The better to cover the roof of the garage: on materials, methods of construction and repair

The better to cover the roof of the garage

Experienced drivers are well aware thatproperly installed garage roof is not as important as a strong floor and wall safe, as it logically completes the finished structure and acts as a protective agent against atmospheric precipitation, the burning rays of the sun and wind. The construction of the roof is considered to be a complicated process, so you should decide in advance than to cover the roof of the garage.


  • What are the roof?
    • Pent roof construction
    • Gable roof over the garage
  • Common roofing materials
    • Almost traditional slate
    • Practical perspective decking
    • Seam roof and its installation
    • Will cover a roof with roofing material
    • Stylish stone roof
  • Classic construction algorithm

What are the roof?

If you plan to make the roof with his hands, thenIt is to decide what will be the type of construction. Today, the two most popular types of roofs are common. Which would not garage roof was chosen, it is advisable to study its structure in detail.

Pent roof construction

Pent roof is the most simplestructure. The focus falls on the roof wall having different heights. Such roofs can be mounted at a different angle, and its value will depend directly on the climatic conditions in a particular region and the material chosen.

Pent roof garage

Pent roof of the garage is being built, if not supposed to use the attic space

The value of the ramp varies between 0 - 60degrees, but this figure does not exceed the recommended. For each roofing material provided their minimum allowable performance roof pitch dictated by the physical and chemical properties.

The main structural component of pentthe roof is smooth softwood timber - rafter. It is important that the wood has been allowed to dry properly and treated with special preservatives, because they protect the wood from various pests, fire and water. Rafter system called pent roof sloping.

Gable roof over the garage

Gable roof is selected, if you planuse the attic. The most common form of such a construction is an isosceles triangle. How to mount a gable roof, and how to cover the roof of the garage Stekloizol?

Gable roof can be mounted by theirhands even without special knowledge and skills. Simple frame consists of two identical roof "legs", which settled successive rows and connected at the top in the "horse." Lower support stand wall of the garage.

Gable roof garage

Mnogoskatnaya roof above the garage can be used as an attic for storage space

To calculate the height of the ridge of the roof and the lengthrafter, you need to know the width of the garage and the amount of tilt. To shade the roof of the garage was neat, to the length of rafter should add 30 - 50 centimeters.

Installation of a gable roof begins to frameinclined type. It should collect parts. Mauerlat, laid on the perimeter, it is necessary to attach to the wall anchors. If the garage walls were built of concrete or brick, between the wall and the wooden mauerlat must necessarily be laid waterproofing, as a not uncommon use of tar board lining.

Common roofing materials

Nowadays on the market there are countlessa plurality of roofing materials. The range is expanded with the rapid development of industry, but the cover that has earned the trust, are still popular. Therefore, every car owner should know how to cover the roof of the garage Bikrost, slate, roofing material and floorings.

Almost traditional slate

Most motorists believe that the roofGarage is best to cover the slate because this roofing material is sufficiently durable and can last nearly forty years. Slate - a rather lightweight asbestos cement slab. To mount this roof covering, it is necessary to drill the holes, then drive them with an allowance of several millimeters galvanized nails. Stack Slate accepted overlap (20 cm), to better fit with the sheets, angles, internal masonry spans need to be cut down.

The roof of the garage from Slate

Slate - one of the most popular roofing materials with the longest lifetime

Repairing slate roof is rarely necessary. For this lesson you will need cement, asbestos fluff, water and PVA glue. Glue is diluted with water in a ratio of "one to one", asbestos and cement is used in a proportion of "three to two". The viability of such a solution is 2 hours, then the mixture begins to harden. The roof of the garage to repair should be cleaned thoroughly. Particular attention in the process of repair promazyvaniya surface solution should be paid to cracks, cracks and chipping. Minimum solution layer is 2 millimeters.

Practical perspective decking

This modern material such as corrugated board,gradually replacing the slate. The term of its useful life is 50 years. If you can not decide what is best to cover the roof of the garage, then your choice is to stop carrying on the Wall-NA Decking brand. Profile with wave method gives the sheet of cold rolled products. Absolutely all brand sheeting have the same waveforms - trapezoidal, but its height and the size of the sheet are different in all models.

Decking is fire resistant, sound-and waterproof material that meets state standards and specifications. The advantage of this material lies in the possibility of multiple use. How to cover the roof of the garage floorings that lasts for a long period?

Welded garage of corrugated board

Democratic profiled displaces from the market not only slate

The roof of corrugated mounted overlapped (20centimeters) fasteners are screws or rivets. Fastening set deep corrugations. The process of laying begin from the end from the bottom up, if the roof gable, eaves line the flooring on. Special profiles to be used for registration edge, the top and sides.

Seam roof and its installation

Metal material is the easiest andthe construction of the roof will save money on the installation frame. Although such coating can not be called cheap to maintain, it is suitable for any type of roof. If you plan to build a metal roof with his own hands, you can do the crate from the boards.

Calculations lathing is done inAccording to calculations of future loads (30 to 100 mm, 30 to 70, 50 to 50 millimeters). This construction is not necessary to do a solid: the distance between the boards must be greater than 25 centimeters.

Seam roof garage

Standing seam roof can not be called cheap, but it is one of the most reliable options

Rafters taken steps to set up 120centimeters. The framework of the roof, as a rule, to build just enough. Advance the process of preparing the material on the ground doing a. Steel roofing is necessary to cut out, folds and corners bend, to prepare a "picture". They should be connected to the strip for 2 - 3 pieces on the short side if the roof slope is longer.

If the roof slope greater than 16 degrees, it should beprepare single folds, if less than 16 degrees - you need to stock up on the double. Installation of standing seam roofing involves the use of certain equipment and the availability of experienced craftsmen, because even minor shortcomings in the calculations could lead to distortions, fix that will be much harder than initially to do everything right.

Will cover a roof with roofing material

To use such a roofing materialIt requires the presence of a hard frame and groundworks. The main advantage of roofing material lies in the fact that the coating is durable and inexpensive, and also protects the structure from moisture. Service time of roll roofing can be 15 years.

To find out how to cover the roof of the garage roofing material, you should consider the sequence of all the works:

  • The whole basis of the roof need to fluff bitumengrease, and then send down the first "carpet" of the material. This must be done parallel to the roof ridge. The roofing material is cast strips overlap at the edges of the material to wrap under the visor. The top and bottom layer made nailing nails slate with increments of 30 - 50 centimeters.
  • Laying underlayment material and repromazyvanie roof is perpendicular to the laying of roofing bands bands backsheet material. At the same time it decided to wrap the edge of the roof. The next layer of bitumen and grease one more layer of roofing material is laid by analogy.
Covering the garage roofing material

Covering the garage roofing material - a durable low-cost option, while performing the waterproofing function

Stylish stone roof

garage roof can be made of variousnatural materials. These include ceramic and cement-sand tiles. Both of these coatings may serve more than 100 years. They are distinguished by fire resistance, it is resistant to UV rays, acid rain are not afraid, are able to tolerate different temperature regimes, well absorb noise, have a low thermal conductivity and are not statistical voltage drives.

The roof of the garage is covered with shingles

The roof of the garage is covered with shingles

If you plan to build a roof, slantmore than 12 degrees, the attention should be paid to metal roofing. This flooring is made from galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 0.6 mm and coated. To make the metal tile shape that resembles natural tile, the material is cross-stamping. Metal Available in a wide color range.

Classic construction algorithm

The question "How to build your own roof andhow to cover the roof of the garage, "asked many motorists. You must first install the truss system. This design is considered to be a carrier, because the takes the brunt of the roof and the snow settles in the winter on the roof. The wood for this design is to take high-quality, defect-free.

As flashing materialit is recommended to choose a double-acting diaphragm. This material is convenient that passes the inside of the steam, and moisture from the outside does not pass. The distance between the roof and the membrane (ventilation gap) must not be less than 25 millimeters, the distance between the insulation and the membrane is 50 millimeters.

Installation of a garage roof

Installation of the roof of the garage: typically farm crates collected pattern on the ground, then raised and set

The membrane was placed under the lathing on the rafters. Strips made membrane laid overlapping (10 - 15 cm), they need a special glue tape and fastened to the frame - using the staple gun. The membrane is wrapped around the edge. Mandatory is also a waterproofing pipe on the roof. Chimney height depends on three factors: the distance from the ridge, the angle of inclination of the roof and the species. As a waterproofing material for the chimney, it is possible to use special sealers and cement-sand mortar.

The next step is carried out packing selectedthe owner of the garage roofing material. The correct thermal insulation depends on how much will be formed condensate in the garage, which will be observed temperature difference, whether the mold starts. The thermal insulation shall be not less than 10 centimeters.

The main elements of the roof

The main elements of the roof

On top of a heater made to lay a vapor barrier. But what kind of materials used in the process of facing the garage, each owner will decide himself, most importantly, that these materials can withstand fire, not absorbed the odors, easy to clean and have an attractive appearance.

Thus motorists to save,often taken for self-construction of the garage. Difficult stage of construction is the roof of the garage, as the process does not forgive mistakes. The most important decision is considered to be the choice of roofing materials, because the deviation from the standards is fraught with consequences.

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