Garage Heating: Gas, water, electric - choose the optimal system

Garage Heating: Gas, water, electric

Garage - room maintenance and basicallyintended for storage and maintenance of the vehicle. Why do you need heating garage? Firstly, in an unheated garage during the cold period accumulates moisture which is brought to the body and the wheels of the car, especially a lot of it gets into the garage with the snow and the frozen ice at the bottom. In a well-heated garage with good ventilation moisture brought from the street, it does not stay long, because of this the car body is not subject to corrosion. Secondly, in a heated garage much easier starting of the engine, which significantly extends battery life, and reduces wear of the starter motor as a whole. Third, in a warm room is much easier to repair the car.


  • Combined or separate system?
  • garage heating methods
    • Water-type heat supply
    • Variants with solid fuel
    • Heating Garage Electricity
    • Gas heating Garage
    • How to heat waste oil
    • The use of portable devices

Combined or separate system?

In order that the heating in the garage is imperative defined, now turn to the implementation of ideas. Questions like are always more questions than answers. Is it possible to implement heating the garage with his hands or need the help of professionals? Which is better for heating the garage, as the show itself in one or another heating system, whether it be practical? - After heating devices require significant cash costs, on both the heating system and the fuel for it. To answer numerous questions, consider all possible options more heating devices in the garage.

It is most advantageous to heat the garage built in houseor adjoined to it, it uses a central water heating system at home. If the garage is a separate building, the heat his home heating system expediently at a distance of not more than 40m, additional water pump needed to circulate the coolant. It is important to the seriousness of the garage insulation and laid him underground pipelines. Power of the boiler must be properly designed, taking into account the additional energy consumption.

The use of this type is convenient from the point of heatingsecurity and energy savings. At a great distance greatly increase heat loss, the device is a common heating system is not economically viable, it will be much more efficient heating system garage.

garage heating methods

  1. Water heating.
  2. Heating with wood.
  3. Heating with electricity.
  4. Heating gas.
  5. Heating used oil.
  6. Heating with portable heaters.

Water-type heat supply

The safest and most convenient is heatingGarage hot water which flows through the metallic radiators. The water is heated in the boiler, installed in another room. Such garage heating method is possible, provided that the garage built into the house, the house is a part of, or is in close proximity to the home.

This way you can heat several garagesarranged side by side, for example, in the garage or on an array of enterprises. This heating system has to work around the clock if it is turned off the water will freeze, causing the system unusable. If only a periodic heating of the garage, the coolant used as antifreeze, but this method of heating can not be called economically advantageous because of the high cost of the antifreeze.

Water heating garage

Water heating garage advisable if the garage is an extension or part of the house

Variants with solid fuel

Heating garage with wood or other types ofsolid fuel used for electricity or gas unavailability. The main advantage - cheap fuel are often used homemade stove of the type "stove". Heating a bourgeois - a tedious process. It requires frequent lining wood, low heat, heat their heating entirely bad (near the stove is hot, a little further - a cold).

ready units "Buleryan" are often used. This oven requires Bookmarks dry wood once in 5-12 hours. Disadvantages of installing "Buleryana" are its high cost, the required insulation of all chimney, strong blockage of the chimney at the wrong its insulation, a large fuel consumption.

The furnace for heating the garage

Solid fuel stove «Buller» factory performance - reliable, but not too cheapest option

You can lay down a brick oven. In this way, the heating arrangement in the garage is very important good ventilation. If the garage is a small, from the standpoint of fire wood stove - not the best option. After the stove must be positioned so that the furnace has outside and inside the entire rear portion. This embodiment provides for the restructuring of the wall in order to install the oven and to withdraw the tube requires rebuilding the roof.

The main disadvantage of furnace heating - the possibility of fire, as well as penetration into the garage furnace gases.

Heating Garage Electricity

This is the easiest way to heat the garage,Electric heaters are much easier to install than mount a water heating system, carry out or folded gas stove. Obviously, this garage is to be electrified and wiring must be rated for the required load. Electric garage heating method can be stationary and portable heaters. The most important thing - the right to place in the garage heaters.

Electrical heating

Heating garage with electricity - the easiest way to organize, but not too profitable to operate due to the cost of electricity

Stationary heaters installed inspecially constructed niches and close the protective shields to prevent them from accidental damage, including a failed car entrance. Install electric heaters should be strictly observing safety standards, while in the garage forbidden storage of fuels and lubricants, the car must be roadworthy. Installing portable heaters should remember that their use is possible only under the supervision of a person can not leave such equipment on overnight.

Infrared heater for garage

Electric Infrared Heater

One type of electric heating areinfrared heaters. Due to the high temperature of the heater is possible to use them at the height of the garage is not less than 2.5 m, in addition require mechanical ventilation, as in the garage can not be avoided fuel evaporation. Avoid direct exposure to heat in the paint of your vehicle. Install infrared heaters above the entrance to the garage, while arranging the thermal curtain.

The advantage of electric heating garage is the possibility of periodic application, for example, during repair work, the disadvantage - the high cost of electricity.

Gas heating Garage

Compared with other heat sources,Natural gas - the cheapest fuel. But for the implementation of gas heating in the garage need to attract specialists, it is important to use only factory of heating equipment. The room must meet the requirements of sanitary norms (ceiling height of at least 2 m, the presence of smoke and ventilation ducts). Most private garage does not meet the existing standards, in view of the small square room. Gasification of the object - it is very troublesome and expensive, it is connected with the paperwork for the development of project documentation and the issuance of technical conditions.

For gas heating garage is convenient to useconvector, gas it burned in a closed chamber, the penetration of carbon monoxide in the room in this case is completely impossible. To install the gas convector does not require the construction of a chimney through the roof, just need a hole in the wall for the air supply and flue gas exhaust. Installation and commissioning of the equipment is carried out only gas service employees.

The advantage of this method of implementation of heatingis the automation of fuel receipts, the possibility of day and night heating devices, high efficiency and reliability of the heating equipment. Gas main is not always available to take stock of the garage, this fact can be called the main disadvantage of this method.

Gas heater LPG

Infrared gas heaters LPG

Perhaps garage heating LPG. For this special heat guns are used, convectors, ceramic oven, gas panel. Such an arrangement of the heating in the garage is considered one of the most affordable and simple. Ceramic stove is compact, does not require chimneys, cylinder LPG desirable place outside, in a special box for her. It takes just drill a hole in the wall of the hose.

How to heat waste oil

During operation of the vehicle is neededperiodic replacement of oil. Stored working out can be used for heating the garage. Waste oil pre-cleaned and processed in special teploustanovkah. The advantage of this method in the management of recyclables.

A shortage of unstable operation (heating equipment often fails due to the heterogeneity of the fuel composition).

Incineration of waste oil

Teploustanovka for burning waste oil

The use of portable devices

Widespread use of portableElectric heat guns, heat generators of direct and indirect heating, various kinds of mobile furnaces. garage Heating System, organized by portable heaters can be used around the clock (use is possible only in the presence of a person).

The heat source for heating the garage

Automatic heat source

A special feature is the portable heaterslow level of fire safety. Various heaters with liquid heat exchanger is really effective: to quickly warm up the air in the garage. But there are certain limitations on the use of off-line for a long time without human control, which is not very practical.

Choosing the auxiliary heating option, rememberthat garage - a fire risk premises other than a vehicle it is often stored flammable materials: supplies of fuel, lubricants, cosmetics, tires for wheels, etc. Therefore, the main requirement for the heating device - fire safety.. Another important and it is imperative ventilation, by means of which the garage remove moisture, various harmful and flammable fumes, and ventilation is necessary both in heated and unheated garage. The methods and options for autonomous heating garage is selected based on the availability of energy, heating the nature (permanent or intermittent), the size and location of the garage.

As you can see, there are many ways devicesgarage heating. Everyone chooses how to make the heating in the garage, at its discretion, the main thing - to weigh all pros and cons. The effectiveness of any method depends also on correct insulation.

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