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How to make a drain hole with your hands: the technological rules and tricks

How to make a drain hole with their hands

With the arrival of summer, many people are leaving the stuffy cityand spend time at the cottage. But not always at their summer cottage there are basic amenities, including this applies to modern sanitation. With the city's housing (apartments), all is clear: all waste and waste water "leave" in the centralized sewage system, but for a suburban area / private home that is not connected to the centralized sewerage, it is a kind of obstacle to proper rest. But this problem is completely solvable and drain hole with their hands just bring the life of the country to the civilized world.


  • Drain hole - the choice of location
  • The volume of the tank drains
  • Terms of piping
  • The choice of material for the construction of a drain hole
  • The shape of the tank to collect waste
  • Drain hole ceramic bricks
  • Construction of concrete rings
  • Small arrangement Tricks

Drain well in a private home - it's the easiest, inmoderately comfortable and functional example of an autonomous sewer. This system provides for the collection in the pit storage of water used. And without this in any way, because the man is not only drinking water, but also actively uses it - washes, takes a shower, bath, wash, cook food. Without water and amenities such as a washing machine indispensable today to manage difficult. Therefore, any cottager or a private property owner should think about where is this to do with the used fluid.

Drain hole - the choice of location

Before placing the drain hole, you need toto choose its location. The question is quite difficult, because it has a number of aspects. The first aspect: the drain hole - the distance to the buildings must be at least five to eight meters, these parameters need to adhere to, and not have a drain hole near the house. Another question - the length of sewer pipes, they should not be excessively long. And the third aspect of the problem concerns the purification drain hole, that is, it must be locked assenizatorskaya machine. And also need to pay attention to the wells and the wells if they are present at the site of the drain hole with a natural filtration can be no question. The minimum distance allowed between the two entities - 30 m.

With regard to the determine the level of groundwater, theThis argument is a big role in the choice of location for the drain hole is not playing, because the groundwater influence only on the type of such an arrangement: draining or sealed.

The volume of the tank drains

Before you dig up the drain hole, you need tothe right to determine its volume. This parameter depends on the nature of the use of housing: people live there permanently or seasonally, the number of family members, on the frequency of use of bath, shower, etc.

Drain hole

The appearance of a typical drain hole

It is believed that one person crouches 0.5 cu. m. The volume of drain holes, but not always, these calculations are accurate due to the additional benefits of civilization and operating conditions.

This may also apply to clay soil is not proneto the rapid filtration, so if the first year of a pit drive will still cope with their functions, further soil is saturated with fat and virtually ceases to absorb waste. Therefore, whenever possible, it is better to make a drain hole with a stock, for example, for a family of three people - 6 cubes.

Terms of piping

If the volume is already defined, you can startpiping. At this point, a very important point: respect for the constant slope of 3-5 degrees is approximately 4-7 cm per meter of lining pipe. A need also take into account the fact that the longer the tube, the greater the slope must be observed.

The choice of material for the construction of a drain hole

drain hole device can be different:

- Brick;

- Plastic;

- Concrete rings

Drain hole

The initial phase of construction - pit

All of these materials are used for everythingdrain structure. The walls of the pit can be lined with brick, and can be used as the basis of capacity: a barrel without a bottom, the body of an old washing machine, car tires, which are stacked one upon the other.

The shape of the tank to collect waste

Typically, the drain hole at the cottage is equipped in the form ofCuba. But this is not the best option. Rational use of cylindrical shape, since it is known that the cylinder - a figure more durable. Pressures on its walls are evenly distributed, and the probability of failure of the cylindrical drain hole is practically reduced to zero indicators. And just the opposite is the case with the drain hole of the cubic form, its wall can not withstand the load and the likelihood of its destruction much.

Drain hole ceramic bricks

So, first digs a hole according to predetermined sizes. Qualitative soil - black earth, it can be distributed in the area, and loam, sand, clay and stones is better to remove the yard.

Drain pit of brick

Brick drain pit

How to drain the pit of brick? Ceramic brick - the best option. It has positive characteristics: a long time and is not destroyed by the destructive action of moisture. Lay it must be a light foundation. The wall thickness can be in a half-brick in order to save money, while laying bricks to remember about the gaps between the ends of filtration (5 cm).

Important: the walls of the pit can be put not only the brick, but also natural stone.

After completion of the brickwork at the bottom of the excavationyou can begin the process of drainage bedding. To do this, the space between the ground and the walls of the pit drain hole is filled with gravel, pebbles or debris (concrete battle, bricks).

Important: the drainage layer of bedding should be approximately 20 cm.

Masonry is not performed up to the ground level, and80 cm below. The current mark is equipped with reinforced concrete slab to slab. It can be homemade or factory. Concrete slabs can be poured with your hands on the formwork (20 cm thick).

Also in this concrete structure necessarytake care of the hatch for pumping effluent and make secure the lid to prevent the full opportunity to fall in the drain hole of children. Optionally, you can make a ventilation drain hole.

Note: If the drain hole is located at the entrance to transport the concrete floor slab must be thicker (not less than 25 cm), plus good and reinforced.

The remaining space is filled with earth. All the drain hole is ready, for her it is safe to walk and ride, as well as for the beauty of the yard, you can plant a flower bed, then this device will not spoil the plot design.

Construction of concrete rings

People who are willing to do in the areadrain drive, often the question arises: how to properly drain the pit of concrete rings? The drain hole is constructed of reinforced concrete rings easily, do not need special skills for the job, that's just physically have to work hard.

Drain pit of concrete rings

Drain pit of concrete rings

Stages of work:

  • At the site where the planned placement of a drain hole, set the first ring. Underneath the ground is selected, and the ring is lowered.
  • A first ring mounted on the second (of the same size). The edges of these rings have projections, thanks to their sewer rings are collected in a single structure.
  • The soil is chosen, while the second ring also falls.
  • A drain hole may be composed of 2-3 rings or more, depending on the planned size.

Important: the upper ring of the latter have to rise above ground level at 20-30 cm.

  • The hole for the outlet tube is easiest to dohammer with a drill-bits. And if there is no such, it is necessary to draw a circle on the ring locations of the drain pipe, obsverlit her usual drill, and then knock.
  • On top of the drain hole is covered by a solid cover: concrete, cast-iron.

Small arrangement Tricks

It is clear that sooner or laterassenizatorskaya cause the machine to fence wastewater. But how to make a drain hole, so to speak, "long-playing"? There are a number of nuances that will help extend the life of the pit cleaning. First, the sink can be divided. That is apart from the main drain hole to equip another hole, but only smaller. It will drain the water without solid waste (from the washing machine, the bathroom, shower). The water in the lower drain hole will quickly go into the ground, because there will be accumulation of fatty deposits on its walls.

And secondly, you can useachievements of modern science. For this it is necessary to purchase special equipment, consisting of a biological basis. This unique fluid with the bacteria. These bacteria convert waste drainage cleared and permeability of water flows into the soil is improved.

Technology arrangement drain holes (brick andconcrete rings) ingenuous and quite feasible in the home, without the involvement of teams of professionals. A benefit of such a device is a great comfort, convenience and reliability.

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