Insulation of garage door: what and how best to perform thermal insulation

Insulation of garage door

Good garage should be moderately warm andbe sure to dry - it is an axiom, which guarantees a long life and excellent "feel" of the car in any weather, safety tools and other items stored in the car home. Each owner of capital brick or stone garage without stationary heating is well known that dampness and cold of its main enemies, which can be overcome only carefully insulate walls, ceilings and gates. In this high-quality insulation garage doorThrough which leaves precious heat andpenetrate devastating cold and moisture is essential for the normal climate in the automotive abode. There are several ways to solve this problem, from which everyone can choose for themselves the best in value and performance.


  • Features garage doors and their types
  • Automatic gates - a reliable barrier
  • Separate garage door insulation
  • Insulation materials for garage doors
    • Classic insulation materials
    • Modern insulation materials

Features garage doors and their types

To create a host of problems, neat garage doors must meet the following conditions:

  • Simple and easy entry and exit. That is, the width of the opening must provide a gap of about 30 cm on each side entering vehicle, and sufficient height for cars with a trunk - 1.8-2 m, for cargo - 2.5 m.
  • Durability and burglary protection. The condition is especially important for detached garages. Made of galvanized steel 2.5 mm thick gates, reinforced with armored plates for internal locks and patch locks for external pads will protect from vandals. Wooden gates are suitable as a temporary Economy option only for a secure garage.
  • Isolation from negative atmospheric influences. Fixing garage door to the frame with vertical constipation and use of the seal will provide them with a snug fit, firmly hold the door will prevent possible misalignment and fully protects the room from wind and precipitation.

From design garage door it depends on how comfortable the owner will use them daily.

Modern garages gate set of the following types:

  • Swing. The cheapest version of the garage door of the two wings, requires vigilant control over the entry area.
  • Sliding. The design is similar to the cabinet door coupe: when you open the door blade is moved aside.
  • Lifting and turning. When opening a direct door leaf is lifted vertically from the ceiling of the garage, and require a certain space on the entrance area.
The main functions of garage doors and their types

Hoisting-and-over garage doors

  • Sectional. In contrast to the up-and-fabric sectional door consists of several sections, which are refracted in the vertical rise in the corners and leads to the ceiling profiles and spring technology, significantly saving space entry site.
  • Rollets. The design is a fortified version shutters. Consisting of polymer coated aluminum plates door leaf during opening folds into a compact box above the entrance to the garage.

Automatic gates - a reliable barrier

The most modern, reliable and efficientway to deal with the heat loss of the garage, the penetration of moisture and even vandals is the installation of custom-made automatic gates any design you like. Participation garage owner in this case is limited only by the manufacturer the exact size of entrance aperture and the payment order. Developers design of automatic garage doors have provided potential problems and provided the best product properties

  • high durability and burglary protection;
  • insulation;
  • soundproofing;
  • moisture resistance.
Automatic gates - the best way to combat heat loss

Automatic gates - effective way to combat heat loss of the garage, the penetration of moisture and even vandals

Automatic garage doors are made ofspecially designed sandwich panels, in which between two metal plates stacked insulation - polyurethane foam. Sealed design is provided placed on the perimeter of the rubber gasket, and uses a special rubber resistant to changes in temperature, moisture and corrosive chemicals. For fastening to develop a reliable system of hinges and brackets. Remote control opening / closing automatic gate increases the convenience of their operation. The only drawback of the design - the high cost.

Separate garage door insulation

If you are installing an automatic gate untilYou can afford, then the problem of how to insulate the gate to the garage, will have to decide on their own. To start Organize a compact door in the gate, which will save you from having to plow the whole wide opening even in those days when you do not plan to leave, and come into the garage to work or just to visit his four-wheeled friend. Auxiliary input does not completely solve the problem of heat loss of the garage, but minimizes them if you prefer winter car not to use, and only occasionally come into the garage.

Separate garage door insulation

Additional compact entrance to the garage will reduce heat loss

With daily use of the vehicle withoutintegrated gate insulation and sealing gaps careful not to do. To do this, the inner surface of a metal garage door leaf mounted crate of timber in the same way as is done in the insulation of walls and ceiling of the garage. For construction safety boards battens fixed to the door leaf on the liquid nails and screws for metal, and bonded together with adhesive.

Important: On the wooden door is recommended to install metal lath, and on the metal blade, on the contrary, wood: this technique provides sufficient structural strength and at the same time protects the metal from condensation - it takes the wood.

The openings crates stacked layerheat insulating material so that the door between the door and the gap maintained tepoloizolyatsiey 5-10 mm. If glass wool is used as insulation, it should protect the waterproofing layer, such as a polymer film.

Having laid a layer of insulation, design covergalvanized iron or other finishing material. If you prefer to galvanized metal sheet should be attached to a wooden frame with screws for metal in increments of no more than 100 mm, otherwise the coating can bend under the load of its own weight. All joints should be treated on the perimeter with silicone sealant. At the end of the perimeter of the gate leaves, as well as in places of their attachment to the frame stack insulate tape from frost-resistant rubber, and paste special tape sealer to seal bottom edge - vinyl threshold.

Separate garage door insulation

Having laid a layer of insulation, sheathe crate finishing material

The choice of insulation material depends on how effectively the gate protect the garage from the cold and dampness.

Insulation materials for garage doors

In can be used as a heat insulator andclassic materials - mineral wool, fiberglass, foam, as well as new insulation, recently appeared on the market of construction materials. It should be noted that from a modern glass building industry virtually abandoned: the insulation material is fire-safe, environmentally trouble and complicated in the packing. Nevertheless, the market offers a wide range of heaters, which can be divided into classical and modern.

Classic insulation materials

This group of traditional heaters are well-known mineral wool and polystyrene.

Traditional mineral wool

This material was prepared by processingmetallurgical slag or basalt rocks and produced in the form of plates or rolls. Mineral wool is not only flammable, but also a reliable barrier to the spread of the flame, which is very important for the garage, where at any moment a spark may occur. Lack of material - more hygroscopic, reducing the heat-insulating ability. When placing mineral wool insulation as necessarily necessary to provide a protective layer against moisture and steam, and an air gap. Can also be used for protection against moisture perforated film, eliminates the need for clearance.

With fire-retardant foam

The cheapest and easiest to use, and therefore,the most popular classic insulation. Not long ago, this material is a fire hazard, the addition of foam Antisimple allowed to go to class itself decaying materials. It is easy to installation, does not need to be protected from moisture and vapor, resistant to mold and mildew. When the foam fire does not emit toxic substances, and its combustion products are the same as in the burning of wood.

Modern insulation materials

This is a group of contemporary almost exotic"Novelties" that differ dolgovechnochnostyu, high quality and ease of application. They are not very common, but some members - polyurethane foam insulation and liquid Penoizol Astratek - very interesting confidently gaining the sympathy of consumers.

Polyurethane foam - a new word

Foam insulation with a specialSprayer is applied to the surface of the smooth layer and hardens quickly to form durable solid foam coating. A thin layer of foam hardly increases the thickness of the treated surface, and its insulating properties are much higher as compared with conventional insulators. The service life of the material is designed for 70 years, but the disadvantages include the high price is due to the fact that it can be applied only to a team of experts with special equipment.

Modern insulation materials

A thin layer of foam hardly increases the thickness of the treated surface, and its insulating properties are much higher as compared with conventional insulators.

Penoizol - reliable insulation

A modified version of the classic foamantiprenom a liquid consistency. Insulation is very fast and easy to apply from the container on any surface, including the voids batten garage door, filling the whole volume and do not form during solidification cracks and seams. penoizol Life for 40 years, it is waterproof, non-flammable and is endowed with the best qualities of classic heaters, delighting the consumer price is 1.5 times cheaper than conventional foam.

Liquid insulation Astratek

The liquid material that looks like an ordinary paint is applied to the insulated surface of the paint roller or brush.

Modern insulation materials

Liquid insulation Astratek looks like a paint, but its thermal insulation capacity 50 times greater than mineral wool

Insulation ability of thermal insulationAstratek deposited a layer of 1 mm thick, heat-resistance equivalent to mineral wool 50 mm thick layer. One liter of liquid heat insulation enough to handle 2 sq.m. a flat metal surface of the garage gate.

No matter what kind of thermal insulationmaterial you prefer, securely insulate the garage gate, you will permanently forget about moisture, mold, fungus and chipping from the walls of plaster or tile, and your car without any signs of rust adequately met by more than one spring.

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