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Soapstone stoves - facing and specificity of the best material for finishing stoves

Soapstone stoves

Talkohlorit - natural stone formedfrom volcanic lava billions of years ago. In those days no one could think of (although I think it was, and no one), that the material in the 21st century will be a perfect human assistant in the decoration of apartments, houses, baths, garages and other facilities. It looks great and inside the building and outside. A soapstone stoves have become so popular that, going into the first sauna or bath, you will definitely see it is this finishing material on the front side of the heater.


  • The characteristics of this rock
  • Features finish sauna stoves Soapstone
    • What stone is ideal for stoves
    • How to lay stone
    • Secrets stacking soapstone
  • Stove Soapstone - the dream of any bath attendant

The characteristics of this rock

Talkohlorit - clean rock, which has unique characteristics, unique to her.

  1. High heat capacity - 2.5 times higher than thatconventional furnace brick. For two hours the furnace oven accumulates so much heat that it will last for the whole day, and therefore can be a good idea to save on firewood and charcoal.
  2. Rapid heating - the material is heated at about4 times faster than clay bricks, thereby reducing not only the time of the furnace, but also reduce the cost of lighting-purchase material. That is, again saving!
  3. Resistance to melting - even astronomytemperatures are not able to influence the attractive appearance of soapstone, in fact, as has been said above, this rock formed from lava, the temperature of which is many times greater than the one that is created in the furnace of bath.
  4. The magnificent structure - a luxurious natural stone is the best accentuate the beauty and style of your bath.
  5. Durability - once trimmed stove or fireplace this stone, you will forget about this work 20 years, or even 30.


    Natural mineral - talkohlorit warms up quickly, retains heat for a long time, improves the composition of the vapor

Physical characteristics talhlorita is certainly very important, but equally important is also the fact that the decorative material has beneficial effects on human health.

Experts have proven that the thermal wavelength,emitted by the heated stone, equal to the length of the heat wave, coming from the man, and then, next to the stove, decorated with soapstone, you will be cozy and comfortable. Due to the mild heat increases immunity, improves blood circulation and pressure decreases.

Features finish sauna stoves Soapstone

Actually, furnace lining Soapstone - the process is not complicated and virtuallyrequiring no casualties. you have time to finish will take a little bit, and the installation is simple to outrageous. Although there are here and are subtleties and nuances. About them and talk.

What stone is ideal for stoves

For the lining of furnaces and fireplaces use sanded tile soapstone thickness of about 40-50 mm and a width of 80-120 mm. The color of the material can be anything, as long as it was the same shade.

The furnace, lined with smooth tiles talkohloritovoy

Smooth talkohloritovaya tiles in the finishing bath stoves

How to lay stone

Depending on what you want to get onoutput, soapstone can be placed both vertically and horizontally. If we make laying tiles vertically, ie the end, they will be much faster to warm up to the top, and if you put a flat material, the heat will not spread along the fibers, and across that slow down the heating process.

Decorating the walls of the bath soapstone

Decorating the walls of the bath soapstone - unlimited number of horizontal options, vertical, asymmetrical cladding

The horizontal tiling soapstone

The horizontal tiling soapstone

Secrets stacking soapstone

And them there, because in order to tileheld, only need to use a special glue that clever Finns invented in the last century. It is prepared from talkohloritnogo powder and liquid glass. This combination provides the necessary strength and durability.

Due to the fact that the finishing furnace talkohloritovoy tiles are not used mortars, your bathhouse remains clean, because any dust and dirt during operation will not.

In the manufacture of furnace soapstone itplaced horizontally, as in this case, the stove will warm up more quickly, but for facing stone being cut in the opposite direction (across the grain), so fast warming will combine with a uniform and slow heat transfer, ensuring your bathhouse heat for the whole day.

Stacked tiles on one another, with theiryou need to fix a special bracket or pin to its own weight, they have not fallen off. After drying of the adhesive solution (2-4 hours), staples are removed, and the gaps between the tiles are filled with grout.

Stove Soapstone - the dream of any bath attendant

The stove Soapstone, capablemaintain a stable temperature and humidity in the steam room or sauna bath. It is a natural mineral that avoids such problems as the cold stone with boiling water in a tank. Due to the large mass of soapstone around the stove and walls bath warms up much more uniform, and the quality of the steam is much more soft and enveloping.

The surface temperature of bath furnace of thismaterial supplies, filling steam room are ideal for the initial warm-up of the human body. By entering the bath, you immediately feel how deeply penetrates the body warm wave emitted by the stove.

The use of soapstone in the decoration of the walls and the furnace: he gets off the heat source and the area around it

Talkohlorit finishing in the oven and the wall

The oven and the adjacent wall decorated with soapstone

Taking into account all the features of soapstone can bedraw only one conclusion - stove finished with this mineral, it will be a real masterpiece, a work of art, worthy of applause and admiration. Beauty, of course, save the world, and the heat, a gift from the stove, will save you from many health problems and depression.

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