Finishing bath

Interior finishing bath with his hands: options and materials for lining

Interior finishing bath with his hands

Bath - is a place where you can wash away allcare and relax the whole body. If you make a bath with his hands, with only a little effort, and you can bathe and take water treatments. But the interior baths, changing room decoration and the shower is a very important process, and it should be taken seriously.


  • The choice of material for the sauna
    • What should not be used
  • Thermal insulation and decoration of the ceiling and walls
    • Molded - the best material for covering
    • Preparing for the decoration of the walls
    • Crate: build or not?
    • Skinning of walls lining baths
  • Floor Finish in the steam room
  • Shelves and benches in the steam room
  • Waiting room: everything rules
  • Specificity of finishing the washing compartment

The choice of material for the sauna

The most important thing in the finishing bath - is the adoption ofa decision on the material. One type of wood bath is best not to finish: different breeds should be selected for the various premises baths. To see this again, check out the pictures of the construction of the device by typing in a search engine "interior photos bath."

The cheapest material is considered to pine, butdoubles it is better not to apply. In its wood contains resin. At high temperatures in the bath, they are beginning to stand out on the tread surface of the wood. The steam thus be impossible.

The choice of material for the sauna

According to popular tradition, the steam room sheathe mostly linden, rarely birch, aspen, pine does not apply, is released when heated resin

For the best steam timber stands a linden. If sheathing bath linden, you can be sure that just will not burn, because the material to such a degree does not overheat, and the color is preserved. There are other options for finishing baths - for example, aspen, birch, poplar. They are durable, so faithfully serve more than one year.

Any of these breeds will be more appropriate in the bath,than pine. Hardwood well and dries quickly, which is important for creating a pleasant microclimate in the bath. Each type of wood has its useful properties. Lipa human body charges the positive energy and is capable of pulling aspen sickness and negative emotions.

What should not be used

Interior finishing bath should not be performedthe use of wood-based panels and linoleum. They were strictly forbidden to use the steam room and the washing room, because such work can be bad for the health of people hovering.

Tools for finishing baths

Future finishers need a standard set of tools for working with lumber

Materials such as particleboard, fiberboard, mineral woolplates, are toxic and flammable when heated. They greatly swell when moisture absorption. Linoleum on heating and release into the atmosphere of harmful substances, is afraid of high humidity and quickly rots.

All of the above described restrictions apply only toareas with high humidity or temperature. They may well be used, furnished relaxation room. There is no humidity, and the temperature is not too high to cause evolution poisons in air.

Thermal insulation and decoration of the ceiling and walls

To create a seal in the steam room costsperform thermal insulation of mineral wool insulation, which is hiding the aluminum foil from the effects of steam. The edges of the foil must be connected to a special adhesive tape. The film was not used due to the high temperatures under the influence of which it can be deformed. Finishing bath outside implies closing the vent.

Warming steam bath

Thermal insulation of steam is carried out using mineral insulating materials

The ceiling is made of planed boards thick 20- 30 millimeters. Boards with nails attached to the joists. The length of the nails should be selected so as to be 3 times longer than the thickness of the boards used. To the steam room was the ventilation, is to round the sharp edges of boards and leave gaps of small size.

Molded - the best material for covering

Despite the abundance of materials which are suitablefor interior cladding buildings baths, the most popular of them was and remains linings. Its relevance is explained very simply. Finishing bath paneling allows to solve two problems at the same time - to warm and decorate the walls.

Material made from wood andIt is a paneling. The walls, which are decorated with clapboard, look beautiful, as the panel visually level the surface. Sort information in the World Wide Web on-demand "video finishing baths," and you'll understand everything yourself!

It looks like lining

Molded - the best option for the walls in the bath, it will provide ventilation building materials, as a result, their useful life

Molded extremely practical becauseimproves air circulation in the bath: the walls can "breathe", which in turn prevents the formation of condensation, mold and mildew, and also allows you to adjust the relative humidity in the bath. As mentioned above, the steam room is great linden tree, so often used for baths lime linings.

Preparing for the decoration of the walls

bath paneling finishing technology - is quite simple and clear! Before the start of construction battens make in the steam room to timber adapted to the microclimate.

If there are marked differences of the wall, they need to bebe sure to align. If the bulge is not leveled, the rails are locked at various levels, and waves are obtained on the walls. Therefore, it is important to prepare all surfaces.

Preparatory stage

Preparatory stage: cracks and joints should be carefully caulked

Molded directly mounted on the wallmajor construction staples or screws. However, as a rule, have a surface distortions and irregularities, so the risk in this case is not justified, and it is better to set the crate.

Crate: build or not?

The work should start with the installation of lathing,which is done with strips measuring 20 by 40 millimeters. Further rail is installed at a distance of 50 - 100 centimeters from each other. The first step is to fix the extreme bars, focusing on a plumb and level. Then they should fix the mounting thread, and then decided to fix the remaining slats with screws.

Do I need a crate for cladding clapboard

Decorating the walls of the bath by distillation over the crates

Crate and can not be installed. Material is fixed in this case on a wall surface. But to this interior wood bath was durable, beautiful and durable, should be made perfectly smooth wall.

Install furring in the bath

Installation of the timber battens provide ventilation building materials, ensures the formation of a perfectly flat surface

Skinning of walls lining baths

After the preparatory stage,It begins wall decoration in the bath. We need to pick up the fixings. It is necessary that they be made from materials that do not respond to exposure to high humidity and temperature. On ordinary nails should forget, because they do not corrode, rust on the walls give the drips and heating can burn the skin.

Decorating the walls lining in the steam room

Decorating the walls lining in the steam room

The material should be cut to the size of the height of the bath,and then attach it to the lattice prepared finishing nails or special clamps, klyaymerami. When you need to angle joints battens should be lightly trimmed in width.

Floor Finish in the steam room

Internal finishing of the bath with your own hands beginsFrom the floor. And in the sex floor is better to raise. It needs to be made higher in comparison with the floor in other rooms by 15-20 centimeters. This should be done to protect from drafts and better heat preservation. Flooring is better from tile, pile or edging boards.

Floor Finish in the steam room

The choice of material for the flooring in the steam room - an important part of everything, from which depends the safety and comfort

Boards need to be laid on wooden joists thatplaced on columns of brick-section of 0.25 to 0.25 m. The bars are placed on the sand or concrete base. The edges of the boards should be round, leaving a small gap between them. This will facilitate the operation of cleaning the room. Boards fastened directly on the surface or on the prepared crate.

For ordinary nails fixture inappropriateuse, because they are quickly destroyed by corrosion. Finishing bath with his hands made with galvanized, bronze, brass or stainless steel fasteners.

Shelves and benches in the steam room

In the steam room must be a good solid shelves, beds and benches. It is best to make their round shape, more importantly, that they are firm and do not creak. Thoroughly should be taken to the choice of wood.

Sunbeds should not have knots, preferablysoft wood with a low density, which is not very hot. The most economical option - aspen, more expensive - linden. Lovers in a pine aroma steam room near the furnace is recommended to attach a cedar plank.

Sun beds and shelves in the steam room

Sun beds and accessories in the sauna traditionally made of wood

The bath can be placed a few shops,setting them on the wall, which has no windows. Shelves should be made in different sizes: the bottom shelf - the smallest, about 30 centimeters; average - 60 cm; top - the widest, about one meter.

Waiting room: everything rules

If we talk about the waiting room, therepine paneling welcome. The walls are not too hot, the resin does not act, and finishing that is made of pine, the room is filled with healthy pine aroma.

Waiting room in the bath

Waiting room in the bath - "face" of the construction, adjusts to rest and bath procedures

It is known that softwood allocates a lot of volatile production, which positively affects the well-being and have a beneficial effect on the body's resistance to various infectious diseases.

Specificity of finishing the washing compartment

Finishing bath with his hands in the washing compartmentIt requires coniferous tree species. It is pine, cedar, fir, spruce. The walls in the bathroom can be finished with larch. The temperature in the washing room is much lower than in the steam, but the humidity is often much higher. With this in mind, to make the floor is tile flooring. But this material has one major drawback - tiles slippery, so you need to protect the movement in the shower on this floor.

Wooden shower in bath

Wooden shower combined with finishes and furnishings Russian baths

With the above-described purpose is to make woodentrapiki who decided to make a small and light. If trapiki need can be easily taken out of the washing compartment and dry. Decorating the walls of the shower can be made of pine boards, or other inexpensive woods.

Thus, the Russian bath is not in itself combinesjust a normal bath with a steam room, an ancient tradition of cooking steam, colorful decoration and interior wood, which includes the design of walls, floors and ceilings, as well as various furniture - shelves, beds, benches.

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