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Inspection pit garage - especially construction, the specific arrangement

Inspection pit garage

It just so happened that motorists in this countryThey prefer to "tinkering" in their "iron horses" on their own, do not always trust the professionals car service centers. After all, it is true, most of the work for small and medium repairs, and you can perform maintenance operations on their own. If there are certain skills and a desire not to apply the same every time the oil is changed at the station. It is quite possible to drain yourself, just need an observation well for this.


  • The specifics of the construction and arrangement
  • We plan, we consider the size of
  • Inspection pit with their hands
  • Standards - guidelines builder

The specifics of the construction and arrangement

Inspection pit in the garage has a number of advantages,will help solve many problems on their own, but it has one drawback - is a source of moisture. Even well waterproofed tank promotes the formation of condensation. The bottom of the car, constantly standing over a viewing hole, are highly susceptible to corrosion. And not only the bottom, but also such important supporting structures like spars can rot "on time" from the constant exposure to moisture. Therefore, experts recommend building a garage so that it was at least two zones for the car, one with a hole - for repair works, the other - without pits - for car parking. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to build a pit under the car, but it is very well waterproofed.

Before you build a viewing hole incompulsory figure out what is the level of groundwater in the area. If the groundwater level higher than 2.5 m from the construction of a viewing hole in garage built will have to give. If the construction of the garage had not yet begun, but only planned, then it is necessary to arrange the drainage system, which will divert water into the reservoir or a special well. When the level of groundwater is lower than 2.5 m, no contraindications for the building no.

Closed inspection pit

Viewing hole must be kept closed, so as not to damage the bottom of the car coming from her moisture

Important! Always keep a viewing hole closed when not in use. Matter how carefully it is not waterproofed, still it is a source of moisture. In the hot summer, you can drain the pit. For this purpose, leaving several tens of hours, and better days, leave it open. And if there is a possibility in a country house garage is also left open for a few days will be even better.

We plan, we consider the size of

Optimal dimensions depend on the viewing holeCar size, height and dimensions of the master. You can adjust the width of the pit under the current owner of the car, but it is not always advisable. After all, cars are changing over time, will want to have a new, different, and the size of a viewing hole fitted to the old one. What to do? Just make the width more or less standard.

The width of the inspection pit should be such thatconsider the size of the wheel base of the car and the size of its owner. If the "base" is more or less standardized, and the owner has a size of no more than average, while it is desirable to make a hole in standard sizes. For most vehicles the universal observation well has a width of 75-80 cm.

The depth of the observation wells is calculatedDepending upon the host growth. It should be such that, standing at full height, it was convenient to "get" to any unit. At the same time, not bending or squatting. The optimum is considered that the depth of the pits must be made 10-15 cm longer than the host growth.

Important! It is advisable to dig a hole deep enough. Even if the depth is too great, any time you can raise the floor or enclose something on the bottom of the pit.

Location viewing hole in the middle of the garage

Inspection pit should be placed in the middle with respect to entry into the garage for ease of maneuvering the vehicle

viewing hole length can vary depending on the length of the car or the preferences of the owner. The optimal pit 1 meter longer than the car, so it was easy to go up and down from it.

Important! Pit can be short, if the repairs will be scheduled together. And it can be long if the size of the garage designed for two vehicles in a line disposed "locomotive."

Total obtain universal observation hole - Dimensions: 5 / 0.8 / 2. Where 5 m - length 0.8 m - width of 2 m - depth.

Inspection pit with their hands

Driving viewing hole

The circuit arrangement of a viewing hole in garage

Before the construction of necessarybe sure to check the level of groundwater. If it is greater than 2.5 m, then we will do the drainage system. If less than 2.5 m, the drainage is not necessary. We will consider the option of building a viewing hole, requiring drainage of groundwater. As we have said, this is only possible during the construction of the garage.

The device viewing hole in the garage begins with the digging of the pit:

  1. We expect the depth of excavation given depthviewing hole + floor thickness + thickness of the waterproofing layer + thickness of the "cushion". For the width of the pit 40-50 cm add to the width of the pit. Digs a pit with all allowances.
  2. Fall asleep to 10 cm layer of gravel, ramming. Fall asleep on top of 5 cm layer of sand, too ramming.
  3. Along the perimeter dig a drainage trench depth of 30-50 cm.
  4. At the bottom of trenches spread a geotextile fabric, wrapping the edges of 80 cm to the walls of the trench.
  5. Fall asleep 5 cm layer of gravel. Top laid special drainage pipes.

Important! As the drainage pipes used perforated ceramic, plastic and asbestos cement pipes. For their functionality during installation is the slope of 1 cm to 1 m linear.

6. Fall asleep 20 cm gravel layer and wrap the edges of the resulting structure of the geotextile.

7. Future floor of the pit fall asleep with a thin layer of clay, rammed.

8. spreads roll waterproofing. Suitable plastic films, and roofing material.

9. Make the formwork for the floor, install reinforcing frame or a grid and fill it with concrete. It is advisable to use a waterproof concrete.

10. When the floor is completely dry again gidroizoliruem it.

Important! For the construction of the walls can be made of brick masonry and in situ concrete can be poured. In the case of a high water table would be appropriate to make a monolithic wall.

11. Therefore, the walls ramming layer of clay that will serve us in an earthen castle.

12. spreads waterproofing, combine it with a waterproofing the floor, carefully treating the cracks, joints and edges.

13. Prepare the formwork for walls, armiruem it and fill it with concrete.

14. After drying proceed to finish the walls and floor. Can plastered walls can be finished with their tiles, glass-fiber plates and others.

15. On top of the so-called set a safety rail to prevent the machine ran over the pit. You can use the 60 mm metal corner. From this weld frame length and width of the pit. We put it on the hole and concreting.

The frame of a metal bracket

The frame of the metal angle is support for closing the pit boards

16. The frame of the corner will serve us not only insurance but also a comfortable support for closing the pit boards. We buy boards at least 40 mm thick. Podstrugivaem them to size and laid into the frame.

Important! If you use the boards of smaller thickness, then an accidental collision with a car, they cracked. A board "sorokovke" or even "fifties" will be able to easily withstand the impact of transport 2 ton.

For better waterproofing inspection pit canstretch over her thick plastic wrap and flatten its boards, placing them in a cage. This trick will help prevent the formation of condensation on the underside of the vehicle.

Ladder from painted metal

Ladder from colored metal is easy to use: it can be put to any wall and is easy to remove if necessary

For convenience, the descent into the pit it can besteps to provide a convenient for the host side. And you can make a ladder that will not take up much space and can be easily removed if necessary. The ladder is not desirable to make wood due to high humidity in the well. The optimum steel painted staircase.

Standards - guidelines builder

If you are wondering whether some documents regulating device viewing hole in the garage there, the answer is - yes. Such documents are, with their list can be found in Table №1.

Regulatory documents on inspection pits

Regulations governing the construction and operation of inspection pits

Remember, decide to equip a viewing hole ingarage or not, preferably before the start of construction of the garage. This will perform all the necessary recommendations for the arrangement of waterproofing and drainage works. Built according to the rules observation hole to keep the car from unwanted moisture influence.

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