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Sauna with pool - layout, photo, object design for hardening and relaxation

Sauna with pool

The number of fans of the bath is growing every day. The fact there are understandable reasons: the room is not only a great place of rest and meeting friends, but is a whole range of wellness treatments. Today, there are a huge number of different types of baths. One difference is the degree of its equipment and everything. Thus, the widespread popularity acquired room with pool, recreation room and other facilities, improving the quality of recuperation.


  • Why pool in the bath?
  • Form bath pond
  • Disposition of the bath with a swimming pool
  • An important aspect - design

Why pool in the bath?

Not everyone manages to bath ownerbuild it on the waterfront, it was possible to dive into the cool water after the steam room. This procedure is extremely useful to humans, allowing to reduce stress and bring the whole body in tone. Among other things, strengthens blood vessels and improves blood flow.

Of course, in a bath is quite possible to install the font. This is especially significant for small spaces where every square centimeter is valuable. However, if the free area allows the bath to the pool will be the best option.

Sauna with pool

Sauna with pool - complex hydraulic structures, which requires planning before construction

Modern technologies allow to producePool of any complexity and design. Before you choose a ready pool, you must determine the order in which it is it will be located. Naturally, the most ideal option - it is to build Pool with sauna, Placing it inside the room. In case, if the steam is ready and incorporate into it the pool is not possible, you can arrange it in the street right outside the exit from the premises.

For example, reviews, tips, photos - sauna with a swimming pool has long been a food design ideas - can be easily found on the Internet.

Form bath pond

Basin Shape entirely dependent onyour wishes, but the best option is a rectangular pool, despite the attractiveness of rounded shapes. This is due to the simplicity of design, installation and ease of use. Before the construction of the bath is recommended to make a plan with a swimming pool in which to take into account all the conditions of operation of hydraulic structures and utilities which are charted in the construction.

Pool bath

The rounded shape of the bath basin

Disposition of the bath with a swimming pool

Depending on the amount of freespace for arrangement of the bath to the desired pool there is a large variety of options plan. Of course, a large area allows you to roam imagination and equip not only paired with a swimming pool, but also a separate relaxation room, a billiard room and a room for massage treatments. All depends only on the financial capabilities and personal preferences.

With a relatively small bath placepool that is not possible, it is possible to build a special extension, and within it placed a bowl pool. However, in this case it is necessary to carry out a series of works related to laying the necessary equipment, the study of peculiarities of soil on the land. Only then can you develop the project, according to which the pool bath layout will be this or that.

Another option baths and pools Neighborhood - photo bath with pool can be found on specialized sites - is the location of the pool outside.

pool Location on the street

Pool bath outside the concrete bowl and lining surrounding area clapboard

Under such conditions, the pool sizes arelimited only by the size of the site, rather than an area of ​​the respective premises. If the pool is planned to be located on the street, it is important to note that the digging is quite a lot, and the project itself will be quite complex. Such planning requires additional waterproofing of the ground water and many other additional work to protect the pool from destruction. Thus, the sauna with a swimming pool on the street fit for those people who are willing to spend their time and money to numerous types of work for this project.

An important aspect - design

Another important aspect is the bath design with a swimming pool, because a person comes to the bath is notso much for the purpose of washing facilities, as has been said, and in order to get pleasure from the process of visits and some renunciation not only of physical but also by mental fatigue. And much nicer if the room is decorated with taste. Moreover, the air warmed up to high temperatures, it requires quiet pastime. That is why the design of the bath and basin should be given due attention.

Currently, the most popular isPool cascade type, comprising several bowls and water characterized by a gradual decrease in the temperature of each subsequent cup. For example, when shipped from the hottest to the coldest bowls improving effect becomes much higher, and the pool looks so quite nicely. But there are many other species.

Cascade pool

Cascading pools provide a convenient entry into the water and the opportunity to relax after the sauna in the cool water, perched on one of the steps

Of course, with sauna a swimming pool with their hands - It is not uncommon today, but it is recommended, though, to consult specialists. This will provide greater reliability, safety and durability of the hydraulic structure.

Quality bath project with a decent pooldesign - it is guaranteed fun, a wonderful holiday and peace of mind. Real Russian bathhouse with a swimming pool allows you to feel like a completely new person.

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