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External drainage - device, laying and installation, organization rules

Outdoor sewerage

To pastime in the countrywas comfortable and left only pleasant experience in the construction necessary to ensure the availability of facilities, without which imagine the life of modern man is quite difficult. Net supply of drinking water, heating system and external drainage - problems requiring urgent solution in the design of the house surrounded by nature.


    • Drainage pipes: general information
    • Pipes for external sewage
      • Cast iron pipes - outdated equipment
      • Priorities of plastic piping
    • Installation of outdoor sewerage own hands
      • What is a project of outdoor sewerage?
      • outdoor sanitation device

Drainage pipes: general information

Sewerage country cottagestructurally divided into inner and outer. The term "external drain" means sewer lines from the issuance of the building prior to discharge clean water. In other words, Sewerage (external) is a type of fecal sewage treatment system (septic tanks or local treatment facilities) or pipe, laid in the central village collector network.

The constituents and the appointment of external sewerage

External sewage networks consist of severalcomponents: local treatment facilities, wells, pipelines, each of which is crucial in the organization of coordinated work of the whole system.

Outdoor sewerage country house

Outdoor sewerage country house

Outdoor sewerage performs an important function -transports wastewater outside of the village or to the treatment plant, designed for disinfection and purification of wastewater. Cleaning should reach such a level that at issue treated liquid into the pond without disturbing the natural state.

Pipes for external sewage

Outdoor water supply system and sewerageplacing the pipes, or rather, to the pipe material, some of the requirements. Pipes must be reliable, lightweight, highly resistant to all sorts of external attacks.

Cast iron pipes - outdated equipment

Previously, the pipe produced mainly from iron, but today this material delivers leadership positions, giving way to polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

This is due to high standards of conformity imposed on the sewerage system, which simply must be resistant to corrosion, chemicals, temperature extremes.

Tubes made of cast iron

Cast iron pipes - heavy outdated equipment prone to corrosion

Equally important are the costs oftransportation, installation and service. Cast iron pipes are losing on all counts: they are heavy, require constant monitoring service centers are subject to corrosion. That is why the outer water supply and sewerage steel made of other materials.

Priorities of plastic piping

PVC pipes

The use of plastic pipes - saving time and money in the transportation, construction, operation

Leaders are the most popular PVC pipes,because they have the advantage of not leaving rivals no chance. Plastic designs are resistant to reagents, easy, reliable and durable. In addition, PVC pipe can boast a high frost resistance, durability and impeccable performance anticorrosion. PVC is maintenance, easy to transport and install.

Installation of outdoor sewerage own hands

Laying of external sewage own hands - quite feasible task that requires a bit of strength, patience and, of course, knowledge. Let us consider the main stages of this process.

What is a project of outdoor sewerage?

The project - a document that can be calledthe starting point for the start of assembly work. external sewerage project (as well as the heating system project and running water) is part of the construction of the house as a whole. If you have purchased a ready project of a building adapted to the usual climatic conditions - it's OK. Feel free to purchase the materials, tools and start work. But if you are doing your own design, show the results obtained specialist does not hurt. So you protect yourself from mistakes, fix that in the future will be problematic.

When preparing the project should take into account the level ofsoil freezing and deep groundwater. A place for septic tanks need to be chosen so that impurities could not get into the aquifers. If liquid from the septic tank filled podtopit basement or foundation - also pleasant enough. The project aims to eliminate the occurrence of such situations.

In drawing up the plan should take into account access to the septic tank assenizatorskaya installation, as well as to calculate the volume of the septic tank.

This need to know! The volume of the septic tank should match the number of residents in the house. For example, three septic tank volume of 4 m3 is enough.

outdoor sanitation device

After approval by experts of your project, you need to decide what you will use: tank or cesspool.

It is important! The distance from the house to the septic tank must be at least 9 m, and from the water intake - not less than 30 m.

The pit for the septic tank must be deep and 1.5 mnecessarily deeper level of soil freezing, but without reaching the upper water intake level. The pit has 2 rings made of concrete with a diameter of 90 cm. When using a septic tank in the clay soil need to be drilled in the lower concrete ring hole to dissipate the water. Installation begins with the digging of the trench 0.5 m deep with a bias towards the septic tank in 1 degree.

It is important! The smallest deviation external sewage pipe with a diameter of 150 mm - 0.008, with a diameter of 200 mm - 0.007.

The deeper located in your areaground water, the greater the chance of freezing. This means that the external water supply and sewerage system in need of additional insulation. The optimal variant of the panel Penoplex.

Chippers or punch a hole puncher is necessary to enter the pipe in the septic tank ring. The well should fit the end of the pipe, but without the cap.

outdoor sanitation device

Ideally, external drainage mustthought through the initial stage of construction. It is necessary to lay the length of the asbestos cement pipe in the bottom of the house to the outlet of the sewer pipe. After the pipe is wound up in the house, you need to attach it to the knee 90 degrees, spider, audit and vacuum valve, which is needed to drain when not sparkled siphons.

After the device internal plumbing, should becheck it out: spill with a maximum pressure of water through the funnel and see whether the connection pipes have stood the test of whether the flow? Found flaws - fix. Now you can do the finish incorporation - casting technological holes with foam, insulation and dumping.

External sewage network: a total work

External sewerage network: the result of

It is important! In the two years since the start of operation, the outer sewage works will require pumping every two years.

In buildings with a number of floors need more than twoprovide ventilation flow in the form of output to the roof of the tube dryers. Also, the outer sewer involves the use of an air valve, reducing the complexity of the installation in 2 times. Be sure to leave access for future maintenance capabilities.

Now that the work on the arrangement of the water draincompleted, you can be sure that the rest of the city will be filled with only positive emotions. A well-built outdoor sewerage - your calm and relaxing pastime.

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