Making the gate to the garage with his hands: all available domestic craftsmen

Making the gate to the garage with his hands

Make the gates for the garage with his hands - meansto save on the purchase and installation of ready-made designs. Not surprisingly, that prospect seems quite attractive to many craftsmen. However, to implement this venture in life is not as easy as it may seem. To make really high quality, beautiful and reliable garage doors, have to exert a lot of effort. And they must be based on knowledge of all the features of assembly technology.


  • Structural types of garage doors
  • Requirements for the garage door
  • How to make the gateway to the garage
    • Purchase of tools and materials
    • Making the mounting frame
    • Making the frame (crates)
    • Boarding gate - important work
    • The upper and lower parts of the hinges
    • Installation of locks and bolts
    • Painting garage door
    • Installation in stages
    • Warming swing garage doors
    • Repair and modernization

Structural types of garage doors

Initially, you must determine and select the type of construction of the garage door. Their are several:

1. Swing. The oldest type of gate. They have gained in popularity due to the convenience, ease of construction, consisting of two wings paintings, as well as due to the relative "nedorogovizne". In addition, to make their own easier.
2. Lifting and turning. When opening the door leaf is raised to the ceiling vertically. They are based on the hinge-link mechanism. Gates is quite practical and easy to use, does not occupy any space in front of the garage or inside it.
3. Sectional. The design includes sheet, consistingof the sections. When opening they are refracted, rising to the ceiling with a special spring mechanism and the profiles system. Important advantages of such a goal - good sealing and space savings.
4. sliding. Opened as a wardrobe, ie shifted aside.
5. Rolling. They are similar to roller shutters. web plates are added to the ceiling in a special box.

Garage oar gates

Garage oar gates

As I mentioned above - swing gatesto make easier and cheaper than the others, so it is their assembly technology, as the most viable option for the majority, and we will consider. It is more difficult (though it is possible) make lifting and turning and sliding doors. They will have to compulsorily buy hoists that will cost significantly more.

On sale there are special kitsself-assembly of the gate with the instructions supplied. Sectional same Rolled gates for the garage is better to buy the factory and ordered the installation specialists.

Requirements for the garage door

When creating a self-made design, it is important to know that the quality gates have to meet certain requirements, namely:

1. To provide easy, unobstructed entry / exit. Their sizes have to be optimized in accordance with the dimensions of vehicles.
eleven. From the sides of the car and to the goalpost distance should be at <30 cm. If the car is small, try as much as possible to increase the distance (in case you decide to purchase an SUV).
12. For ordinary cars is considered optimal height of the gate of 2 meters.
13. Standard sizes of openings Garage: 2, 4 x 2,1 to 5,4 x 2,4 m.

2. Have the durability and resistance to cracking.Most garage doors are durable galvanized steel sheet not thinner than 2-5 mm. Strengthen the gate is possible by means of overhead locks, intended for external pads, also using steel plates used for internal locks.

3. To provide protection against the harmful effects of the environment. Protection from wind, precipitation should provide fixation of garage doors. To secure lasting fabric should be used vertical constipation, which can prevent the gate bias. It is also recommended to use a gasket (it will provide optimum contact with the valves frame).

Garage oar gates

Gates should provide free, trouble-free flotation machine

How to make the gateway to the garage

Purchase of tools and materials


1. Steel corners for manufacturing carrier (mounting) frames
2. Sheathing (profiles, forging, wood or sheet metal of your choice).
3. Valve
4. Profile (eg 60x30 or 60h20)
5. Hinges


1. Roulette
2. The Bulgarian
3. level
4. Elbow
5. Welding Machine

Components of swing gates

Components of swing gates: 1. metal frame; 2. Cabin; 3. Stand; 4. Loop; 5. valve

Making the mounting frame

Carrier (fastener) frame made of steel angle. It has 2 parts - the inner and outer frame.

1. First you need to measure the height and width of the opening. Important precision measurements, from which will depend on the installation of the finished frame.
2. Then, from the corner of square cross-section (with sides of 160 to 200 mm) to measure out and cut to the desired billet members of the outer frame.
3. Arrange them on a flat plane, put on the horizontal level (it is regulated pads) and align the corners. Adjust all angles, they sounded diagonally. Thus, on a flat surface of the workpiece must be put in the exact form of the future frame.
4. Rama cook. To further gate to the frame snugly as closely as possible, the outer side of it must be perfectly flat and smooth. For this zashlifovyvayut all welds using a grinder.
5. Following in the corners must be welded vertical "levers" (for this corner trim fit). It is necessary to ensure the rigidity of the spatial (ie. E. Geometric immutability) of the frame. In this case, the area will not lead.

Frame for garage doors with their hands

Garage door design elements need to be expanded on a plane or to set the level of

Making the frame (crates)

The framework needs to swing open the two flaps. Subsequently, it will be attached to the metal sheet. In the manufacture of the frame, you can use a profile of 60? 20 mm.

1. Rama garage tube put on a flat surface face up.
2. The guide insert into the frame, with carefully aligned arrangement on each side.
3. To make the gap between the frame and the frame (? 20 mm) using inserts. It is necessary for the free movement of all valves.
4. Then should carefully check the frame angles and weld profiles welded.

Making crates garage doors

For the manufacture of crates mainly used metal profile

Boarding gate - important work

This is a very important and crucial stage, the quality of its implementation will largely depend on the appearance and functionality of the design.

It is particularly important to know how to cook the gate to the garage right. Thus, the sequence of actions:

1. Cut the galvanized iron sheet according to the size of the valves. Note that the left wing is to 1 or 2 cm overlap to go to the profile of the right valve.
2. Weld sheet in several places at the bottom (for fixing it to the frame).
3. Cut the lining of the right valve, which would have left about 1-2 cm (ie, sheet iron will not reach up to the distance to the edge of the profile).
4. Boil. The sheet is not moved during welding on the frame, it should be welded in the middle and at the corners of each side of a garage box. Upon completion of work the points cut off. Otherwise, one of the blade angles can be curved outwards. Fix it will be possible only by applying a sledgehammer.

Sheathing garage work

Sheathing garage sheet metal work

The upper and lower parts of the hinges

Hinges should be prepared in advance. The lower part of the loop frame to be welded and welded to the upper portion of the outer sash. It can be cut and bent metal strip (5.7 mm), thus reinforcing the connection. It is applied to the top of the loop, and also to the gate leaf. To enhance the strength of the attachment loops suitable welded on the inner side of the reinforcement tab.

Installation of locks and bolts

In the garage doors are usually installed eithermortise or padlock. It is also advisable to use a powerful bolt and pin stoppers. With their help, you can close the door from the inside, but it is necessary to have a door to the gate wing or in the wall of the garage.

The design of the stops: It is driven into the ground a pipe segment, which plunges into the moving part of the stopper - rod. It is inserted through a loop in the portal wing. For this design, the pipe need to constantly monitor, otherwise it can become clogged with dirt and snow.

Garage locks need to be careful,timely care. They must be protected from moisture (especially in the frosty winter time). After the freezing, the moisture will prevent the penetration of the key in the keyhole. More prone to freezing the rest of the locks on the garage with a cylinder mechanism. It is better to use tubular locks with a key.

You should also lubricate the locks, even if the usualgraphite powder of a pencil or a spindle and transformer oil. When using graphite powder rod must be removed from the pen, rub, and then to blow through the keyhole.

Painting garage door

Paint gates, mainly in order to protect the fabric from damaging factors: damage, corrosion. At first they were primed, and then applied to a 2-layer paint on metal.

Installation in stages

Installation of garage swing gate

Setting the goal - final stage

1. First, set the inner and outer parts of the frame. They are attached to the soffit using metal pins 15-18 cm.
2. Then cut off the protruding ends of the pins, scald, carefully zashlifovyvayut grinder (so they do not prevent the door closed), are colored.
3. External, internal frame fastened together with plates of metal (jumpers) in 4 cm. The plates are welded every 60 cm.
4. concludes this stage hanging the leaves.

If desired, the hinged design can be equipped with an automatic, as an example of a video-gate, enclosing a personal site:

Warming swing garage doors

If the door does not insulate the metal, thenheated garage through them will go up to 60% of the heat. Therefore, they must be warm, placing on the inner surface of the slats wooden crate. Inside it is laid insulation - Mineral wool, glass wool or polystyrene PSB-S. It is important not to leave any air spaces, carefully filling in the gaps. Five-centimeter layer of insulation would be sufficient. Top crate should close the facing plates or clapboard. Also inside you can hang a tarpaulin or plastic curtain.

Repair and modernization

Sometimes during the operation may require a correction of the location of garage doors.

1. For example, if the opening / closing of the valves difficult due to too low of their location. In this case, the easiest way to solve the problem - to trim the bottom flaps grinder.

2. It may happen that the opening height is not suitable for the new machine size. There will have to spend more effort than in solving the first problem. The method is only applicable for brick Garage: above the door opening should knock 1-2 rows of masonry, then strengthen the resulting slope, should be raised to the height of the frame.

As you can see, construct makeshift gates togarage more than real. However, energy and knowledge will have to work. You must have at least a minimum set of building skills and abilities to make really high quality gates, which will be different Q and serve long.

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