bath Construction

Bath from glued or shaped timber: the priorities of construction and operation

Bath from glued or shaped timber

Those who want to build a house from a bar, but notconfident in their abilities, you can start with a simpler structure - such as baths. Since ancient times, Bath is the place where people could relax, regain their health, and not just to cleanse the body. Materials for its construction was chosen only natural. Traditionally this day is considered to be a tree. But cut the wall of the round log, just like before, not everyone will be able to, and it is not required. Today, there are more simple in operation, beautiful, durable and practical materials. A perfect solution would be a bath of laminated veneer lumber.


  • The advantages of laminated veneer lumber
  • The main stages of construction of the bath
    • the foundation for the bath
    • Walling of timber
    • The construction of the roof, the options

The advantages of laminated veneer lumber

On an ordinary timber construction technology market forIt has long been popular, but it has several drawbacks. In order to eliminate them, the specialists developed and introduced the production of laminated veneer lumber, which, while retaining all the advantages of wood, rid of its shortcomings. Besides the usual shape, it is widely used glued profiled beam. Its special feature is the presence of grooves and ridges, which are in the construction provide a reliable connection bars and snug fit. Various laminated veneer lumber production technologies allow to get different quality and cost of building material. Beam can be glued from solid boards or from separate pieces. There are options when one piece is only the facial lamella, or timber, is made of different types of wood.

Glued laminated timber - a great alternative to a log

Glued laminated timber - a great alternative to a log

The reasons on which is better to choose glulam few. The main ones are:

• Construction of him erected quickly;

• structure of laminated veneer lumber does not shrink;

• It does not rot, is not affected by fungi and insects;

• the material does not crack, does not crack and does not change its geometric shape;

• timber has an aesthetic appearance, which will save on finishing materials.

The main stages of construction of the bath

Construction of the baths shaped timber under the force of even the most experienced builders, if it is to stock up patience and basic skills.

After the important planning phase, which will clearly define the dimensions of a structure and its "content", you can get down to business.

the foundation for the bath

Like every building, sauna profiledbeam begins with the foundation. Some advise to pour the foundation after the assembly of a log house, but most are inclined to think that it is much more convenient to first pour a strip foundation, and only then proceed to the construction of the bath. Care should be taken so that it is flat and perfectly horizontal and smooth corners. The foundation wall in metal studs, which subsequently will hold board. With the construction of the foundation of paying attention to the following:

- Its width should be greater than the thickness of the beam by approximately 10 cm;

- The total height of the foundation will depend on many factors, but an average of about 500 mm;

- Above-ground portion protrudes at least 150 mm above the line of the blind area;

- Waterproofing runs around the perimeter of the basement without a break.

Ribbon foundation under the bath

Strip foundation - the best option for a bath from a bar

For waterproofing increasingly use thisroofing, roofing felt or other liquid impermeable material previously cut into strips having a width of at least 50mm wider than the base. Stack butt joint without gaps, preferably in two layers. Joints webs of the first and the second layer should be different. Above the insulation neatly stacked insulation. Then fit the salary, which is the basis of the framework.

Walling of timber

The walls of the timber to lay down a lot easier thanlogs. Alternatively, many companies offer to buy a bath from a bar in the form of a ready set, like a great designer. Items marked and prepared, it remains only to collect them, according to the instructions. If such an option is not satisfied, it is quite possible to do everything yourself. It is important to remember that the installation of the lower crown (so called finished timber number) - is the most important stage, because the timber from which it is composed, is in the most adverse conditions, and its state determines the life of the entire structure. The first row performed a solid - a link between the foundation and walls.

For walls using timber section or 15h150150h180 and 150h100 mm (150 mm height) for internal partitions. For the lower rims of 2-3, it is desirable to use larch, because it almost does not rot. The following series can be made of other species of wood, but most preference is given to a pine tree. The first crown was treated with antiseptic from all sides.

Types of connection bars

Connection types for corners ligament

In accordance with the existing plan of the premisesis determined by the number and length of the bars for each wall, including partitions. Then made templates for all angular and longitudinal joints. Using a template made by the standards of the same size bars for a few crowns. It is important to choose the 2-3 most simple and convenient connections to splice bars and angles bunch. The principle - simplicity performance and reliability. When the salary recommended gusset (regardless of connection method the next series of the box) to make a half-tree with gashes in. For greater reliability, as drawn corners and two upper crowns log.

Then begins the process itselfassembly. Operation is simple: a bar placed on a foundation of tape, close to the pins and mark the point on the ground which will be opening. Then the through holes are carried through until the middle of the underlying timber, and at the ends of bars stabbed corresponding grooves or pins, depending on what type of compound selected. At the bottom is driven nog, a length of two timber height, the entire length of the preform is placed insulation, then the timber is put on place. Axe nageli cut down approximately to a depth of 2 cm to prevent the appearance of cracks.

When merging the boards need to ensure thatjunction is not the same on the adjacent rows. If a single row from left beam and the right segment, the next vice versa. door unit is mounted on the salary without Zaruba vertically, it will help to strengthen the entire frame. Better to choose a small window with triple glazing. Above the door and windows it is recommended to leave a free space, which is sealed afterwards.

The walls of laminated veneer lumber does not require additional finishing

The walls of laminated veneer lumber does not require additional finishing

If acquired shaped beam provednot very high quality, it is necessary to resort to a little trick that will help make it more presentable. Before installation, after fitting timber, planed interior side and top edge slightly Mow, allowing moisture and condensation is easier to run down the walls.

Thus obtained surface neatwalls indoors. Outside, you can finish almost any decorative materials. Bath will benefit because it will be much warmer. Rounding out the top crown walling (mauerlat), which serves as a support for the ceiling and the roof.

The construction of the roof, the options

You can select from the roof with or without loftthereof. In the first case, you must first install the ceiling, and then carried out the installation of the roof, pent or gabled. Built-up cover - is the roof, combined with the ceiling, it often makes lean-and used for very small baths.

roof Construction

Construction bath roof is performed on a standard for all wooden buildings technology

For more baths, it is also suitable, but in thiscase it is better to choose a gable option. Enterprising owners can choose the original version, in which the suit solarium on the roof of the bath. Of course, it makes high demands on durability and insulation of the roof, but in the area will be another sitting area.

Bath - a great place to relax with friends andfamily. A wooden bath - all the more so because it has beneficial effects on the body and promotes relaxation. Thoroughly and carefully executed construction works, each owner suburban area can become more beautiful, and the owner of the baths, which can be built from glued profiled beam with his own hands.

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