How is the garage finishing inside, the better and safer to decorate

How is finish inside the garage

The desire of man to the maximum comfort andease of making a garage not only reliable "safe haven" for your favorite car and the associated tools, but almost a second home for most car owners. It is no secret that many men and, to be honest, women spend a huge amount of time there. Obviously, for a comfortable stay in the garage finishing plays a significant role. It should not only fulfill a protective, but also measure a decorative function.


  • Nuances interior trim garage
  • Decorating the walls in the garage
    • Advantages of application of plaster
    • Finishing a ceramic tile garage
    • Sheathing PVC wall paneling
  • Finishing the ceiling of the garage
  • What and how the floor oblitsevat

Nuances interior trim garage

Getting to the interior design of the garage, you mustwe consider that this structure should be completely safe for humans and his faithful "steed". It stores therein various combustibles and solutions. The slightest negligence will lead to the most tragic consequences. That is why it is recommended to select materials for finishing a garage in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Fire protection. Even when ignited, any substances that are in the garage, the fire does not spread to the finish.
  • Resistance to chemical attack.
  • Immune to dirt and smells. Thus, the interior of the garage does not absorb odors and dirt. Together, this will lead to the proliferation of harmful microorganisms and the inability to find a garage.
  • Simplicity and ease of care. Most of the contaminants should be easy to clean.
  • Resistance to the appearance of scratches, deformation.

Obviously, this list can be supplemented with some more points, but in the choice of finishing materials should be guided also by their own preferences and financial capabilities.

Finishing garage

Interior finish of the garage - a set of comfort, safety and aesthetics in a certain extent

Today, the popular glossy magazines can befind a lot of information on how to build a garage space, but do not blindly trust the photos on which not less than crisp white cabinets decorated with white walls of the garage. It is obvious that the white color is not well suited for the structure and it is unlikely he will remain more than a few weeks.

An important role is played by the degree of strengthmade finishing as the floor and walls of the garage will be a huge burden. Furthermore, the strength of the materials chosen will provide additional safety and durability of the garage interior trim.

Decorating the walls in the garage

Today, there are several options for finishingwalls in the garage. They differ depending on the material used. For finishing the garage - a photo of options can be viewed on the Internet - can be carried out using traditional plaster, tiles or lining.

Advantages of application of plaster

Plaster is the most commonmaterial for decoration of the walls of the garage. Its cement-sand composition helps to successfully remove many surface defects of the walls. In addition, it creates a beautiful and quite durable coating. To strengthen deposited layer of plaster, experts recommend an ordinary paint.

To date, this option is the best, it does not require large financial cost of finishing material and specialist staff, whose work also need to pay.

Finishing stucco garage

Decorating the walls in the garage plaster does not require any financial investments can be made with your own hands

Stucco is a non-combustible material,which, among other things, easy to repair work. Thus, when a small defect on the surface of the walls occurring during the operation of the garage, they can easily cover up all the same cement mortar. Finishing plaster is perfect for virtually any type of garage: concrete, brick or block.

Speaking about the merits of the material, can not beforget about some of its shortcomings. First, work on the plastering of the walls is quite dirty and its completion will have to work hard to eliminate all the consequences. Secondly, the finish plaster walls takes a lot of time. And, thirdly, breach of the application of technology of cement-sand mortar, it is likely that the work already done will have to perform again.

Finishing a ceramic tile garage

Pretty modern option isinterior garage - photos are available in most of the case of magazines - with the help of ceramic tiles, which is an excellent choice for walls and floors in the garage.

Ceramic tiles provide adequate protectionwalls of fire, chemical attack, various damage and moisture. In addition, it gives the garage aesthetic appearance, it looks neat and well-groomed.

Ceramic tiles for the interior decoration of the garage

Ceramic tile is applicable for capital garages finishing of brick or foam blocks

However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the finishgarage inside a ceramic tile is not always possible. This material is absolutely not suitable for thin-walled structures. This is due to the fact that the tiles is quite heavy finishing material, which can withstand the wall is not every garage. So, to use for finishing ceramic tiles can be in the garage, the walls are made of concrete or brick.

In addition, it is worth considering the fact that the laying oftiles should be carried out on pre-prepared surface, carefully leveled and cleared of contamination. This involves additional costs, both monetary and time.

Sheathing PVC wall paneling

Plastic panels are also widely used forfinish the garage. Their application guarantees the quality of the wall covering is literally in a few hours. In addition, the cladding method is not only easy but also accessible.

Used PVC panels do not absorb moisture,They are not combustible and do not generate the mud during the assembly process. Many experts recommend do not hesitate to use bunk for facade work, since its performance several times higher.

Molded for interior decoration garage

Decorating the walls of the garage clapboard

For mounting lining kindly attachto the surface of the walls of the garage crate of wooden beams. That it is sheathed clapboard top. If the walls of the garage are made of metal, then this design is advisable to insulate. Heat-saving material is placed in crates cells between the wall and the casing frame.

This trim clapboard siding of the garage hasmany advantages, but it is not without some drawbacks. Firstly, the strength of the surfacing material are not too great. Not too strong impact may well destroy the PVC panels. Secondly, a wooden frame with a covering steal a lot of space premises -. Not less than 7 cm If you want to wall mount cabinets garage (as the need arises in any case) has to designate the location of wooden crates, so as to fasten something or on the wall, you need to know exactly where the profiles are located.

Finishing the ceiling of the garage

Not only decoration of the walls of the garage deserveproper attention. Do not forget the ceiling. Today, it is quite important to finish plaster or PVC panels. Typically, the choice of coating material depends on personal preference and the availability of the ceiling in the garage.

Finishing the ceiling clapboard garage

Sheathing garage ceiling lining

If not, then keep warm functionpreventing the penetration of moisture is assigned to the inner lining. Molded attracts many garage owners a combination of low price, aesthetics and ease of installation. Selecting linings for finishing the ceiling does not entail risks such as in the finishing of the walls as cover ceiling is not subjected to mechanical damage.

What and how the floor oblitsevat

Floor Finish in the garage includes two of the most optimal option: the use of ceramic or paving slabs, concrete floor fillers.

The use of tiles provides a floor covering, characterized by the following properties:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • resistance to moisture and fire;
  • frost;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • resistance to chemical attack.

But do not forget that the tiling provides preliminary work on waterproofing the floor.

Facing the floor in the garage

Facing the garage floor tiles

In addition, finishing inside the garage - a wide variety of photo solutions available on the Internet - and provides for the possibility of laying a concrete floor.

This type of floor for the garage meets prettyoften. It is due to its widespread democratic price of material and ease of installation. So, pour the concrete floor in the garage can be yourself and you will not need much time. However, the disadvantages of this embodiment, the flooring is also available. In particular, the top layer of the concrete floor is easily subject to abrasion, which leads to the formation of a permanent concrete dust.

Pour the flooring is easy. To do this, prepare a sand-cement mortar, which was then evenly distributed over the prepared surface of the floor.

Thus, to date, finishing garageinside your own hands can be performed easily and even without great expense. Suffice it to find the right finishing material and strictly observe the technology of decorating. Compliance with a number of nuances and accounting characteristics of various materials possible to obtain a high quality, practical and durable finish of the walls, floor and ceiling of the garage. You can be sure that you and your beloved car will be comfortable in this room.

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