Oven for the garage with his hands: and kinds of home-made version of a simple effective unit

Oven for the garage with his hands

Questions heated garage in winternecessary to solve the owners of buildings that are not connected to a centralized network or built into a single heating system of a country area. Often, additional heater for the garage saves motorists whose individual parking for cars is heated to lack of efficacy. With the cold, adversely affecting the vehicle without giving the work in the garage owner can manage in several ways. The choice of appropriate option depends on the economic status of the owner of the car and the type of construction for its storage.


  • Why do we need heating in the garage?
  • Types of furnaces for garages
  • The advantages of a wood-burning stove
    • Structural components of the stoves
  • Furnace working on "working out"
    • How to make the stove with his hands

Why do we need heating in the garage?

Regulations regulated friendlyStorage temperature indicator car, it is 5 ° C and allows the deflection of one degree. What happens to the cars at a lower temperature, probably known to every motorist. Most of them no doubt had time to face the laborious starting the engine in cold weather, especially noticeable after a long car parking.

From frost canfreeze even antifreeze. Motorists using plain water to cool and decanted daily at night it can not fill the hot water radiator. From this may break the frozen frost cylinder block and head of the unit. Once in the environment greatly cooled, boiled water after a few moments and frozen ice clogs the channels of traffic jams.

Stoves for garage with his own hands - an economical, efficient equipment

Homemade stove - cost-effective option

Primitive expensive method of preventingthese troubles - Express engine that reduces engine life and entailing high costs. And car owner would still need to warm up the transmission with a blowtorch or a fire elemental. After getting acquainted with the list of threats and gain practical experience, the owner of the garage comes to a natural conclusion: he needs a factory heater or oven homemade garage, to maintain a constant temperature mode with the standards dictated by the parameters.

Types of furnaces for garages

The choice of the optimal method of heating is influenced by two main aspects:

  • the period of time during which the need to heat the garage;
  • the amount to which the owner is able to invest in the furnace device.

If the garage is home to a residential annexebuilding, it makes sense to equip the heating devices and then connect to the network. In stand-alone garage, which is located far away from residential buildings with communications, you will need to make individual system.

All materials used in our time heating units for garages are classified on the basis of the difference in operating principle source of energy. To equip the building is to install in the garage:

  • Gas heating boiler. Suffice productive equipment features a reasonable price, independent of power supplies. However, in areas that do not have access to a central gas supply networks, this method of heating is not possible. The disadvantages attributed explosiveness.
  • Units supplying thermal energy at the expense ofthe combustion of solid fuels. You can buy a stove factory foreign or domestic production, it is possible to make a simple stove for his own garage. This is the most efficient method for heating costs and takes effect.
  • Electric heaters,attractive aspect of which is the ability to choose the equipment with the appropriate power needs accurately. Negative quality systems powered by electrical energy consumption with rather big payment.
  • Furnaces operating on waste oil.

Heating electrical presentedNow a wide range of factory products. The main argument in their favor - mobility, allows you to install units in areas to the maximum extent in need of high rates of heating. The owners of the garages, is not too concerned about power consumption, can be purchased in stores infrared systems, oil radiators or heat gun.

Let the producers equipment fitteddevices, with which you can set the direction of heat flow, adjust power. There are wheels for easy movement of equipment, systems, providing users with safety, prevents premature wear and damage to the units. Heat guns and infrared heaters there is also an assortment of gas systems.

You can buy a garage factory oven

The extensive product range of factory furnaces garage allows you to select and buy the unit with any capacity, processing optimal for the host type of fuel

Efficiency combines with efficiencyequipment operating on the standard solid-fuel, which is used as coal, special pallets, firewood. They released a wide range of industries. Made of heat-resistant materials on the heating system manufacturers simply in the manner described in the instructions, are set in these areas by the manufacturers. However, elementary oven garage with wood, made with his own hands, will be as productive, but will cost ten times cheaper.

The advantages of a wood-burning stove

Economical wood stove, make your ownhands, easy to maintain, many consider it the best option for stand-alone arrangement arranged garages. The most common design - oven-stove, which requires compliance with the installation of two dominant rules:

  • Furnace-stove can be used only in areas with holes that provide air flow, and piping, through which the exhaust.
  • Install a heating structure must be in the garage area, far from flammable objects, elements of wood, from the placement of lubricants, fuel supplies.
The design of stoves, stove Garage

One option stoves, oven can only be installed in garages with natural or artificial ventilation

In addition to cost-effectiveness and operational space heating rates the popularity of this design justify the following convincing advantages:

  • extremely low cost of the equipment and the reasonable price of fuel required for its functionality;
  • opportunity with minimal financial cost alone to mount strong productive oven;
  • excellent efficiency at the small size of the unit;
  • cheap installation;
  • no time-consuming maintenance;
  • there is no need in the construction of special foundations under the stove;
  • handwritten able to use the product for heating and cooking.

Disadvantages in this method are the same. The main among them are pretty big expense inexpensive, but consuming a certain amount of fuel. Quickly wood consumption because the metal structure is not able to accumulate the heat generated. The resulting combustion of wood energy is immediately transferred to the air mass, but after the oven will stop flushing, metal body cools down very quickly.

There is a method to reduce fuel costs,consisting design upgrades. Oven-stove requires much less wood, if nozzle is mounted in the body almost at the door, rather than by tradition near the back wall.

By moving the nozzle in the first positionturn the stove will heat up the wall, and then to get into the combustion tube. At the same time increase the heat-energy impact, as clay-concrete, brick or insulated metal pipe cools more slowly than the metal housing. Also reduced is the period required for heating the internal space in the garage.

Structural components of the stoves

Variability furnace designs type "stove"predetermines the lack of clear regulations. Each artist makes her own discretion, in accordance with personal preferences. But no matter what scheme preferred manufacturer, all the heating units of the species have common design elements are:

The scheme for the production of a simple furnace stoves

The design concept of the simple stove-stoves

  • firebox, which is a standard combustion chamber, its configuration and dimensions are not declared strict canons;
  • grate installed in the base of the structure, it is necessary for propulsion and for the placement of wood;
  • Chimney pipe, it can be curvedor spiral, in the case of a standard straight pipe, it should be noted that the length of the straight horizontally installed chimney sections by building codes should not exceed 1 st meters.
  • ash pan underneath the grate, which is a device for collecting ash.

The simplest "bourgeois" oven consists of ametal body, a door fitted with a fuel injection nozzle and, the location of which is determined by the manufacturer. As the ash can make small holes in the bottom, they will help to create a good draft. chimney tortuosity dictated by the need to reduce the speed of hot air through the pipe. The smoke lingering in the chimney, will give heat the room, not "fly out the chimney" with junk swiftness.

Furnace working on "working out"

The main advantage of the heatingequipment - using the cheapest, often free fuel. Simple reliable unit operates without nozzles and drip. It is extremely inexpensive stove - with their hands in the garage to make it easy, and do not problematic always find fuel for it.

Stove processing waste oil

Standard scheme for stoves garage functioning waste oil, the size of the master can pick up your

Structurally, the processing of waste oiloven consists of two connected tanks perforated pipe. The lower element with a volume of 12 liters and performs the function of the furnace fuel tank. On top of the lower part of the oven plane should be a hole fitted with a lid. The opening needed for fueling lid is needed for control of the home-made equipment. Shedding light and closing the lid, the owner will be required to control the flow of oxygen combustion, which depends on the heating efficiency.

The upper container and connecting the two main partspipe act as heating elements. Haskalah this homemade device can be up to 800-900 ° C. To the vessel does not burned to produce them using metal sheets with a thickness of 4 to 6 mm. To the top of the stove pipe is welded, on which is mounted is made of galvanized steel alloy chimney. The entire furnace design should not be monolithic, as the top container will need to be removed to remove the soot from the burner.

Structural elements of the future for working stove

Structural components of the stove for a future garage, waste oil processing

How to make the stove with his hands

To produce such a device does not requiredrawings, any in-depth technical knowledge and professional skills. Spend the unit will be up to one and a half liters per hour, the entire system weighs less than 30ti kg. Standard sizes that do not recognize the chimney, vary from 35 to 70 cm. Most commonly a pipe with a cross section of 105 mm to manufacture the hood.

For those who wish to learn how to make the stove in the garage properly and how to be, to operate homemade caused no problems, there are some important guidelines:

  • Preferably, the chimney height of about 4 meters, which is necessary for the formation of a good traction.
  • Stove functioning on working out, must be cleaned after every ten days.
  • Soot will be much smaller if the diameter of the top tube is greater than the dimensions of the exhaust element.
  • The unit must be installed in the garage area, so that there was no close-explosive substances, flammable materials.

For oil stove to suit any degree ofcleaning. It fit a crude composition. If an agreement with the owners of the adjacent garage and put the oil drain any tank for stove fuel will be free at all. Use for heating the garage, you can gear, transformer, motor oil, diesel, heating oil any.

A huge number of ovens for testing, made by a single scheme

The enormous number of ovens for testing, with similar construction and operating on the same principle

This homemade oven-ignited with the help ofembedded in the lower reservoir of paper, newspapers, on top of which is filled with fuel. Boil the contents will start ten minutes later, the combustion process is initiated by oil's ability to self-ignite. Fuel pour portions of 5 liters. When using the purified compositions care of structural elements can be less engaged in what will also help increase the cross section of the chimney.

Functional efficient stove Garageconstruction can be made with their own hands at minimal cost. Without any problems, the exorbitant cost of labor and professional skills to make it in the state novice master. Homemade stoves are easy to use, productive, while respecting the rules of safe.

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