Varieties of wood floor

Today, access to a wide variety of kinds of materials for the floor. The lion's share falls on the wooden cover. What are they? What are the characteristics varieties of wooden floorIts advantages and disadvantages? Together, let us try to understand these issues.

Features parquet

The traditional view is Russian parquetblock parquet. It is a wooden shawls width of 4-7 cm, length 20-45 cm and a thickness of 1.4-2.2 cm. Used an array of valuable tree species for its production. On its front and side edges are made grooves and spikes, which can be achieved through a better bunch of parquet strips. The thickness of the working layer depends parquet durability. If the flooring has a thickness of 1.5 cm and 0.8 cm working layer, then it can be operated for 50 years.

Today available countless optionslaying parquet. Its styling can be simple: Extension, herringbone or square, and perhaps art: border, braid, star, diamond, and others.

Shield and types of mosaic parquet

Inlaid parquet or mosaic is made up of boards,dimensions 60x60 cm or 40x40 cm, which are assembled from small parquet blocks. He can become an original decoration of the room. Special paper protects the front side of the panel, but after laying parquet it is removed. The back side is glued parquet absorbing material which may be a foam or rubber. As a result of this flooring it has excellent sound insulating characteristics.

At the bottom of panelboard parquet is installedsquare board, which is made of MDF or boards. On his face is pasted layer of strips of solid wood. According to GOST shield size may be from 400h400h0,3 800h800h0,5 mm to mm, and its thickness is in the range of 15-30 mm. It is a four-sided groove along the sides of the boards. With it is assembled products for which the connecting tabs are used. Most often, the front side of the shield has a pattern of squares, but sometimes artistic image can be applied to it. Facial layer is coated at the factory lacquer for parquet.

Because shield parquet is produced inalready finished form, the ease and cost of laying markedly reduced. However, a drawback of such flooring is the appearance of cracks in its nastilke. Replace the shield is much larger and more complex than the parquet element.

Cork materials as a kind of wooden floor

The floors are made of natural cork,have many advantages: they are environmentally friendly, prevent the spread of sounds, and also have insulating properties. And in the aesthetics of the flooring can not even doubt. With vinyl film that is glued to the front of a cork plate, it is possible to increase their service life. However, if the film hurt the legs of furniture, then cork floors are becoming more vulnerable. With their help, you can create a beautiful design lounges.

Features wood flooring

Parquet board may consist of two or threelayers, and it can be created from solid wood. Today, she has gained more popularity than parket.Parketnuyu board may call in different ways: deck parquet or solid board. However, as if it did not name, it is the most high-quality and high-end product among the whole range varieties of wooden floors. A service life of the floor is at least a century.

The designs of solid wood recallsparquet (on each side of it has a ridge or groove), but surpasses it in size. Most often, this material has a minimum thickness of 2 cm and a width greater than 10 cm. The length of the flooring can reach three meters, and can be 50 cm.

Solid wood is the most environmentally friendly viewflooring - it is produced without the use of glue only solid wood. At the request of the customer to install this type of floor covering can be directly on the joists without the use of plywood or glue. However, for the production of this type of wood flooring is necessary to have high-tech and expensive equipment as well as professional drying chamber and cutting tools. Manufacturers of solid wood give it a guarantee for the operation of up to 25 years.

It features a multi-layer board

As the name implies, multi-layer boardIt made of several layers of wood. This most stable wood material as the layers are glued together at right angles. It is known that the timber extends transversely to their stronger fibers than along them, which is why such a construction allows to neutralize the movement of the adjacent layer. At its manufacturing on a wooden base parquet glued to the bar 4 mm thick. For the facial cover using solid wood species, such as beech, oak or ash. The base board is manufactured in the form of bars or rods. Used for their manufacture chips which are bonded with a hydraulic press. The length of the floorboard is 120-270 cm, thickness - 0,7-2,3 cm, and width -. 13-21 cm during a floor flooring connects using ridges and grooves. Most often this material is available lacquered.

Varieties of wood floors won wide popularity among the varioustypes of materials for the floor. This was made possible thanks to an excellent performance and aesthetic characteristics of wood. However, such coverage is not cheap, but with his help you will add naturalness of the interior of any room.

Varieties of wood floor
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