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Sewage in the bath - a device, circuit, installation, selection of management options

Sewage in the bath

What kind of country house without a bath! Rinse in the shower - this is understandable, we all used to take a shower every day. But the room - it is absolutely different. Only in the bath so you can clean up, to cleanse the body and soul. Display with then slags, steamed bone, completely relax. That suits prudent owner bathhouse. But the construction of a bath - a process no less complicated than the construction of the house. It should be well-versed in all the processes. Did you know, for example, how to make the drains in the bath? Here, too, there are nuances that need to be taken into account.


  • What you need to know for the device
  • Construction: from simple to complex
    • It could not be
    • Elementary drain pit
    • Device drainage wells
    • Cesspool or septic tank

What you need to know for the device

Even during the construction of the foundation baths shouldconsider a scheme recycling dirty water. All pipes leading from the drain grating in the steam room and washing (shower), as well as on the toilet (if provided), laid before the Coanda floors. For the bath is sufficient drainage by gravity, so the pipe should be installed sloping towards the drain.

If the drainage in the bath is done correctly, then many problems will disappear by themselves.

Installation of sewer pipes

Paving the downspouts another foundation stage unit

What should be taken into account when the device sewerage system?

  • For a number of washable designed bath
  • How it will be used - seasonally or permanently
  • Is there a common drainage area or need to arrange a separate, only for a bath
  • Whether in the bath is equipped with a toilet
  • What is the ground on the site (good or bad absorb water)
  • At what depth the soil freezes in winter
  • What is the level of groundwater

Here is a sample list of what is needed for the most complex no sewerage system.

Construction: from simple to complex

It could not be

The simplest drain sewage settles, ifbuilt a small seasonal bath without toilet. Then, the maximum that you do is print out the drain pipe outside the bath. The water enters the storage tank of a suitable size (on bathing in the bath 2 person takes an average of 30 liters of water). Suitable any capacity - metal or plastic drums, baby bath, everything is at hand. From this storage tank water can then be used for watering flower beds or other chores. If there is a filter at the site a ditch, the drain pipe can be routed to it, and there is no need to arrange the storage tank.

Another great opportunity toperetruzhdaetsya not be a centralized or autonomous sewage in the suburban area. In this case, we are taking the drain pipe to the existing system, and can not bother anymore. Incidentally, in this situation it is possible in a bath arrange and WCAnyway waste will be disposed of together.

Elementary drain pit

This drainage system is arranged in the case, if the groundwater are deep enough, or else your tank will be filled with less waste, much underground water.

So, for bath drainage - drain hole. At a distance of two to three meters away from the dug bathspit. The dimensions of the pit must comply with consumption of water in the bath. More often than not make a hole in the meter on the meter - this is quite enough. If the soil in your area is made up of sandstone and loam, then your hole is not even necessary to strengthen - the water will seep through the walls and bottom of the pit. At the same time, passing through the soil, it will be cleaned.

Schematic device drain and drain hole

Schematic device drain and drain hole

If the soil more friable, then the sidewall isstrengthen - though boards or slate, and you can lay out a brick wall of the pit, or set concrete rings can even be perforated, or by making the casing, cement pour. Some installed in a pit old metal barrel without a bottom. But here it is necessary to consider that during the freezing ground, particularly clay, so the barrel can be pushed out. So it's better just to work a little, but then other problems will not be.

Device drainage wells

For more reliable wastewater make drain well. The principle here is the same as with a drain hole, but it is also filled with an additional drainage - gravel, gravel, expanded clay or broken bricks.

There is an option and bookmark pit slatecrosswise to the gaps remained between the sheets. Drainage in the hole is placed so that the surface was 20 to 50 cm, and the top is filled with soil up to the alignment.

Properties drainage wells

Properties drainage wells

If the soil is sandy, then instead of the well can bemake drainage pad (horizontal). Digs a trench depth of 30 cm to 1 m, a width of somewhere 30 cm and 1 meter. It is filled with gravel or other drainage (layer thickness of 20 cm), is placed on top of the soil. Drain pipe is displayed on the pillow.

Drainage pipes

Laying drainage pipes in the gravel bed - leach field

But if the soil clayey, poorly permeablewater, power will have to make more. First, you should still check, suddenly under the clay layer there is a layer vodopropuskayuschy. Then dig a hole up to this layer, and then - the usual drain well. But when the clay is sploshnyakom, the design is complicated. At the level of the bottom of the pit from the well of drainage tube or more. In the trench for the pipes arrange additional drainage cushion. And above them, just can be arranged garden beds, flower beds or lawn, to free themselves from their watering.

Cesspool or septic tank

And finally, the most sophisticated sewage in the bath - it septic tank device. Such a system is in cases whenbath intend to use constantly and make it solid, with a rest room and toilet. However, most often in such cases, on the site already has a drain, sink and bath can be connected to it. But, just in case, we give a brief description and the structure.

Sewage from septic tanks

sewerage scheme with two-chamber septic tank

The scheme is similar to the device in a drainage wellclay soils. Only instead of a well-established drainage sump, which retained the solid waste. With the accumulation of such wastes must be called for pumping sewage truck. Such a sump can be single, but there are options for two- and three-chamber septic tank.

Like this. The options are not very many, in principle, they are even somewhat similar to each other. Immediately evident as was the development of sanitary process. But even the most complex version of it is really to make his own. And although the latest system, septic tank, you can buy a ready-made, the price for such a sewer is quite high. Therefore it is better to examine carefully your site and choose the appropriate option from above.

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