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Ventilation in the bath - the technology, features, system device

Ventilation in the bath

Ventilation in the bath - a process that requires carefulorganizations in the sauna building is considered one of the most difficult. Proper ventilation of the device will allow people to protect against carbon monoxide heating with a stove, ensure a comfortable stay in the steam room, economical use of fuel, evenly distribute the flow of air, as well as to protect the wall of the wooden structure of waterlogged and rotting.


  • Principles of organization of ventilation in the bath
    • If the furnace is in an adjacent room
    • Conditions: a fireplace inside the sauna
  • Adjustment during use
    • General principles of regulation
    • Adjusting the system to the furnace in the steam room

Principles of organization of ventilation in the bath

In the bath is generally used forced-air (mixed) ventilation, that is organized and the inflow and exhaust air.

To do this:

  • intake (input) holes (vents) throughthat fresh air enters the steam, and if necessary, -Installation (fan, ventilation pipe). Also, air can flow through the vents, the half-open door.
  • exhaust (outlet) through whichheated air from the room decreases, and / or installation (air can escape through the furnace ash pit - hole below the furnace (the combustion chamber) adapted for improved traction).
Hood in the bath

Exhaust air outlet in the bath

Ways location of supply and exhaust vents, there are many, as well as various schemes, but to organize the most effective ventilation system should adhere to the following principles:

  1. Ventilation holes are better placed in the lower part of the room, close to the stove-heater (to the air heats up faster).
  2. Exhaust holes should be located on the opposite side of supply air can be in 2 places - one above and the other below. This is done in order to better control the flow of air.
  3. The higher the exhaust port, the stronger the pull. How does it lower the craving is weaker, so in the second case it is necessary to use a ventilation pipe.
  4. For the controlled supply and exhaust air from the room a special valve must be used (door) at the exhaust openings, the opening, then closing them.
  5. The air in the steam room must be updated at least 2-3 times per hour.

    Possible ways of organizing ventilation in the bath

    Possible ways of organizing ventilation in the bath

It is worth noting that a lot depends on the type of bath. For example, Russian bath ventilation most often by simple ventilation.

But not always. It is necessary to consider the location of the kiln furnace - in the steam room or in an adjacent room (due to the combustion of the tunnel). Next we will consider how to construct ventilation in the bath, on the basis of these 2 important criteria.

If the furnace is in an adjacent room

Consider the installation of ventilation technology withGiven that the metal furnace will be lined with brick 5cm gap between them and the metal. For a Russian steam bath furnace that option - the most optimal.

Thus, the furnace is derived in the adjacent room using a tunnel furnace. This is the most common option, as it has several advantages:

  • no debris in the steam room;
  • the doors do not open in a steam room once more;
  • You can install a large oven-proof glass in the furnace door and watch the fire.
bath ventilation technology with the combustion chamber from an adjacent room

bath ventilation technology with the combustion chamber from an adjacent room

Next, the following technology:

1. Brick obkladyvaetsya heating tunnel (clearance - 0.5 cm - 1 cm. It is laid soft basalt wool, ie, to thermal expansion possible deformation and subsequent destruction of a tunnel or masonry..), And then - the very oven.

2. Cases blowing holes. You can use one of 2 ways:

  • Under the floor of the street to hold the ventilation duct120% of the diameter of the chimney. Then bring him in predtopochnogo metal sheet which protects the floor from fire (if embers fall out of the furnace). In the channel inside and out to put air vents.
  • The second method differs from the first only in that the supply air duct is outdoor. The rest - everything is the same: to lead off the streets, displaying in predtopochnogo sheet and put ventreshetki.

3. Extractor is done (on the opposite wall and better diagonally from the air supply holes). To do this, vertically mounted airbox 20 cm -30 cm above the floor, which is under the ceiling through the wall is displayed on the street. The box can sheathe clapboard.

Important! Area air-supply vents must be equal to the area of ​​exhaust. Otherwise the thrust can be formed, so that the volume of fresh air is always reduced.

Conditions: a fireplace inside the sauna

There may be two options:

1.If there is the sauna stove furnace and the air, respectively, in its ash pit enters, the problem is solved ventilation automatically. Fresh air is introduced through the open door, leaving a gap of about 5 mm. This method is suitable if the fire in the furnace is maintained constantly, which ensures the work of the blower.

2. The baths in black (with no chimney), as well as where there is a short oven operating mode requires more advanced ventilation system. Variants of the organization of the ventilation system can be set.

ventilation device in the bath with a furnace in the steam room

ventilation device in the bath with a furnace in the steam room

We offer to organize all this technology:

  1. Equip a special catwalk on whichwill stand oven. It will bring to the oven ventilation ducts. To do this, put 3 rows of bricks (on edge) on the wall where the hole is located ventilation. 1st row of bricks laid against the wall, the second on the edge, and the third in the middle. Make the laying of 24 cm in height of brick screen, then cover the top with bricks. But the last couple of bricks is not put in the place where the stove is located. This is done with the expectation that it ash pit of the box.
  2. Mortgaging end.
  3. The second box, in the end you want to insert the ash-pit furnace door is brought to end. Under the ash-pit door is something to enclose, or it will constantly rub against the floor.
  4. It should look like to the first box-channel looked up under the stove, and the second with a door - in the steam room.
  5. On the wall, which is adjacent to the roomrecreation, is 2 channels for doors at the level where the masonry. Distance is measured with a tape measure so that the door 12 cm did not reach the top of the brick shirt. They can be open and warm rest room if necessary.
  6. On the podium put the oven. You can put it on the metal plate or the area to distribute the load evenly on the box area.
  7. Obkladyvaetsya furnace bricks, left an opening for passage of the fuel channel. It must remain a gap between the brick oven and 1-2 cm, which will later be closed non-combustible material.
  8. Then put a brick screen, which made 2 convection door (gate).

Exhaust ventilation is installed as well as a bath with a furnace out of steam.

The ventilation system doubles

The ventilation system doubles

Adjustment during use

Few construct bannuyu ventilation, it is important to know how to properly use it.

Next will be considered the general principles of ventilation and specific, applicable to our steam room with a podium.

General principles of regulation

  1. When the furnace begins to burn, all vents should cover (and exhaust and intake).
  2. Having waited until the internal temperature of the steam will reach the planned level, adjust the ventilation holes by means of valves (doors).
  3. If during the procedure of bath there is a need to increase the supply of fresh air should be further open up the supply hole.
  4. After the completion of the procedures necessary to open all the valves to steam properly aired

Temperature and humidity mode bathersoften determined by eye, guided by own sensations. But this approach often does not allow an objective assessment of the situation, because a lot depends on the individual perception of the individual. To know for sure, at what temperature and humidity bath procedures are carried out, install the unit:

bath thermometer

bath thermometer

  1. To measure the temperature in the steam room officeusually use a thermometer (alcoholic or powered by electricity, but not mercury). If you plan to use an electric thermometer in the sauna room should be placed thermocouple, the output indicator in the recreation room or waiting room.
  2. The humidity level in the sauna room is measureddevice called a hygrometer. This device is particularly useful in the bath, it will help determine the right in the steam room or silnovlazhny Dry-air mode.

Adjusting the system to the furnace in the steam room

Above it was described in detail how to doventilation in the bath with a furnace in the steam room, step by step procedure for creating expanded podium, holding baskets channels. Design specific, and therefore the principles of ventilation there will be special:

  1. When igniting the furnace air gradually warms up and goes into the upper convection door.
  2. The lower door during the initial warm-keep open, waiting for the oven to warm up.
  3. Then, covering the lower door, the stove works only with the hatches open at the top.
  4. At the time of evaporation is open only ash-pit door, located on the box required for air intake, which is necessary for combustion.
  5. After all you need to hover properly ventilate.

It turns out the following: Cold air enters through the duct under the oven is heated and out through the top of the door. Thus, the steam room is filled with hot air. It should be filled with them almost to the bottom of the box. Then cooler air displaced by hotter, will arrive on the street, warming all the way.

Do I need ventilation in the bath? It seems that after reading this article, such a question no one there. After all, the answer is obvious: of course, necessary. Except that it can be arranged in different ways, depending on the location of the oven, the type of bath and personal preference.

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