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Make a dressing room - a photo collection, interior, design, development rules

Make a dressing room

Thus, the construction of the bath is completed, and therefore,you can proceed to the most interesting - interior design, which is suitable to start with changing room - the main room to relax. The options are many interior decoration: the design will depend entirely on your wishes and endless possibilities irrepressible imagination. Remember elaborate filling the room, which actually starts bath, it will help to create the ideal conditions for a comfortable pastime. Decided to equip the waiting room - a selection of photos presented in this article will help you do it correctly and with taste.


  • The function of the waiting room
  • Design: Designer Tips
  • Decoration: You Need to Know
    • The choice of material for finishing
    • Device waiting room: features
    • What furniture is necessary for the changing room?

The function of the waiting room

Before proceeding directly to thethinking through the interior, you should understand the functions of the premises. Its main purpose - to prevent the ingress of cold air in the steam room and to ensure comfortable conditions for relaxation.
That is why the changing room design requires a detailed study should be taken into account a lot of nuances: somewhere to hang things, where to store towels, from which tea.

The beauty of the design - the simplicity

Beauty design - in simplicity, not taken unnecessary clutter dressing room furnishings

Design: Designer Tips

Reflecting on the problem of resettlementchanging room, you can, of course, to shift the burden of responsibility on the professionals, but it is much more interesting, adhering to the recommendations of professionals to create original waiting room with his hands.

With regards to fashion trends, you will notice that the style"A la Russ" as relevant as ever, so if you want to create something unique, but with current trends, this option - a win-win. Sturdy furniture, floral decor, small lamps, pot-bellied samovar shelf of a copyrighted work ... Is not it a paradise, where everything is full of harmony and peace?

Style create parts

Style create parts: on bath tradition sheathe timber and furnish a stable simple wooden furniture

Not less popular classical interiora waiting room, where appropriate woodcarving, unusual furniture and objects in the style of hand-made paintings, ie everything that can best emphasize the luxury environment.

But if neither the first nor the second option with youroutlook does not correspond, you can try the high-tech style. Fireplace with external combustion chamber, decorated with glass, stone and metal ornaments, stylish tables and service strict forms will look just great.

The following are suggested options for a unique atmosphere of the changing room and offering long tea party or intimate conversations in the company of best friends.

Skins changing room

Skins changing room

Decoration: You Need to Know

First you need to consider the work plan, visualize what you want to create. This will not only reach the goal with maximum precision, but also save a lot of time.

The choice of material for finishing

Tree - the best material for interior decoration, combining environmental friendliness and safety. These indicators are very important in the regeneration bath.

It is important!
Use for finishing wood, characterized by low thermal conductivity. Examine the tree carefully: on the bars should be no resin spots and knots.

The following types of wood suitable for decoration:

  • Lipa on heating give a bouquet of fragrantessential oils, which are not only pleasant, but also useful for the organism. An important advantage is that lime does not darken and preserves the original appearance for a long time;
  • Wood exotic wood abashi not heated, which makes it an indispensable assistant in the decoration;
  • Cedar, in spite of the wonderful aroma, should be used with caution - resin can secrete enzymes that have adverse impacts on human well-being.

The best option - a combination of coniferous and deciduous woods, which will create an exclusive interior.

Device waiting room: features

Waiting room usually has a small footprint,so it is important to consider a few points. The room should be functional because It is intended not only for the storage and bath accessories, but also for a pleasant stay.

Accordingly, should provideZoning space: there must be a place for dressing rooms, brooms and other attributes of bath, dining table, exit to the furnace that will help stoke steam room without opening the door once again.

It is important!
Avoid piling unnecessary waiting room furniture and unnecessary items: there must be spacious.

The room should be spacious

The room should be spacious: nothing should interfere with the movement and relaxation

On one side of the wall you can put a table and benches, and on the other - washbasin, a small cabinet with a mirror and a hanger.

What furniture is necessary for the changing room?

The main furniture items, which do notIt will not work - hangers, table and chairs. You can arrange the sofa and chairs made of artificial leather or water-repellent fabric. Also do not forget about the small chest of drawers or shelving for things which can be folded clothes, towels, tablecloths.

The choice of furniture offers space for imagination

The choice of furniture offers space for imagination

If you are trying to comply with bathing tradition and invite friends for a couple of extra benches, TV and refrigerator will fall at an opportune moment.

It is important!
Try to use less fabric for decoration, but if you've already decided on a large cloth and blankets for the sofa and chairs, choose a quick-drying material.

In general, the choice of furniture - solelythe prerogative of your taste, as long as the items were comfortable and fit into the interior as much as possible organically. In short, let your imagination run wild, and then you'll have a dressing room, which houses - a real pleasure.

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