Arrangement of wooden and concrete floors in the bath: the nuances and specifics of the construction

Arrangement of wooden and concrete floors in the bath

Flooring - it is one of the most important steps inthe construction of the bath. Agree, not very nice, jumping from a hot Regiment, feel cold underfoot rawness. Yes, and heat the bath, in which the floor is constantly blowing cool, very problematic. To avoid this, the device of floors in the bath should be carried out according to the rules, taking into account all the nuances of operating facilities.


  • What better to build floors in the bath
  • Do I need waterproofing the floor in the bath
  • Arrangement of floors in the bath
    • Two versions of wooden floors
    • Features concrete floor
  • How to organize a runoff in the bath

What better to build floors in the bath

The most common materials forconstruction of gender - is clay, concrete and wood. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of any one depends entirely on the personal preferences of the owner and his financial capabilities. Let's start with the most affordable and cheap options - the wooden floors.

Wooden floors in the baths lay most oftenothers. The procedure for their styling is simple and the result is a very warm, reliable and fairly durable finish. The main advantages of the floor:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • cheapness;
  • easy installation;
  • visual appeal.

And, most likely, it was the last point putsselecting a bullet. Still, in the minds of most of us still alive the desire to Russian traditions, viscous air paired impregnated enchants with its natural aroma of wet wood and birch brooms.

The floors in the bath made of wood

Wooden floors in the bath - it is a natural, environmentally friendly and a great smell

But the wooden floor in the bath has alsoa significant disadvantage. Failure to comply with the rules of installation and operation of the technology tree very quickly begins to rot. Then escape odor in the bath and destruction of the flooring. In addition, some types of wood have properties that are not known to all. For example, oak, although very durable, extremely slippery when wet. This fact must necessarily take into account, and equip a special floor mats.

Clay floor - this is not very goodoption, although some still use it. The fact that the clay does not pass water, and covered with dry cracks. At the beginning of operation, all the cracks are filled with water, which was never fully dries, resulting in occurrence of an unpleasant odor in the bog area.

If we put aside the desire for naturalness andnaturalness, the concrete floors in their properties can be called ideal for the bath. They are durable, do not break down when exposed to moisture, do not require special care. They are much easier than in other cases, to arrange the flow of water. A significant drawback - unpresentable form such a coating - is easily solved by placing on him the tile. This measure also makes it easier to maintain the cleanliness of the floor surface.

Do I need waterproofing the floor in the bath

Sauna - a room for which the moisture content,evaporation and moisture - completely normal phenomenon. So if need any waterproofing here? Naturally, the need. And not only insulation, but also appropriate antiseptic, or fungus and mold will become your loyal neighbors. Especially, if the floors are made of wood.

All underground space, logs, usedthe board should be impregnated with moisture protection and antiseptic compositions that are now easy to buy in any hardware store. And it is better not to be lazy and to perform this procedure several times. In addition, insulation materials must be laid on the waterproofing layer. This will prolong their life.

Wooden floors in the bath

All wooden elements should be treated with antiseptic compounds that prevent organisms settling and damage the wood

If you are still a number of reasons we did not care aboutThis construction phase and floors began to rot, or are not sure that this is done the old masters from whom you got the room, it is possible to perform a number of simple steps you can take to prevent further destruction of the floor:

  1. All wooden elements of the floor must be removed and thoroughly dried in the open air.
  2. Rotten place, remove and place them under the sandpaper.
  3. Wood impregnate antibacterial solutions and then be dried completely
  4. At the end of the work of the board must be covered with a water-repellent varnish or wax.

Arrangement of floors in the bath

Two versions of wooden floors

The unit floor bath start looking againsame with wooden structures. These floors are divided into flowing and leakproof. In the first embodiment, planks stacked so that the gap between them remained serving for water drainage, while the second, opposite, boards tightly closed, and the flow is organized by means of a one-sided slant stacking.

The main advantage of leakproof constructionconsidered the possibility of additional insulation of floors by placing in the underground space of expanded clay, sand, foam or any other heater.

How to make a wooden floor in the bath

Driving device leaking wooden floors in the bath: excess moisture appears spontaneously through the gaps between the boards

Most often, the wooden floors in the bath are made ofboards, which are placed on the joists. As a rule, if the sauna small size, this is enough, but if the building is planned to a very large, it is better to put on the joists crate from the boards. Each lag placed on columns (piles), whose role can execute bottles, bricks or asbestotsenmentnye pipe. The bars should be located on a well-compacted soil, covered with a layer of compacted gravel or sand.

Features concrete floor

The main drawback of the use of concrete floors in the bath - cold, so you need to take care of their proper insulation.

Before you make the floor in concrete bath, the whole ground on the construction site must be compacted. In this place should pour rubble and carefully smoothed it.

Tip: for better grip rubble can be filled with bitumen.

Insulated concrete floor in the bath in two ways:

  • placing insulation between two layers of cement composition;
  • spread out insulation laid over the floor and covered it with boards.
Apparatus concrete floor in the bath

In small baths concrete floor can be poured at one time, most of the surface finish with ceramic floor tiles

If the room is small, the concrete solution can beapplied directly to the entire surface of the floor, otherwise split wooden area a better guide to the small strip. So it will be easier to lay, compacted and leveled concrete.

Important: to floor insulation can begin only after the concrete dries.

How to organize a runoff in the bath

On how to properly configured water flow,It depends comfort bath. Decaying water has a very unpleasant smell, and the constant dampness on the floor leads to rotting wood. If the room is set on the sandy ground, it will be enough to make the absorbing pit, which can be placed directly in the wash. To do this, dug a pit, the minimum dimensions of which 60h60h50 cm, and is filled with gravel, sand or gravel. During the compaction necessary to fulfill its ramp to the side of the pit.

Water flow in the bath
One way flow device in a bath with tap water from the sewage tank

If the bath is located on clay soil, theYou will need to make a pit that is used to collect water and its natural outlet to the absorbing pit, located behind the structure. Pit can be made much smaller. As a rule, enough 30h30h30 see. The water in the bath after a drainage grate falls into the pit, and from the drainpipe beneath the slope, flows into the absorbing pit.

Tip: To prevent the entry of unpleasant odors in the bath, the pipe should be equipped with water seal and drain grate - siphon.

Of course, in one article is difficult to consider allthe terrain on which it is planned to put the bath, the wishes of the owners, and other factors. So much easier to turn to professionals-builders, who will appreciate the on-site situation and build exactly the bath, the dream of the owners.

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