandatory attribute of an open gazebo, at least, it can be a temporary or "living", consisting of lush vegetation;
Rain protection

An open gazebo with a roof makes it possible to part with nature even in time of rain

  • closed in appearance resembling miniature houses, equipped with doors, walls and sound roof. Sometimes such 'Towers' owners enjoy all year round;
  • semi - "mix" of the first and the second option, under which construction can give free rein to their imagination.
Rest in the gazebo

Only you can decide what size is your "paradise"

Styles arbors - how to find your own version

Decide what type will be your "paradise" - a little, we must also decide on the style, because the gazebo should be not only functional, but also beautiful, is not it ?!

Modern designers indulge consumersoffering landowners a kaleidoscope of different styles - popular, fashionable, charming in appearance. You can use one of the completed projects, to come up with their own, mix several styles - is also acceptable, as long as you like and households.

So what styles are now at the peak of popularity?

  • Classic, which is said to be out of time and outfashion. She is always in demand, reliable and not get bored. This style involves strictness in shape and contour clarity, directness and simplicity of design lines. No frills, ornate and "fly" fantasies - all right reserved and at the same time - the decorum and practical.
  • Country usually expressed bytree, because it implies the naturalness of designs. With regard to the realization of such a direction, it may be different from the hut on chicken legs and ending with a fabulous house Winnie the Pooh. Perhaps this style allows you to exercise maximum creativity and imagination, thus falling into the category of fashion nowadays facilities "eco".
original gazebo

Gazebo in the form of a hut on chicken legs - original and fun. You want this?

  • Mediterranean, suggesting maximum openness, but at the same time innovative equipment, for example, the presence of an oven-barbecue.
  • East based on the ornate forms,which are expressed as a plurality of corners, and in the presence of a fancy patterns and patterns of tissue abundance. Often in the eastern style gazebos found a door or a wall in the form of screens.
style gazebo

Oriental style involves many details and decorations

  • Victorian - elegant "guest" of Britain, suggesting an abundance of white and light shades, as well as a combination of iron and wood.
  • Forest, in fact, the "mix" rustic and classical decorated with natural vegetation (fragments of trees, vines, creepers, flowers).
original gazebo

The incarnation of the original idea of ​​building a gazebo. Inspire and give free rein to their imagination

The choice of location - the basis for success

Determine the type of gazebo and style? It's time to choose the location of your "paradise". What does the "dance" in this case?
First of all, consider the convenience of the routehome to the arbor, because you often have to "run" to set the table, bring everything you need for recreation and leisure guest companies. However, this does not mean that you need to build a gazebo right next to the house, because surely you will want to cook kebabs or fish soup, and such actions may result in smoke blanketing the main structure.

It is not necessary to begin construction on the marshyterrain or in the valley, where during rain will appear, "splash", because you do not want to throw away time and money down the drain, season and spoil your mood ?!

If erect open design, plan,that it is in the shade, otherwise the sun will interfere with recreation. In addition, the crowns of trees - good protection against fine rain in the summer - a special "guest". Garden - the perfect place for an outdoor gazebo.

Important is the fact that the building does not cast a shadow in unwanted places, for example, on a bed of flowers or sun-playground.

By "paradise" to be equally convenient approach from different sides, because visitors can enter the arbor, bypassing the house or after a walk in the garden.

And finally: beautiful surroundings - a guarantee that will not only enjoy your stomach but also the eye. With this simple unit. Take a chair, move it to the desired location, and, turning his head, look at all that surrounds you. Like "picture"? So, good luck!

accommodation gazebo

If you successfully place your "paradise", the summer is a popular place for visits to surpass even the house. You'll see!

The procedure works in the construction of the gazebo

As with other any case, the correct actionand correct sequence of work - a guarantee that the construction of the "paradise" will serve you long and true. Competent algorithm for building the gazebo looks like this:

  1. Create or order the project. For this step, you will need to head, hands and a computer or paper. You can also use ready design found on the web or designed for you company profile.
  2. Calculation of materials. When the structure of the project is ready, it becomes clear what and how much you need to implement the idea. Make a list of necessary materials.
  3. Purchase, you can do by going tobuilding materials supermarket or order everything you need from the Internet. Do not forget that in addition to the materials themselves, you still need plenty of tools and work clothes. It is also good to have on hand a first aid kit. Spend home "inventory" for the presence of all the above, in the absence of something, make your shopping list.
  4. Marking the territory.
  5. Construction of the foundation - the basis of secure facilities.
  6. Construction of the carcass according to the draft.
  7. Installation of the floor.
  8. The erection of the roof, including its frame.
  9. Decorative works (railings, stairs, porch, etc.).
  10. Construction of the stove or grill.
  11. Connecting communications (electricity, water, sewer).
  12. The choice of furniture and decoration of "paradise."

Starting from the 8th paragraph, you are free to act onits discretion, since, as we have said, a gazebo can be without a roof, grill, jewelery, lighting and furniture, you can make from home. Therefore, adjust the order of works in unison with their plans and desires.

gazebo with barbecue

Set in the gazebo grill - a wise idea, because then you will be able to cook treats the whole company, not in the kitchen alone

Step by step instructions of building

As an example, consider the construction of a square gazebo with dimensions of 3 by 3 meters, as this format is the most demanded by landowners.

Once you have found "their" project, compiled a list of materials, made a purchase and mark territory, you can go to the main unit of construction work, which begins with the foundation.

Of the three possible types: tile, columnar and ribbon experienced gardeners recommend opting for the latter, because it is the most reliable and easy to construction. Dedicated pegs area is cleaned and remove the top layer of the earth (50 cm). The recess is filled with 10 cm of sand and gravel. A new layer of compacted. The remaining depth is filled with cement solution, gravel and sand (1: 3: 3). Then fit roofing material, and on top of it - in the form of brick columns on several rows. Then follows an additional layer of roofing material. This arrangement will protect the structure from decay, as between the ground and the base is formed airbag.

their own hands

It looks Solid foundation, made with his own hands

When the foundation hardens, you can proceed toframe. The base is assembled from bars interconnected by boards and nails. Then you must install the bearing support. Further optional frame can be clad boards. However, one can instead use other materials, such as cloth, mesh, threads, live plants and straw.

gazebo frame

Durable frame - the basis of a long "life" of the arbor

everything is just the floor. If you do open the gazebo, it can replace the land between the presence of basement floor requires assembly. For its production can use the same tree or tiles or stone, or a grout fill area.

As for the roof, then, as you understand, it is nota mandatory component of the arbor. It may not be at all, its mission is to take on the nearest tree or vine. You are free to make a removable roof, using a tarp, polypropylene, cloth or other materials. And can be used for the construction of a roof slate, wood, tiles, OSB boards, polycarbonate, and even straw or reeds. If you stop at the last two materials, you will certainly set an impermeable layer, for example, polyethylene film, otherwise the roof will be non-functional, though beautiful.

roof gazebo

"Live" roof for pergola. Originally, the truth ?!

Once the arbor is ready, it will be the most visited place in the territory, and you will not be able to imagine how you ever lived without this wonderful "paradise."

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