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Bath foam blocks of their own hands, let us build ourselves quickly and reliably

Steam from foam blocks with their hands

When choosing material for the construction of the bath, in the case ofvery limited budget and an inability to use a tree, you should pay attention to concrete blocks. Steam from foam blocks can significantly save on building materials and construction time. Foam concrete blocks are cellular material made from a mixture of cement, water and sand, so are relatively environmentally friendly and harmless to health.


  • Advantages and disadvantages of bath foam blocks
  • Stages of construction of the bath of foam blocks
    • Fill strip foundation
    • Operational walling
    • Installation of the roof structure
  • Finishing bath of foam blocks
    • Bath of foam blocks: photo examples of interior decoration
    • Thermal insulation of bath construction

Advantages and disadvantages of bath foam blocks

Construction of the baths of foam blocks - ratherrisky business. This material not only has a porous structure and its pores are cell-heterogeneous structure and size and randomly distributed within the block. Therefore, thermal and mechanical properties of the foam blocks are non-uniform throughout the volume of the product.

Foam blocks - the cellular material

The randomness of the distribution of the cells in the foam concrete determines the unevenness of the technical characteristics of the material

In conditions of high humidity steam bath foamgetting wet, soaking up moisture like a sponge. In winter, after the bath procedures have absorbed water freezes. In the future this may lead to cracking of the foam blocks and the appearance of the shells.

Experts claim that this problem is solved by a special hydro and thermal insulation inside and outside buildings. Trusting to this statement or not, everyone decides for themselves.

Construction bath of foam blocks and has undeniable advantages:

  • Structures of the foam does not shrink, for example, a wooden house.
  • Run the room can be almost immediately after the completion of construction and finishing.
  • Very quickly erected.
  • You can build your own without the involvement of outside help.
  • Low cost, almost twice lower than the bath made of wood.
  • Natural material.
  • Air blocks more fire resistant.
  • The low weight of the structure.
  • Easy to transport, storage and laying of foam blocks.

disadvantages bath of foam blocks:

  • Foam concrete absorbs moisture.
  • The emergence and accumulation of condensation inside the walls.
  • The possibility of occurrence and reproduction of fungi inside the foam structure.
  • After freezing of condensation on the inside walls may collapse.
  • The fragility of the structure.
  • Less natural and environmental friendliness in comparison with a tree.

However, a bath of foam blocks with their own hands - a perfectly acceptable option if the funds to spare, there is no possibility to hire workers, and assistants either.

Further disclosed steps and nuances of construction foam baths.

Stages of construction of the bath of foam blocks

Fill strip foundation

Strip foundation for a bath

For "light" bath-house built from foam blocks is enough to fill melkozaglublenny strip foundation

Before you build a bath of foam blocks,you need to build a foundation. Most of these baths are built on a lightweight belt foundation, because the walls of the foam is quite easy. This can significantly save costs.

  • First, dig a trench along the perimeter strips 600 mm deep structure. The widths of 300 mm is sufficient.
  • With the level of fulfilling the exact layout and set the pins on the corners and perimeter at a distance of 1900 mm apart. For greater precision, pull a cord and check the evenness location pins.
  • We produce frame made of valves 12 mm in diameter.
Carcass reinforcement foundation has a diameter of 12 mm

The frame of the foundation of the valve diameter of 12 mm

  • Putting the casing of the boards 250 mm wide.
  • Fill the concrete.
  • Inside the washing foundation paving sewer and receiver 100 mm. On top of the grid should be laid.
  • Note the upper level of the screed and fill 1 m3concrete. If the height of the foundation is about 700-750 mm, it is enough for a light bath of foam. Further work continues only after the concrete dries.
  • Gidroizoliruem foundation of a two-layer roofing material.

Operational walling

The walls of the foam blocks

Walling bath of foam blocks takes two to three weeks, masonry technology is similar to laying bricks, but the large size elements allow to fold the wall much faster

Building a bath of foam blocks mark M25, having a density D700.

The technology of erection of walls of the foam is not too different from the construction of the brick.

1. First we define the highest construction angle using a spirit level. It is with him will begin to stack blocks.

2. Puts the first row of foam blocks and sealed their cement-sand mortar.

Important! Air blocks necessarily be laid on edge. We try to make the seams as small as possible. It is essential that the heat of the bath is not lost through the cracks.

3. The surface of the first row of carefully aligned, put in place blocks, tapping a rubber mallet. Here we can compensate for all variations of the foundation and projections. From the quality of the implementation of this phase depends on the quality of the entire structure.

4. All subsequent rows are built only with a special adhesive. Buy dry adhesive mixture in bags, pour into a container, diluted with water and knead with a drill with a whisk. Kneading process takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

5. Foam blocks smear glue no more than 5 mm thick, and laid in the second row. Wait until the glue is dry, there is no need.

6. All subsequent series are built according to the algorithm. After each layer is check the horizontal and vertical level.

Important! The use of glue is necessary not only to strengthen the structure, but also in order to minimize the gap between the blocks and "bridges the transition". It is through them is lost heat from the room.

7. Every three rows of foam blocks paving the reinforcing metal fine mesh.

Do not forget to leave a free space for door and window openings.

Baths of foam blocks are built with their own hands for about two to three weeks.

Installation of the roof structure

Installation of a roof for a bath of foam blocks

Installation of a roof truss for a bath is performed in accordance with the general building standards

The roof of the bath is most often performed gable truss.

Driving rafters

Driving the rafters for the roof

1. On the longitudinal walls laid mauerlat, beam at least 180 mm thick. Fix it with anchor bolts.

2. We make rafters pattern. To do this, we take the two boards, connect from the edge, so to get the scissors, nail fastening. The free edges of the boards are adjusted based on the rafters. We select the desired slope of the roof and fix the angle of the transverse bar. Fasten it with screws, so as not to disturb the corner.

3. Take the beam dimensions 150h500 mm. We applied to him and template pencil mark as trim angle correctly.

4. Cut the rafters for all harvested pattern. Fastening them with screws and are screwed in the place of crossing the three self-tapping screws, just in case.

5. Raise the rafters on the roof frame, set it on the edge of the building at its base. We note the junction of the rafters with mauerlat.

6. Make cuttings in the joints of the rafters with mauerlat, we use pads, metal braces.

7. We make the next frame trusses. And set the structure on the edges. Between frames stretch the cord. Fix the truss rafters props, setting them at an angle to the rafters.

8. Cut the rest of the farm rafters and install them, taking a step 500 mm, have them clearly on the cord.

9. To take the batten boards 100h400 mm. Fix them with screws in the rafters with a pitch convenient for laying insulation.

Important! The distance between the rafter foot and flue should be at least 400 mm.

10. Draft ceiling is made of planks of 25 mm, fixing them between the rafters. Top Stela foam 190 mm thick. Top finishing plank floor attic of a board of 25 mm.

Important! For equipment ventilation in the ceiling of the bath from foam blocks necessarily requires two holes.

11. Cover the roof of roofing material.

12. nailing ridge detail and make the collar of galvanized steel around the chimney.

The roof is ready. Attic space can be insulated with modern materials.

Finishing bath of foam blocks

Conduct internal and external facing of wallsfoam blocks necessary. Otherwise, the structure will stand for long. The above was written, why. It is in order to protect the foam from moisture influence, and made bath decoration.

To start impregnate concrete blocks water-repellent compositions. Then pave the insulation film.

We produce a vapor barrier membranes using vapor tight, fixing them between the wall and cladding.

After the sealing procedure is carried out within an aesthetic trim baths.

More often than not inside the sheathe timber to a pleasant smell of essential oils fill the room, and, to somehow compensate for the fact that the bath is not made of wood. Use pine or spruce.

Sometimes a bath inside the plaster and paint on top of paint or polymeric veneer tiles.

Bath of foam blocks: photo examples of interior decoration

Inside a bath of foam blocks trim clapboard

Inside a bath of foam blocks trim lining - as well as other types of baths

Tiled oven portal

Portal oven trim tiles

Interior made of aspen

Canopies and interior from aspen are good for health and do not emit tar

Finishing lime bath

Canopies and interior decoration of lime - it is beautiful, durable and useful

The photo of foam blocks in the steam bath covered with aspenand linden. These woods are an excellent thermal insulator. In addition, aspen and linden are not heating up at high temperatures. Aspen samokonserviruetsya under the influence of moisture.

External finishing bath of foam blocks

Finishing bath of foam blocks Hinged facade

To make better use of exterior trim facadesattachment types, which are well ventilated and let go in an atmosphere of moisture overabundance of the walls. Outside, they are protected from environmental influences.

Thermal insulation of bath construction

Wall insulation bath

Wall insulation with mineral wool bath of foam blocks

bath insulation from foam blocks is strictly necessary in order to reduce the cost of space heating and heat retention.

  1. First we need to insulate the basement and cellar. Pour a layer of expanded clay under the floor and slag. Insulated foundation mats of mineral wool. To accumulate moisture, making the vent from the inside of the foundation.
  2. Wall isolating foil.
  3. The slots in the window openings zakonopachivaem. Any sealing joints.
  4. Doorway do as little as possible.

Construction bath of foam blocks is completed. Now you can relax and take its internal equipment and the selection of furniture and accessories.

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