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Furniture for baths and saunas: create a functional environment

Furniture for baths and saunas

Bath - a great place for the recovery,cleansing, relaxing and comfortable stay with friends. But that pastime in the room was really nice, have to worry about filling the interior of the bath, and more specifically, about the furniture. Modern furniture for the bath differ exclusive aesthetics, individuality, diversity of designs, the original form and style of performance. Manufacturers of furniture for baths and saunas offer a huge selection of products, the variety which it is easy to get confused. So what kind of furniture needed for a bath in the first place, and what features it should have?


  • Criteria for selection of materials.
  • What kind of wood furniture prefer?
  • What kind of furniture needed for a bath?
  • Furniture for bath with his hands.
  • Tips designers - a convenient setting.

Criteria for selection of materials

Whatever items you choose to fillinternal situation bath or sauna, in the first place they should be durable, sturdy and safe for health. Despite the emergence of modern materials, wood remains the most popular material for the manufacture of furniture. Wooden furniture for the bath - the best option of filling, because in terms of quality it can hardly be compared, even the most recent scientific research. Natural material will always be out of competition.

Tree - the best material for furniture

Tree - the best material for furniture in environmental, aesthetic and practical criteria

Plastic furniture can give off when heatedharmful substances, leather, in contact with moist skin cause discomfort, but the metal objects of decoration at such a temperature, even speech can not be. Therefore, if you are going to buy furniture for baths and saunas, rest assured, there is nothing better than a tree.

What kind of wood furniture prefer?

Buying furniture for the bath made of wood, it is necessary to know that the wood is different, too. The most commonly used hardwood: aspen, basswood, poplar.

Linden wood is soft, easy processing, while it does not crack and maintains an attractive appearance for a long time.

This need to know! Linden wood is valued not only for a pleasant pinkish hue, but also for the delicious smell of essential oils, filling the room a magical aroma.

A set of furniture from a linden

The furniture of lime brings great bath complex operating conditions

Poplar and aspen - relatives of the numerouswillow family. Aspen wood is light in color and characterized by flawless performance moisture resistance, but unfortunately, aspen furniture wears out pretty quickly. Aspen is especially good for making objects steam environment, tubs and woks.

Poplar wood also has a lighter color, easy to handle, does not crack, but like aspen, boast a long service life can not.

Pine in the context of a very beautiful, attentionattracted by contrasting stripes, even color, the smell of pine needles. It is quite resistant to external influences material that does not rot and does not alter the original form. However, pine is not without drawbacks: the strong heating it allocates a resin that can burn, so the shelf made from pine and interior fittings is not recommended.

It is important! Any furniture for baths and saunas from wood stain needs treatment. Lacquer and enamel are toxic, so use them is not necessary.

What kind of furniture needed for a bath?

Thinking over the question of which furniture should be in the bathpurchase primarily, we must remember that the main thing in interior design - the harmony. Furniture should be consistent with the overall design style is beneficial to supplement it. Traditionally the following types of furniture:

  • Shelves. The most important attribute of any bath. Note that the size of the objects to be selected according to the size of the room so that you could sit without touching the ceiling. If, on the contrary, steam is high, then you need to take care of the footrest. The design must comply with the required safety standards. The optimum size of the shelves: width - 60 cm, length - not less than 180 cm;
  • Benches, benches for steam must beThey are made of materials with a high degree of water resistance. If the choice fell on the broad bench, the experts advise to attach them to the walls, which will provide additional comfort for the rest. The same bench legs will not interfere and allow everyone to stay just as you want;
Bench for a bath

Bench for a bath - a mandatory attribute of a functional

  • Tables, chairs, stools. That's where the available space for imagination, the options - set. Classic, or with curly legs, extravagant, with a square or round table top - everyone will find what he was looking;
  • Wooden font. This item can be called fashion trends of today. The pool can afford not to everyone, and Hot - please! Inexpensive and multifunctional. Most often, the font size is made 1.5 m in diameter, i.e. easily accommodate a few people;
Wooden Hot

Wooden Hot substitute pool, it provides an opportunity to adopt specific procedures that restore strength and health

  • Tubs, basins. Essential pieces of furniture in the bath and sauna, without which the present process is quite problematic.

If there is such a desire is not difficult to make furniture for the bath with his hands. A proposed below furniture for the bath - photo collection sure to bring interesting ideas to create beautiful designs.

Options for furnishing the bath

Options for furnishing the bath: a simple and comfortable furniture, which can be done personally

Furniture for bath with his hands

Style and the number of furniture items determinedaccording to different factors: the size of the room, the number of family members, financial capacity, their own desires in design matters, etc. environment components must conform to generally accepted building codes.

It is important! Before choosing the type of furniture check out all possible models and only then is determined by the final version, most suitable for your bath or sauna. Hurry in this matter should not be.

Prior to the purchase of materials Think about what you will do and how much, where everything will be located.

Consider pre-filled interior

Consider pre-filled interior

Self-production of furniture requiresa fair share of patience. Boards should be treated on the woodworking machines, edge cutter round. Grinding is done in two stages: first, using a grinder, and then hand-stripping. The assembly is made by means of screws the cap, which is necessary to "drown" in the wood.

Furniture manufacturing technology does not implydense dock parts. It is necessary for ventilation, save to "breathe" the ability of the tree that have a direct impact on the service life. structural strength is provided by the metal parts. Do not forget that for a while the sauna furniture need for better drying airing.

Even if you do not have carpentry skills,You can make unpretentious benches and shelves. For the production of tables and chairs required drawings, which greatly simplify the process. The large baths are well looked tables and chairs made in the same style of the halves of logs laid cut up.

This need to know! If you want to artificially "wear" the surface, to give an unusual type of furniture, cover it with stain.

Tips designers - a convenient situation

Designers are advised not to clutter the space three-dimensional structures, furniture should not be much. It is convenient, especially in small baths and saunas, foldable furniture, miniature tables and stools.

Furniture should not be much

Furniture should not be many: do not clutter the room

Positioning objects better away from the sauna, so you keep the original appearance and extend the life of several years.

It looks great wicker furniture. Vine, bamboo, rattan bring to the interior a special chic. In the rest room needs furniture, upholstered in leather or fabric water repellent.

Waiting room with a low ceiling "lift the" furniture on high legs and the use of accessories with longitudinal stripes.

Furnished with a sauna, do not forget that this is the place for fun and recreation, and the right kind of furniture - the best way to realize the dream of the ideal sauna into reality.

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