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Doors for bathroom and sauna: what to choose, how to make

Doors for bathroom and sauna

Bath - extremely effective tool forremove accumulated tension and restore vitality, raise the general tone. Owners of private country houses and cottages tend to edification baths with their own hands - and no wonder. It's the most affordable way to implement all of its bold and not very design ideas. The main thing - do not forget that the bath and sauna - special buildings that still require compliance with certain rules and regulations in the construction and decoration. Excess "flight of creativity" can play with you a malicious joke. This is due precautions, especially with high-temperature regime inside. The slightest miscalculations can reduce by several times the pleasure of leisure in the bath. Choosing a door for bath especially need to be careful, because they - like a gate to another world, a world of relaxation and purification.


  • Types of door designs
    • Glass doors for bathroom
    • Solid wood reliable
    • A combination timber and glass
  • The doors to the bath - photo
  • for sauna doors with their hands
    • Autographic manufacturing process
    • Installation of doors in the bath

Types of door designs

It is worth noting that you need to clearly more than oneDoor. At least two. The first - the entrance - on the structure of the guard from the impact factors of the external world; second - will separate steam room. The more space is provided in the bath, the more doors will need: each of the rooms (air, washing, dressing room, recreation room) should have a special microclimate.

To date, there are such kinds of door designs for bath:

  • solid wood;
  • wood with glass;
  • glass.
The door to the bath and sauna

The door to the bath and sauna with their hands can make each owner if desired

The front door to the bath can be made in almost any design solutions, but to steam the best option would be a solid "hollow" fabric.

Glass doors for bathroom

In recent years, gained extraordinary popularity.

Naturally, they must meet a variety of customer requirements, and thus be:

  • made of high quality tempered glass;
  • heat-resistant;
  • shockproof.

Most often, the glass doors to the bath are made of a material thickness of 8 mm. Do not leave without proper attention and the quality of the product, such as:

  • tightness;
  • security;
  • the presence of the seal;

To say that the modern market "spoils"consumer - to say nothing. Assortment of glass doors is truly great: widely used as a matte and mirror, and patterned, translucent material. There are also various color variations.

Prices for such doors can significantlyvary depending on the quality and production characteristics. Glass is able to give a sense of freedom and spaciousness, as well as become a refined element of the bath decor. The versatility of the doors of this material is the proper association of aesthetic and practical point. They are easy to clean from any kind of contamination by means of specially selected agents; if all the conditions of use will be for many years to decorate themselves your bath or sauna.

Solid wood reliable

They are made of quality wood,mostly of lime, which has good resistance to the "bath conditions." Also for these "goals" fit oak, cedar, ash, Abasha. These rocks have outstanding application properties.

Deaf wooden door

Deaf wooden door for a bath is usually installed in the inlet opening

For example, the doors of Abasha not deformed androt. It is popular and aspen. The advantage thereof is a low density and availability of medicinal properties. Another ancient times was considered a special aspen tree that can "extract" the disease from person to quench his pain.

Last squeak of bath fashions - carved doors from the array to the original, sometimes even a few bizarre pattern.

A combination timber and glass

For their manufacture is required, as you know,two types of material - a traditional wood and tempered glass of different textures. Deceive the buyer in them in the first place, the unique design and a variety of forms.

Door handles inside the room should only be wooden!

The doors to the bath - photo

The doors to the bath can be surprisingly different - from classical to the humble and the amazing and unique.

Wooden doors for baths and saunas

Wooden doors for bath and sauna with original pattern

Familiarity with fotoprimerami will appreciate the full range of possible options.

Glass doors for bathroom and sauna

Glass doors for bathroom and sauna: the restraint and elegance

With the help of the glass doors can be skillfully emphasize almost any interior.

The glass door to the steam room

The glass door to the steam room - it is practical

The front door should differ presentable to be "expressive".

The front door to the bath

The front door to the bath - pine wood with decorative overlays

Combined doors offer the customer an excellent opportunity to "get away" from "the trivial."

Combined doors for baths and saunas

Combined doors for baths and saunas as a continuation of the style of interior

for sauna doors with their hands

Door systems "from the manufacturer" does not alwaysmeet consumer opinions about "beautiful"; and vending samples often require considerable investment. And what do you do? Of course, the door to the bath design their own hands - so you will be able to save well.

Autographic manufacturing process

The easiest way to manufacture doors inbath - use wooden frames. They need to sheathe from both sides MDF-sheets, and fill the space heat and steam insulating material. The general rule, which is bound to be taken into account - to open the doors to the outside should, by all means! This applies to all installed structures.

Optimal height doors - 150-170sm.

Width - Up to 70 cm.

Threshold - 15 cm.

Producing the door yourself, remember: in the doorway separating the steam room and washing bay, the threshold is not needed!

Installation of doors in the bath

Be prepared to provide all the necessary equipment.

  • compile and install the box in the opening (do not forget where the door should be opened);
Installation boxes

Set box in a doorway is performed according to the standard for mounting any door technology

  • expose it on a level and secure. Fasteners selected individually (depending on the material used for walls);
  • strive for the most tight fit of the door leaf in all planes.

Remember, absolutely does not matter if you bought a door or produced it yourself - the main thing is, how comfortable would you exploit this design.

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