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Browse thumbnails of artistic forging - Find a suitable option

Browse thumbnails of artistic forging

You want your house or cottage lookin a special way? This will help you design such as artistic forging, photo samples which can be found in abundance on the Internet. Its use makes the site a place of aesthetic pleasure and boosts their self-esteem. Using forged arbors, pergolas, bridges, arches and other elements of landscape architecture often has less to do with the investment of money, but with the desire to express their attitude to the world and to realize the creative skills and abilities. For information on how this can be done will be discussed further.


  • We follow the stylistic conformity
  • Decorate the garden with the help of metal

We follow the stylistic conformity

The use of forged forms in garden design -dealing fairly responsible. They should be in harmony with the overall style of the buildings and land. Otherwise, even the most beautiful product may look alien. Therefore art forging their own hands on the stage of the project requires a careful examination with samples of works by other artists. The same should be done if you want to arrange items in the order.

Their advantage lies in the fact that forgingIt fits practically any type of terrain. She looks great in the clear-cut French parks and gardens, including Italian marble. It is easy to combine with emerald lawn English and Russian natural beauty of the estate.

artistic forging

Framing porch - handhold and jewelry for the eyes

The main thing is that you choose wisely and ornamentDo not overdo it with the number of elements. I do not think that will suit every garden and lush volume products, as well as many small details. For example, the use of heavy baroque longer appropriate in large areas where buildings are designed in the same style. But for light and thin forged products such restrictions not, because they fit perfectly in any topography.

Decorate the garden with the help of metal

Now we talk about the forged elements, which are often used for garden decoration.

  • Fences and gates

Decorative forging fence made asTypically, only the upper and middle parts. But the gate can be as fully forged and delicate, and done in conjunction with other materials. They must be both reliable and elegant. Their decoration attracts outside attention, and therefore require special treatment.

forged gate

Presentable card of your home

  • Garden furniture

It is spread in the rest areas. A classic example of such a furniture - a combination of wood and metal. Fully forged furniture you see in nature are not common, although it is the most durable and rugged. The gardens, designed in the style of hi-tech, using items that forging decorated glass.

  • bridges

Often used where there is a stream or a small lake. Thin and delicate arched bridge parts look elegant and aristocratic.

forged bridge

The bridge - a good element for a large area

  • stairs

They can include an entrance porch and have access to the garden. This elegant prop looks organically and dignity.

  • Arches and pergolas

Sketches of artistic forging enablechoose for your site the most successful small architectural forms. They are used with the purpose of the zoning area, and for forming green corridors twined plants. Pergolas look aesthetically pleasing, not only when twined with greenery and flowers. With their help, formed three-dimensional space, and are shaded transitions. Arches are often used as an entrance from the patio in the garden.

  • Fixtures

They help create a romantic atmosphere - they look adorable on the walls, along the tracks and on the garden lawns.

  • Gazebos and pavilions

Their goal - to isolate from the main seating areasection. Therefore, they have away from home or on the waterfront. Such elements, created for rest and garden ornaments, allow you to fully realize the designer's talent. Forging is used in a huge variety. For such work necessarily need a machine for art forging. Such opening of construction other than grace and ease, can decorate any site and create a sense of celebration.

forged arbor

The ease and grace - the undoubted merits of the arbor

  • Awnings and canopies.

Although they are designed to protect from rain, snow and icicles, their decorative appearance to complement any building.

You can also add a lot forgedbarbecue and other cute and durable accessories. These, in combination with other forged items, will create a unique look of your garden or the estate! Is not it aspires to it, each of us ?!

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