Waterproofing of the roof of the garage: materials and methods of execution

Waterproofing of a garage roof

During the construction of the garage, special attention shouldpaid to the roof, in particular, its waterproofing. This is due to the fact that the roof is a structural element of the structure, which protects the contents from the garage and other atmospheric influences. Competent waterproofing of the roof of the garage is a kind of guarantor of its longevity and integrity. Of particular importance roof protection from moisture it is, if it is insulated, because of the effects of water insulation material is destroyed in a fairly short period of time. To ensure proper protection of your garage is not too difficult - just pick up a high-quality waterproofing materials.


  • Basic requirements for waterproofing
  • Membrane systems for roofs
    • Laying of waterproofing membrane
  • Polymer Waterproofing mastics
    • Application of mastic on the roof surface

Basic requirements for waterproofing

To the garage roof waterproofing fully perform its function, it must be characterized by a number of desirable properties. They accepted to:

  • Elasticity. If the waterproofing layer will not differ the necessary degree of flexibility, its destruction can occur when the elastic deformations. Often, this occurs even at low loads, thus waterproofing flexibility - a prerequisite of its devices.
  • Stability to moisture. For waterproofing mothers should be good to delay the water vapor and the water itself.
  • Thermal insulation of the. This feature allows the waterproofing layer to maintain a certain temperature in the garage, and contributes to the conservation of heat in it.
  • Strength. The material must withstand external loads of different character and resist deformation processes.
Waterproofing of a garage roof

Waterproofing of a garage roof to protect from atmospheric moisture construction and building materials, increase strength

Today, manufacturers offer a huge amount of material for waterproofing roofs of garages, but not all of them have the necessary set of properties.

That is why the choice of waterproofing to bebe taken responsibly. Experts recommend to stop your choice on the two most optimal options: specialized polymer membranes and mastics.

Membrane systems for roofs

Membrane waterproofing fabric - itmaterial having a thickness of about 1.2 mm and consisting of several layers of tightly fastened. Typically, the web can be up to 60 m in length and width in the range of 1-15 m.

Operated a waterproofingcoating may in a rather wide temperature range, so that it is not feared indicator thermometer -60 ° C and + 120 ° C. In addition, the membrane is resistant to UV rays and is a durable material, which does not require repair for about 50 years.

The membrane for waterproofing

Lay a waterproofing membrane strips overlapped, welded joints

Polymer waterproofing membrane differsdiffusion properties that prevents the accumulation of moisture underneath the junk. Of particular note is the fact that the installation of waterproofing can be carried out as at negative temperatures of air and moisture under the base.

Thus, the waterproofing membrane perfectly solves the two main problems: do not let the moisture from the outside and prevent the accumulation of vapor inside the garage.

Laying of waterproofing membrane

Its styling is not difficult: waterproofing the roof of the garage with his hands performed only subject to certain conditions. So, require ventilation gaps. In most cases this distance is about 2.5 cm between the roofing material and the membrane. If there is the insulation distance is increased to 5 cm.

Laying of the membrane is carried out quite freely, while avoiding strain. This will prevent damage from various types of impacts.

Laid waterproofing material stripsoverlapping. Manufacturers membrane trying to maximize ease of installation, so joint place designated by the dotted line. Bonding webs by means of waterproof adhesive tape. To pre-manufactured frame waterproofing material is secured through the use of iron cramps staple gun.

Polymer Waterproofing mastics

Dimensions allow waterproofing membranesuse them to protect from moisture sufficiently large areas of roofs. However, if your garage does not differ impressive dimensions, the mastic resin compositions can be used for waterproofing of its roof. Mastics meet all the requirements for high-quality waterproofing materials.

Thus, liquid polymeric compositions can readilyapplied directly on the roof of a garage. This process is carried out using a special roller. Consistency mastic allows to cover a wide variety of roof structures, regardless of the shape and material. Mastic is perfect for waterproofing concrete, metal and wooden roofs.

The strength of the waterproofing mastic has becomedescriptions. However, not a myth. Featuring excellent strength characteristics, the liquid polymer waterproofing is able to serve more than one decade and requires virtually no maintenance. Obviously, this can significantly reduce the cost of its operation and maintenance. Additional protection is the roof of the garage ensures that when applying mastic joints are not formed. Accordingly, the "risk zone" on the surface of the roof missing.

It would seem that both can stand thinfilm formed after applying putty roller, all weather phenomena and bright sunlight? However, practice shows that the liquid waterproofing agent is reliable, resistant to weathering.

The qualitative composition of mastic can save herits performance properties, in particular elasticity, even in the most severe climatic conditions, with low temperatures in winter. In this hot summer sun and it has no negative effect: the protective film does not melt or deform.

Not afraid of mastic waterproofing and different degrees of vibration (especially important when constructing a garage), exposure to chemicals: gasoline, alkalis, acids, oils.

Application of mastic on the roof surface

Application of mastic can be carried out using a special spray gun, paint brush or roller normal. Using the brush is most advisable in the joints and corners.

The formation of the protective film isis as follows: after application of the composition on exposure to air vulcanization occurs waterproofing layer. The result is a durable coating that resembles rubber, which has excellent performance characteristics.

Waterproofing sealant for garage roof

Polymeric mastic, on the composition and structure of the rubber-like, it is convenient to handle difficult sections of the roof

Apply waterproofing mastic in two layers,that allows you to conveniently cover existing on the surface of the roof of the garage, small cracks. This technology helps to reduce the cash costs of additional processing of the roof. In addition, one can use mastic waterproofing and in the presence of other minor defects.

Experts recommend to combine two of thesetype of waterproofing the garage roof. For example, a flat surface is convenient to cover the waterproofing membrane, and hard to reach places and joints to handle the liquid polymeric mastic.

Polymer waterproofing on the roof of a garage can also be applied by spraying.

Thus, the protection of the garage roofthe damaging effects of moisture and other external influences is carried out quite easily and simply. The use of modern polymeric waterproofing materials, which replaced the asphalt roll peers, provides a robust and water-resistant surface of the roof. It will last for many years, to the delight of the owners.

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