Types of curtains, or how to make them a real decoration for the room

Such a simple interior elements like curtains canbe decisive in the design of the room. They can become a real decoration of the room, if properly selected. Today, there are products such as sliding and lifting. Let's learn more about their features.

The sliding nastrochennaya products on their uppersite tape plays an important role. From it depends on the thickness of the folds and their number. Design of curtains for the living room may involve the use of tubular, bantovyh and other folds. Often to create them in strip placed thread, and its edges are fixed on the sides of the product. For washing and ironing curtains just enough to untie such knots that will greatly facilitate the work and would lead to greater effect. Loops or strings can successfully replace the braid.

If the fabric used to reinforce curtainsflowers, bows or other original objects, created an elegant and stylish look. Slightly below curtains or on the same level with the windowsill, they can grab a variety of ribbons or decorative elements. If desired, the fabric curtains can be replaced by blinds, which are rich in colors, simple design and affordable price. However, they can never replace the elegance and warmth of a living tissue.

To manufacture blinds hoisting usedthin silk and cotton fabrics in light colors. Silk allows to make French curtains. To create them, use a cloth, twice the height of the window, which is going undulating folds, then use the cord is divided into sections.

Determine the fabric and drapery

fiberglass are used for the manufacture of curtains,silk and cotton materials as well as reps. The modern market offers a huge variety of texture and color solutions. Products can have a variety of texture and color, they are smooth and padded, some exclusive products are made of different materials. Some prefer to buy an expensive matter, because its life is big enough. For sewing curtains are often used light or transparent printed fabrics, chiffon, etc.

To drape the fabric did not cause anyproblems, it is the width should at least be 1.5 times greater than the width of the window or wall opening. If you wish, you can make the curtain did not touch the floor, and was in the 5-10 cm away from it. However, it may fall to the floor, creating a wonderful interior solutions.

Types of curtains, or how to make them a real decoration for the room
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