wooden floor device in the garage: the rules, valuable advice

wooden floor device in the garage

Today, the garage - is an essential element of lifeMost car owners and families. It not only protects against a number of external factors, the car itself, but also a variety of instruments placed with success, carried out plumbing work. That is why finishing garage should be given special attention. I was no exception and the floor, which must withstand a substantial load. One option is to finish his wood the floor of the garage.


  • Basic requirements for the floor of the garage
  • Laying wood floor
    • Recommendations for self-stacking

Basic requirements for the floor of the garage

Due to the nature space garage floor must meet several requirements, compliance with which will provide long-lasting and high-quality coverage.

Thus, the floor in the garage should be characterized by:

  • High degree of resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Fire safety.
  • Good moisture resistance.

Choosing one or the other gender for the garage, you should answer the following questions:

1) Is it possible to make the floor yourself?

2) Will it make it a reliable and affordable?

3) For how long will this sex suffice?

So, if you decide to opt for a wooden floor, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of its styling.

Laying wood floor

To make the wooden floor in the garageneed lags 100x100 mm. With their help, it made even load distribution on the surface of the flooring. Owners of garages is worth remembering that the wooden floor is a fairly inexpensive option for a garage, but its service life is low - about 5 years. Even high-quality waterproofing is not able to increase it.

A number of different chemicals"Istachivaet" wooden floor, and the car tires spike violate the integrity of the coating. Despite the fact that these defects occur in the garage floor of wood fairly widespread.

So, we proceed to the floor installation, you need totake care of his firm, level base. It will not allow the coating sag of gravity of the machine. Today decided to allocate 3 different arrangement of such a framework:

  • Installation of the soil small brick columns.
  • The installation as a basis for concrete columns.
  • Pouring rough concrete base.
Laying wood floor

Laying the lag on brick columns

Due to the fact that it is rather difficult to establish the poles of the same level throughout the garage area, using solid concrete foundation.

Experts do not recommend to installwooden logs directly on the ground. It makes a small layer of sand and gravel, covered with waterproofing. This is a mistake, because in this case, the floor will turn out unreliable and will serve no more than two seasons.

Recommendations for self-stacking

Wooden cover can be single ortwo-ply. Typically, a two-layer structure is used when the owner plans to insulate the garage floor. In this case, first coating rough fit, then a layer of insulating material coated with a waterproofing and finishing of the floor. Particular attention should be paid to the vapor barrier.

Installation of the wooden floor on joists

The two-layer construction of the wooden floor in the garage provides the ability to place it in a heat-insulating layer

However, to date the most widely used, nevertheless, prepared by conventional single-layer structure.

Mounted lags need to carefully handlequality antiseptic and dry. Permissible level of moisture content is not more than 10%. Stacking is carried out with a certain lag step which is usually equal to 40-50 cm.

In the first place on the prepared surfaceLighthouse placed logs. Their step is about 2 m. The correctness of packing carefully checked by a building level. Fastening lag accomplished using dowels at a distance of 50 cm.

A similar scheme is laid interimlags. After fixing the whole carcass can safely proceed to the installation of wooden floor boards. They fit tightly enough and perpendicular to the joists. Fastening by means of screws or nails.

Thus, the installation of a wooden floor in the garageIt is simple enough, and execute it under the force of even a simple man in the street. However, it should clearly define in the selection of gender variant and follow his stacking technology.

The process device wooden floor is completed? Do not forget that a reliable robust entrance to the garage.

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