Construction of garages to give their own hands: Walkthrough

Construction of garages to give their own hands

Became the owner of a piece of land? Inhabit a house, planted a garden, built a gazebo with a barbecue, a pond and created with a sense of satisfaction lounging in the hammock lulling rustling among the leaves of the trees, we come to realize that not everything taken care of: your iron "horse" is a lonely fence and overheating in the sun. So, it's time to make a final push - to build a garage for the house, because the car - it is almost a "family member", and it also needs to be baked.


  • Types of garages
  • How to choose a location for the construction of detached garage
  • garage Design
  • Preparatory work
  • Excavation and foundation
  • The construction of the walls and roof
  • The unit floor and installation of gates

Types of garages

Villas are different, so the construction of the garageIt should be based on the size of the territory, especially those with buildings and trees, as well as their location, your financial capabilities, time and desire.

What kinds of garages?

  1. Built in the main building.
  2. Attached to the cottage.
  3. Separated (stand-alone).

    Garage at the cottage

    Comfortably settled down in nature, and take care of your iron "horse"

In some cases, you should choose the first option? As a rule, the construction of garages built plan simultaneously with the construction of a country house. It can also happen that a part of the basic structure of the room is simply empty, and then the owners come to mind logical idea: why not build a garage at the cottage inside the house?

If you fit one of these options,note, except for the pros (the garage will take place at least at the site, in the cold to receive heat from the main building, get in the car, you can directly from the house) you can expect and cons (poor waterproofing). To avoid problems with the penetration of excessive moisture, have a garage to build special platform, in order to make the angle of entry at 20 degrees. Some gardeners (to save space) do without platform, dramatically increasing the angle just at the entrance.

garage in the house

It looks like a built-in garage

Built in the garage at the cottage with his own hands tothe main building is recommended, if the house is close to the gate, where a tiny portion of it and want to plant herbs, rather than pour concrete. This "avtokonyushnya" has a common wall with a summer residence, as well as unified communications for water, electricity and heating supply.


This version of the attached "avtokonyushni"

Detached garage - the most commonoption for suburban estates, which is being built separately from the other buildings, and most close to the road, sometimes the entry is made directly from the street. Due to the popularity of this type, it is invited to review in detail.

Garage at the cottage version

However, the most popular version of the garage at the cottage - a detached building

How to choose a location for the construction of detached garage

How to start the construction of a garage at the cottage? Regardless of what kind of a budget and the project is selected, you need to find a garage for the most opportune place at the site. What outcome? If a tiny piece of land, then make the entry as close as possible to the gate, and even on the road.

Are there any requirements for site selectionbuilding fire safety and health standards? Of course, yes. When choosing a site for the construction of the garage, follow these rules:

  • the distance between the neighboring windows and entrance to the garage to be 10 meters, otherwise you cause inconvenience to the surrounding cottagers;
  • to avoid the risk of fire at home if a fire happens in the garage, you should keep a distance of between 9 meters;
  • if you are located in the vicinity of the building, decorated with polymeric materials, the distance between them and the garage should be from 15 meters.

As you have seen before, it is not recommended to build a garage in the valley, otherwise it will permanently penetrate precipitation, which has a negative impact both on the car and on the building itself.

security measures

During the construction, follow safety standards and take care not to disturb the peace of neighbors

garage Design

Design choose now - not a problem, the benefit of the Networkphoto garage full of variations in the country, and in the end, the beauty - not the most important criterion for this type of building, especially the building should be functional and reliable. How to create a literate garage project?

First, determine the size. To do this, you need to consider how the dimensions of the machine, and a free area in the country.

Secondly, I think for what you needplanned construction. Only for parking cars? Or do you still want to do it in the body shop? Then you will need an observation pit, as well as additional space to accommodate the tools and freedom of movement. Some gardeners also make a garage cellar for provisions. Ask yourself these questions and only then start painting project.


True, motorists will never leave her four-wheel "pet" to spend the night on the street

Let's say you need a garage for parking the carstandard size, which in this case should be the minimum size of the garage? Experts advise build storage space vehicle, at least 3 meters wide and about 5.5 in length. At the height of the growth comes from family members, some gardeners are doing the same height as in the house, then just can not go wrong.

garage Construction

We are building a garage start with the project

Preparatory work

When the project is ready, it's time to move on to drawing up a list of necessary materials.

To start, decide, from which you'llbuild garage. Safest itself certainly proven stone materials (cinder blocks, brick, foam concrete blocks, gas-silicate blocks). However, it is not necessary to conduct the construction of such expensive materials, gardeners sometimes resorting to the fact that there is in the economy, for example, metal, wood, or buy less expensive materials, such as corrugated sheet. First, consider your financial opportunities.

When the materials were purchased, you are ready tomarking territory. For this scheme, shown in the project, simply transferred to the land allotted for the construction. At the professional language of the builders of this stage is called "binding to the terrain." How it all happens? In the corners of the future garage are driven pegs or pieces of rebar. Make sure that the corners were not marking curves, for this you need a square. Between pegs should pull the cord. For this work unit will need about 10 poles and about 40 meters of string.

how to build a garage

Step number one - marking territory

Excavation and foundation

Construction begins with the construction of the foundation. The most appropriate option - belt. To do this, dig a trench width of about 40 cm. But the depth can vary because it depends on the level of soil freezing in your region. Sometimes missing and 60 cm, and sometimes you have to dig a pit twice as deep.

Make sure that the bottom of the trench was not loose. This can occur if you are building on the site of the mound. Then you have to dig to the layer with a normal density. The walls of the ditch must be leveled with a shovel so that they are vertical.

Then you can pour the foundation. Experienced gardeners recommend a stay at the rubble concrete embodiment, which is reliable, and reduce costs. The process consists of laying in a trench of rubble and cement mortar casting (sand should be 2.5 times more cement). Do not forget to shed a solution of each clutch, otherwise the foundation is not strong enough.

garage foundation

Qualitative foundation - the key to any building strength

The construction of the walls and roof

As already mentioned, for the construction of the garageIt fits like a stone, and wood or metal. However, remember that the wood must be carefully handle an antiseptic, and metal - a mixture of corrosion. But the most reliable material - brick. The walls are built on traditional technology. The thicker the wall, the stronger the building. But sometimes enough thickness and in a half-brick, especially if you do not plan to spend the winter in the country.

The construction of the roof is also no different fromstandards. During the installation of the roof rafters should be laying. The only thing that does not make a flat roof to avoid moisture penetration. Small bias will prolong the life of the structure. Do not forget about the quality of waterproofing the roof (shingles, roofing material or slate).

If your family is in the country and in the winter time, you'd better build a major garage

If your family is in the country and in the winter time, you'd better build a major garage

The unit floor and installation of gates

The machine - heavy device, so is the optimum material for the construction of the floor - it's concrete. What is the procedure works for this phase?

  • leveling of land;
  • covering soil layer of sand or fine gravel (about 10 cm);
  • rammer;
  • pouring concrete solution (1 part cement, 2 - and 3 sand - gravel).

It is worth paying attention! If a higher floor waterproofing between the concrete layers lay roofing material (preferably in 2 layers). To do this, first fill to 10 cm, allow the mixture to harden (about a week), and then fill in the surface layer.

If the budget allows, you can buy a special flooring favorite color

If the budget allows, you can buy a special flooring favorite color

With regard to the goal, then everything is easy, because youyou can buy ready-made and easy to install them. However, do not forget that the fasteners must be in masonry, that is, you need to take care of them at the stage of construction of the walls. Gates, of course, you need to paint.

Garage is ready, there were only finishing work and construction of facilities inside.
Construction of the garage to give - troublesome, but useful, because then your iron "horse" will live longer.

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