What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom: all the material, coloring, design

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

Bedroom - a special place in each house / apartment. It was in this room begins the day the couple, single woman or bachelor well. No matter, the main thing that the bedroom forms morning mood and cheerful spirit of the charge is very necessary, because there is still a whole day. Also in the bedroom at night are discussed and analyzed the events of the day. All these arguments stipulate that bedroom design should have a warm conversation and morning awakening. But how to choose the wallpaper for the bedroom to create a unique atmosphere, clean and individual?


  • Bedroom - an individual matter
  • Large range of materials
  • The first step - the choice of types of wallpaper
    • Traditional paper wallpaper
    • Vinyl - the perfect solution
    • Non-woven wallpaper - the best option
    • Textiles - exclusive design bedrooms
    • Glass wall - mass variations
    • Photo Wall Murals - unlimited flight of fancy
    • Natural materials - abstract bedroom
  • Step two - color version
  • The third step - the composition

Bedroom - an individual matter

What is the ideal bedroom? It is a question of character, which depends on the tastes and desires of its owners, and the area of ​​the room is important. This may be a large room full of light, a large comfortable bed, maximum comfort and minimum elements. Or the atmosphere in the bedroom can be completely different: a small room, distant from other rooms, a bed with a feather, a mysterious twilight and the dominance of dark color. Both the first and the second option is interesting, because a lot of people in the world and they are all different: in temperament, preferences in taste.

But no matter how it looked bedroom, with planningInterior must remember that in this process, every detail is important, because the harmonious combination of all the constituent elements ensures excellent end result.

Large range of materials

Natural wallpaper

Natural wallpaper style and sophistication

Particular attention should be given to a largersurface, ie the walls. What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom among the variety of decorative materials? It's in the past in the store sold only ordinary paper wallpaper, but people were happy and that, because it was possible to paste over wallpaper bedroom, not engage in every year whitewash. But today the situation has changed dramatically, the shop windows are filled with a variety of finishing materials. Modern wallpaper industry is developing day by day, she does not regret neither the materials nor the imagination to manufacture its products the samples, by the way, is very popular. That is why, on the one hand, in the bedroom wallpaper choose easy, but on the other difficult.

The first step - the choice of types of wallpaper

Perhaps, you must first determine the type ofWallpaper. The solution may be in favor of paper wallpaper, vinyl, non-woven, textile, as well as the attention can be paid to wallpapers, glass and products made of natural fibers.

Traditional paper wallpaper

Swedish paper wallpaper

Swedish paper wallpaper - unlimited number of finishing options

This is the cheapest option of interior decoration. But the economy is not always appropriate: with the help of paper wallpaper very difficult to achieve the original design of the bedroom.

Yes, they still have a drawback: an ephemeral lifespan.

Vinyl - the perfect solution

Interesting design of bedroom

Interesting design bedrooms

This denser version of wallpaper (compared topaper), they are ideally lie on the walls and conceal minor tweaks. You can pick up vinyl wallpaper on fleece, and it is possible to use more sophisticated look of wallpaper, called serigraphy. They are made by hot stamping, and are characterized by an unusual decorative pattern. This is an interesting option that will bring the room notes of sophistication and pastels, besides this type of wallpaper can be glued on the ceiling. That's just such a material requires special care and careful treatment because of the instability to mechanical stress.

Non-woven wallpaper - the best option

Non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper conceal poor-quality surface leveling, will help to create an original design

With this wall covering is possibleto solve two problems in one fell swoop: to hide irregularities and beautifully decorate the walls. This practical wallpaper, they do not burn, period - 7 years, mask cracks.

There is a separate subspecies non-woven wallpaper - apainting. These wallpapers can be painted in any color, texture and combination of colors. They are characterized by a variety of texture, "mat", "Tree", "wave".

Textiles - exclusive design bedrooms

Textile kind of wallpaper

Textile wallpaper will form a cozy atmosphere create a feeling of warmth

This type of wallpaper used in the decoration for a long time,Today the tradition of textile decoration bedroom wallpaper is not forgotten. They are made from natural fabrics, yarns, fibers (velor, silk, felt, linen). This tapestry has excellent sound and thermal insulation performance. Unity with nature, harmony and comfort - the result of room decoration bedroom textile wallpaper.

Glass wall - mass variations

Glass fiber for painting

Glass fiber for painting can be painted many times

Fiberglass wallpaper have a wide range (60 variations) and can be painted several times.

This method makes it possible to play with color - walls can be watercolors or more saturated. Fiberglass perfectly fixed to the wall, and long retains the original appearance.

Photo Wall Murals - unlimited flight of fancy

Summer Mural

Photo wall with plants image - summer every day

Individuality and originality viaphoto wallpapers can be expressed fully. They not only develop creative thinking, but also freshen the room, make it warm and relaxing. This may be the azure sea, burning fireplace and unique nature.

Natural materials - abstract bedroom

Bedroom design

Design bedroom in eco-style

No less interesting type of wallpaper, which is characterized by abstract textured decor: cane, bamboo, thread, bulrush. Natural wallpaper will undoubtedly be advantageous to look in any bedroom.

Step two - color version

Select a wallpaper in the bedroom

Color in the bedroom programs the mood, sends energy charge

Overlooking wallpaper understandable, but how to choose the wallpaperbedroom color? This is a sensitive issue in which you want to trust their own feelings. The romance more suitable soothing colors: peach, pale green, beige, not hurt unobtrusive gilt and silver reflection of the moon. And if a person attracts dynamics, exclusivity, you can safely choose the wallpaper of red and purple tones, variations in orange, green and yellow. These colors excite the mind and stimulate active.

The third step - the composition

The composition in the sleeping room

Wallpaper should fit into a design composition

Compositional decision is also a separateniche design registration. As the figure may prefer small or large repetitive elements (geometric shape, flower), strip, bright large-scale prints.

Important: wallpaper stripes visually extend the room and fine pattern, which is often repeated, constrains the room.

As decoration, you can use self-colored wallpaper and a flat expanse of strokes vary: photographs, flower arrangements, paintings.

View wallpapers, color and composition - that's alldrugoryadnye idea in the first place should always be material Quality Score: environmental friendliness and safety. The bedroom inhabited by people, and the main prerogative of the people - health and nothing is more important than it is not.

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