Metal Garage - a tribute to practicality and reasonable estimates

Metal garage

New car does not want to leave for the nightunder the open sky, as there is a high threat of theft and weathering a bad effect on the state of the body. Well, if there is a possibility to rent a covered parking lot or parking garage. But ideally better to build a metal garage with his hands near his home.


  • What attracts metal garage
  • Selecting a location for the garage
  • Material for building
  • The project - the construction of the foundation
  • A breakdown on the ground
  • Garage with his hands in stages
    • The foundation and the floor
    • Assembling metal garage
    • Installation of garage doors
    • How and what to insulate?
  • Construction - create conditions

What attracts metal garage

Garages are stone, wood, block, ormetal. Buildings made of wood is not desirable to build because of the fire, the structure of the wood will add up over time, but without the skills and abilities in the construction business for such a venture is better not to take. But how to make metal garage own, is able to understand every car owner. In addition, repair of metal garages are not so complicated.

It looks like a metal garage

Metal garage - an economical solution to the problem of construction, the device does not require a strong foundation and considerable expense

Prefabricated metal garages have theirdignity, which include: a high fire resistance, the relative cheapness of materials, protection from vandals. Metal Garage is not considered capital structures, and therefore do not need to issue documentation for its construction.

Metal garage for machines can be tracedfast enough. In this case, no need to fill a thorough foundation and masonry brick walls of the garage - only enough to put together a tiled floor, build a support base and the simplest garage frame of metal. Metallic sectional garages, though simple in design and construction, but some details still need to do step by step.

These garages are welded and carcass. The first buildings are durable and more resistant, but the second structure built quickly and easily, they can be disassembled and transported, if necessary, to a new location. Selection of species depends on for how long, for what and where it is planned to build a garage.

Selecting a location for the garage

Responsible construction stage is to choosespace for building a garage. The building should be located at some distance from the house and is not adjacent to the windows. Do not build a garage in the lowlands flooded by melted snow and rainwater.

Selecting a location for the garage

Access to the garage should be free and easy, the construction itself should not obstruct the windows of residential buildings

Entrance to the garage should be convenient. Building area depends on the brand of car, are the most common sizes of 3.6 to 7 meters. When planning the size it is recommended to take into account not only the dimensions of the car, but also a place for spare tires, tools, pumps, and other accessories.

Material for building

To build a metal garage with his hands,require such materials: sheet metal, insulation, profiles, load-bearing elements - round or shaped tubes, fasteners, trim, concrete ingredients.

Metal is desirable to use the sheetsgalvanized, protected from rust. The best material for a metal garage is considered to be profiled. It is reliable and durable, but it has one drawback - the relative high cost. It is much cheaper to primed sheet, but it is resistant to changes in temperature and precipitation, and therefore do not last a long time.

The project - the construction of the foundation

The beginning of construction of the project ismetal garage. Not necessarily it should be a roll of drawings, but the structure should be drawn and described in the paper. At the design stage is to define the tasks that will solve metal garage: will serve as garage parking place only machines, or are supposed to carry out repairs if necessary inspection pit.

metal garage project

metal garage project must take into account the dimensions of the machine with the calculation of the prospects of the acquisition of a larger car

It is also necessary to determine the size of the garage,based on the characteristics of the site and the area in which it is planned to place the building, as well as of the problems the solution of which the master expects from him. For car parking garage will be sufficient in size 3 to 5.5 meters, of course, if the car is not "hammer". Of course, the construction dimensions must be increased if some equipment will be located there.

A breakdown on the ground

At this stage, the drawing of metal garage shouldbe transferred to the real terrain. To do this you will need a dozen pegs, which are 40 centimeters long. You can take pieces of rebar with a diameter of up to 10 - 12 mm, a small hammer or the heavy hammer, a tape measure - a minimum of 5 meters in length, as well as nylon cord - 30 - 40 meters.

A breakdown of the garage on the ground

Monolithic foundation is poured, if construction is not expected observation pits and cellars

To bind to the garage area should be at leastto know the point at which one angle will be located. And, of course, the placement of the garage in the space relative to this point. Garage can join up to the existing line of garages. There are other accommodation options - a garage can be built stand alone.

Garage with his hands in stages

In principle, this technology built structures is not much different from the standards of the construction of any type of construction.

The foundation and the floor

Production of metal garages are always worthstart from the floor. In the corners of the site made dig in carrying rack. If you intend to arrange a viewing hole, it is necessary to dig in advance. The space inside the rack to pour concrete. The thickness of the cushion type of concrete slab for a metal garage should not be large - about 10-15 centimeters above ground level.

Fill the floor in a metal garage

Garage is positioned on an elevated so that buildings do not fall into the liquid precipitation and melt water

It is necessary to make the elevation of the foundation towater does not get into the garage. Concreting of the floor in a metal garage is much easier to implement than the floor fill in the stone structure. The floor must be absolutely smooth, without cracks and bulges. Do not forget that on the side where the gate will be located, you need to exit. According to statistics, for pouring the floor need at least 2 - 3 cubic meters of concrete.

Assembling metal garage

First to be done frame. Vertical racks are connected to each other by profile mowing on the bottom, top and middle. The frame is best to cook, but allowed connections using krepezhki.

Frame metal garage

Frame metal garage

Ceilings should be given special attention. The metal garage roof must be pitched, so we need to build on top of the carcass overlapping triangular profiles. Metal garage after the construction of the carcass should sheathe metal sheets, which can be welded or bolted to the frame with screws. Prefabricated metal garage quickly and easily disassembled in the latter case.

Installation of garage doors

This step is the most time-consuming andresponsible part of the work, but you can buy ready-made gates. The frame made of angle made of metal, privarivaya to the posts of garage and sheathing leaf. Preferably, the gate width is 2.5 meters or more. Particular care should be taken to the locks. It is recommended to embed the two - the main castle and the castle, which blocks access to the opening for the main lock key.

The gate metal garage

The gate metal garage - the simplest form of swing

How and what to insulate?

So, the garage was built! Now it is necessary to learn how to insulate a metal garage. Metal Structures capable of the sun to heat up very quickly, but then just as quickly cooled in the cold, so the acute problem of warming. Many motorists with the onset of winter, ask this question. Thermal insulation is carried out as in the classic garage. Foam plastic, glass and other such heaters come to the rescue.

For insulation best suited mineralwool. Its main advantages are considered low thermal conductivity and fire resistance. As for the insulation foam used to reduce the cost of construction, but it is worth remembering that this material - combustible. Although modern brand foams are characterized by an excellent capacity for self-extinguishing.

Warming metal garage

Insulation will maintain the correct mode for car storage

Insulation material made to cover the skin. There are several types of skin. For example, a simple steel coated with a standard primer. Decking, made on the basis of steel with zinc coating acts as a reliable option in the construction. As the skin is often used PVC, DPS, fiberboard or wood.

Construction - create conditions

There are some more details in the constructionmetal garage. This primarily concerns the ventilation which is necessary to prevent the accumulation of moisture on the surfaces of buildings, and also for removal of noxious gases and vapors. The best option would be the supply and exhaust ventilation.

garage Construction

Construction of the garage: a lot of things can be stored at the competent organization in the garage and they will not interfere with work

If it is planned that the car is in the garagewarm, the wall is to make a hole, skip rubber tube, one end of it to pull out, and the second to fix the muffler machine. If desired, a garage can conduct electricity, is located along the walls of shelves and cabinets. The roof and the exterior walls of the garage is better to paint a light paint, because so they stay cooler in the sun.

Many useful ideas for garage arrangement you will find on our site.
Now install a metal garage is finished! Mesh structure reliably shielding the "iron horse" from the bad weather, will extend the useful life of the machine and to protect it from theft.

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