Types of wallpaper for the walls and their characteristics

If your intention is to repair the apartment, thenin front of you will arise a difficult question of choice of finishing material. Given the wide range of products, its diversity and abundance of manufacturers is not so easy to give preference to a particular type of product. Moreover, walls can not only to paste, and the paint and decorate. In this article we will talk about types of wallpaper for the walls, While others you can learn about other finishing materials for the walls.

Wallpapers are the most common finishingmaterial for the walls of residential buildings. Their pasting will not take a lot of time, to the same and the price they are available to almost everyone, and can fulfill their pasting on their own. Another advantage of the wallpaper lies in their ability to hide the irregularities of the walls. In stores you can pick up desired material of any color and any pattern: a gold, wood, Venetian plaster and marble.

Paper types of wallpaper for the walls

The huge popularity in our country have wonpaper wallpaper. However, they have serious disadvantages in strength and durability issues, but cheap in price. And the damage can be not only in their operation, but also during pasting: softened by glue, they are just waiting for your careless movement to tear. And because the paper is easy to absorb water, this type of wall covering should be used in rooms with low humidity.

Direct sunlight leads to discolorationpaper wallpaper. Therefore, this type of finish is most often need to be replaced. The average life of paper products is five years, after which the old material is removed and glued on its new place in the next five years. A good alternative is a single layer webs duplex wall which consist of two joined layers of paper. Their advantage is the increased strength.

Features vinyl wallpaper

Another View wallpaper for walls are vinyl wallpaper. Although they began to produce relatively recently, but this kind of finish has won over fellow position at the paper. Vinyl wall consists of two layers: a core used for manufacturing paper or fabric, and the outer coating is performed using a PVC film which may comprise drawing. These embossed wallpaper does not fade in the sun and are not afraid of moisture, as a result of their service life increases significantly. Therefore, they will become an integral part of the design of the room resting.

According to the method of manufacture, cost and appearancemean vinyl wallpaper are classified into several categories. One of them - foamed wallpaper, which are characterized by high density and perfectly hide wall defects. Their upper layer is foamed at high temperatures, making it possible to obtain a pronounced relief of the front side. This type of wallpaper has a good moisture and abrasion resistance, durability and long life. With their help, you can execute pasting kitchen or bathroom.

Another type of vinyl wallpaper is silk-screen printing. They differ in that in addition to vinyl outer coating present in the silk thread. Outwardly, they are different from other vinyl fellow shiny surface. Most often, their background is in dark colors, and the image has a bright and airy feel. Their surface may be embossed or smooth. They are not afraid of no sun, no water.

Another type of vinyl wallpaper is coating on a paper basis. They can be used as a coating for painting, and you can pick up a ready material with a pattern. This kind of wallpaper for the walls It has a high performance: they are easy to stretch, so that they break should be good to try.

Features cork wallpaper

The surface of this coating can be roughor a smoother. Often the tube is used in the form of tiles, but you can find this kind of wallpaper on a paper basis. For their manufacture is used cork, which is crushed, pressed and then glued. Typically, cork layer does not exceed one millimeter. Wallpapers of this material are spectacular and give the room a natural look. In addition, they will be the best material for the ceiling of the room.

However, known natural materialsThey have a high cost. In addition to cork wallpaper not necessary to prepare the wall - any base is suitable for them. Excellent performance overshadowed the fact that the tube traps and accumulates dust. However, this problem is solved by lacquering or coating on the surface of the wax.

it basic types of wallpaper for the walls, are used in the interior design of the room. In addition to them in the market of building materials can be found metal and veneer wallpaper and textile wallpaper. But they are not widespread in our area, although they have their own advantages. Having familiarized with the basic characteristics of finishing materials for the walls, you will, considering the wallpaper in the hardware store, to understand what is behind their names.

Types of wallpaper for the walls and their characteristics
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