The lighting in the garage - the nuances and subtleties of the organization an important component of comfort

The lighting in the garage

Competent and high-quality lighting in the garage -One of the main issues that arise in its interior decoration. Carrying out repairs, vehicle maintenance can not be done at the proper level in low light. In addition, the garage often becomes a "place of residence" is not only a favorite of transport, but also a venue for various types of work, such as joinery, a place to store many items as necessary, and unnecessary, and for elementary search any subject, of course, need a good lighting. The question of how to make the lighting in the garage should be at the design stage. It is at this stage it is necessary to develop a scheme garage lighting fixtures to choose the best option and the location of their appearance.


  • Requirements for lighting the garage
  • Types of lighting
    • The use of incandescent light bulbs
    • The use of fluorescent lamps
    • Energy-saving lamps in lighting
    • Lighting LED lamps
  • The lighting for the garage: the organization
  • local illumination apparatus garage

Requirements for lighting the garage

How to make the lighting in the garage toit meets all the requirements? In this section we take a closer look at what are the main points you need to pay close attention to the design of lighting.

The organization of lighting in the garage

The organization of lighting in the garage

So, how should the right lighting:

  • Lighting should be uniform, cover allthe inner area of ​​the premises. This requirement will ensure trouble-free operation of a motor vehicle and high-quality repairs. This problem is easily solved by a general illumination device in combination with a local, for example in a workbench;
  • The scheme of the lighting is better to use a modular, to be able to separately cover the common space or a specific work area;
  • Lighting should be economical. Since the garage lighting requires almost always due to a lack of sources of natural light, it is advisable to include an item in a project on the use of energy-saving lamps.

Types of lighting

Today there is a wide choice of light sources, characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages.

A more thorough introduction to each type of bulbs will make the right decision, which will be best for a particular situation.

As for the lighting of the garage can be used:

  • Incandescent lamps;
  • Fluorescent lamps;
  • Energy-saving lamps;
  • LED lamp.

The use of incandescent light bulbs

incandescent lamp

incandescent lamp

The use of incandescent lamps is one ofthe most common one for a lighting device in a garage. The advantages of this option include the availability, ease of installation and simplicity in operation.

However, much more serious disadvantages: short service life, high energy consumption, uneven luminous flux. The light, which gives an incandescent lamp, a yellow and red spectra, far from white. This leads to deterioration of color perception of the surrounding space. The main part of the energy consumed is converted into heat lamp, which explains the low efficiency in such a lamp. Another notable drawback is the high probability of the formation of sparks when the burnout of filament lamp, which may cause significant adverse effects on indoor garage.

Of course, incandescent lighting options are accustomed not only to the garage, but in our time, we should pay attention to more modern versions.

The use of fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps

The use of fluorescent lamps for lightingthe garage is quite a good option. These lamps have a uniform luminous flux, long life, cost-effective. But they also have disadvantages.

Fluorescent lamps may not light up whenthe air temperature is below 5 degrees. In addition, when the voltage drops such lamps begin to burn dim light barely noticeable. So if you have finally decided to opt for fluorescent lamps, it is necessary to take care of garage heating and installation of a voltage stabilizer.

There is one unpleasant nuance, whichmore able to influence the selection. Inside the fluorescent lamp contains mercury vapors that can be harmful if it is damaged health. For this reason, these light sources require special disposal, which is often not available in many Russian cities.

Energy-saving lamps in lighting

Energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamps

The use of energy-saving lampslighting in the garage is the most profitable option. Such lamps are long-life, good light output, low power consumption and the ability to work at any temperature. There is also the possibility to choose the desired color of light flux - light, cool and soft white light and others.

By the negative aspects of energy-saving lamps should be attributed a higher value, and the presence of mercury vapor inside the enclosure.

Lighting LED lamps

LED lamp

LED lamp

LEDs are rarely used for the deviceillumination in the garage. Most often they are used for the organization of local lighting. The main advantages of using these lamps include a high color rendering index, low power consumption, the lack of light flow pulsations, a long service life, safety. The disadvantage of LED lamps is a fairly high price, which is certainly pays off during the operation.

The lighting for the garage: the organization

Garage - industrial premises, so the maina goal that is achieved with the installation of wiring, is to ensure the safety and practicality. The scheme developed by laying it along with the garage project.

A more preferred embodiment of the organizationLighting becomes concealed wiring. It hides the cable and has a protective function against mechanical damage. For brick and concrete walls, use a cable installation in Stroebe, and all the plaster cover. If you plan to wall cladding, the wiring is installed in plastic or metal tubes. Cable protection is achieved when laying flush against any adverse effects.

Open wiring is also quite common. For example, if a metal garage wall and are not subject to the casing, the optimal solution will be the laying of electrical wires in a plastic box, metal hose and corrugated pipe. Installation of outdoor wiring can reduce the amount of work performed. In addition, in the garage, it is desirable to carry out installation of the grounding system.

local illumination apparatus garage

In any garage where seriously engaged in the repair of vehicles, should be inspection pit. For its ideal lighting option would bedevice downlights. It should be noted that this place has high humidity, condensation. Therefore, the optimal solution for lighting the observation wells are low voltage light sources with 12V power supply. Their washing is carried out through a step-down transformer from the general mains garage. Lighting observation holes requires special care and accuracy, as this place is especially dangerous from the electrical safety.

Lighting viewing hole

Lighting viewing hole

In addition to viewing hole can be arranged locally and entry lighting garage door. This measure will greatly facilitate parkingthe car in the evening. In conclusion, it should be noted that the organization of competent, cost-effective, efficient lighting in the garage is a problem to be solved. The only thing to this issue should be approached at the design stage, all to think carefully and make the most appropriate choice. The main thing you need to strictly comply with all electrical safety device when lighting in the garage.

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