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A couple of ways to make a bird feeder

Bird Feeders are a useful gardenconstruction, attracting birds assistants. You can use them for the construction of a variety of materials, involving the occupation of their children. The easiest way to make a bird feeder out of the box and the plastic bottle. For the construction of capital structures for your own garden will require a board or plywood, and a few hours of free time. It is a responsible approach to the issue of food, because not all the food is equally good for the birds.


  • How to make the most simple bird feeder
  • The main types of bird feeders
  • Suitable winter feed for birds
  • How to build a wooden trough for the capital of the infield

How to make the most simple bird feeder

Feeder is a construction of a coveredsite, which is enough space for feed and birds location. This facility is useful for owners of homestead plots, because birds are attracted assistants. It has long been known that birds are the natural enemies of insects like to build nests far from human habitation. That is why should worry about the survival of the birds in the winter so as not to lose valuable assistants.

bird feeders

The simplest feeder from plastic bottles protects the food and is popular with birds. It protects and feeds are popular with birds

Bird feeders out of the box and is easilyfast. The easiest way to take the empty packaging of milk and do it in the hole wide enough to get to the bird feed. You can also make its own from cardboard, planted on the glue. Another simple and popular material is a plastic bottle in which the bore holes.

Making bird feeders - fascinatingactivity, which is to attract the younger children in the house. It is necessary to teach that different species of birds need different design "winter messes." So to bullfinches, pigeons, sparrows will suit those that are equipped with wide tap holes or those with open wall. In such stable enough feeders easier to get to the food. Titmouse prefer more complex and difficult options. For example, feeder tap holes with narrow, deep, made from bendable material or swinging on the line.

The main types of bird feeders

  • Construction with walls of the bottom, wall and roof gable (typically made of wood or plywood).
  • Golf-table installed on the leg across the bottomwhich is made of plastic drainage pipe, which protects the feeder from squirrels and cats. Optimally, such a structure placed at a distance of few meters from the house and the nearest branch. At the height of the feeder should be more than one and a half meters.
for the birds

Golf-table without a roof will require periodic cleansing of snow

  • Grid or conical steel grille,where different foods are placed depending on the species involved birds. For example, thrushes, bullfinches, waxwings well prepare berries of mountain ash and viburnum. This feeder is also suitable for a protein, which can be put raisins, mealworms, peanuts and seeds.
  • Window feeders on suckers or other fasteners is good for small birds. It is necessary to place it so that the birds flew away not in the house.
  • Ground feeders prefer to finches, thrushes, robins, dunnock. This may perhaps be the construction with a roof or just a tray that you want to make a night in the house.
  • For tits should hang a few piecesunsalted bacon connected together by a dense skin. Feeder thus inaccessible to larger birds. In addition to tits on the wire can be placed small pieces of ghee or butter. Even make edible bird feeders hanging from dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds and fat.

Suitable winter feed for birds

The feeder can pour several kinds of food,which will attract different birds. Woodpeckers, nuthatches and crossbill like sunflower seeds, pumpkin, bacon, pine cones, acorns, nuts. Goldfinches, sparrows and zelenushek well-fed millet, millet and oats. Waxwings, and bullfinches happy to peck the berries of elderberry, mountain ash.

food for birds

Tits like feeders, which are laid hearty balls of lard and various seeds and nuts

One of the most enjoyable for tits treatsfeeders are edible. Prepare them as follows. Unsalted bacon melts at a lower temperature, and then thereto are added to the dry ingredients (different seeds, dried fruit, nuts). Is necessary to prepare in advance some small form, in which the mixture gradually hardens. Previously all the ingredients are well mixed, and in the center of the container is placed on the wire tied to the end of the rope. After solidification of the edible bird feeder can be hung in the garden.

Suitable types of food: fresh unsalted bacon, meat, beef tallow, butter, raw sunflower seeds, millet, corn, rice, wheat, and hawthorn berry, viburnum, mountain ash, white bread, egg shells (calcium source). It should refrain from feeding birds black bread, crisps, corn flakes, roasted, sweet and savory products, as they can cause a disorder of the digestive system of birds.

How to build a wooden trough for the capital of the infield

In the private garden owners often hang purchasedor self-made trough of wood or plywood. The most simple and convenient design a gable roof can be assembled in a few hours. First is to make a drawing of bird feeders, and then proceed to its assembly.

compartment for filling feed

The classic version of the feeder can be supplemented with a compartment for filling feed

You can make a simple and convenient facility withcompartment for filling feed Plexiglas. To work required board length 2 m, width 20cm, thickness of 2cm or water-resistant plywood. Plexiglas is inserted into the side wall, where with the help of a milling machine is doing the grooves depth of 4mm. Parts feeders are fastened with screws, all corners must be sanded.

their own hands

Elements of feeders: gable roof, side walls, a bottom flanges

On each side is to make the round of the perchstrips, inserted into the skirting edge (item №8) where it is necessary to drill holes (10mm in diameter). The right-hand half of a gable roof are assembled together with the other elements, and then with the help of furniture hinges secure the left side. Food, one filling of which should be enough for a few weeks, will gradually fall out the bottom of the trough through the gaps between the side walls and the bottom.

Capital bird feeders, which are better photosthing to do when in the construction of fly feathered guests, will entertain children if they put their efforts in the construction. Therefore it is necessary to involve little helpers.

drawing feeders

Drawing sidewall classic bird feeders.

If you decide to make bird feeders, picturescan be a good source of inspiration. You can make quite a standard structure or to go ahead and come up with something extraordinary. In any case, the feeder - a real help to the birds, which subsequently will benefit both people, because feathered helpers - great fighters against pests.

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