Features planning of apartments in apartment buildings

Gone are the days when every house was typical apartment layout. When it comes to someone to visit, even in the firsttime can be had with the eyes closed to indicate where room is defined and what are its dimensions in his apartment. Today opens a wide range of planning decisions in front of us. If you have the desire, backed by financial opportunities, you will be able to find a suitable apartment for yourself zhile.Planirovkoy called the location of non-residential and residential rooms in relation to each other, as well as their size, geometry and the relationship between them. When choosing an apartment in the first place it is important to pay attention to the layout of the house, and after that to the layout of the apartment.

Brick, solid and prefabricated houses

In large cities, new homes can beclassified on individual projects and massive construction. Accommodation for individual projects being built using monolithic or brick, and construction in series, usually performed by a panel. In recent years, the number of brick houses has decreased markedly due to their expensive cost and high labor intensity. At the same time, the monolithic construction took the vacant niche, because this method of construction is perfectly combined with the panels and brick. As practice shows, the panel houses have excellent insulating performance, especially when the construction is done immediately on the slope of heat-saving characteristics.

In the homes of serial development typical layoutclassified and studied. In the panel house apartments always have a specific sample plan. With his design immediately distributed load on each wall, so the load-bearing walls can not be moved, let alone clean. Yet some choice there, because in these houses there are several types of apartments.

A distinctive feature of monolithic housesIt is the presence of reinforced concrete frame building. That is why the design, you can choose a different layout of the rooms, the only thing that puts a limit - a technical and sanitary standards. Most often in the construction of monolithic houses layout of each apartment is developed on the stage of the creation of the project of the building. Nowadays, developers often offer apartments, where there are no load-bearing walls that serve to separate rooms. Therefore, the residents themselves perform the layout of the apartment, at its discretion.

If you choose plan apartmentsThen you need to consider the possibleroutes of movement of people who will live in it. This will help you to zoning area. Separating the place for various premises, define the position and size of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, utility room, not forgetting to take into account the lifestyle and the number of family members.

Requirements for residential space planning

living rooms areas may have differentunion: they can be connected with a corridor or to pass one another (adjacent rooms). But modern planning trends exclude the long corridors of the space or connecting rooms. The reason is simple - the irrational use of living space.

The hall should be enough space to inIt could accommodate a wardrobe, take your clothes off and hang it up, also there should be a space for shoes. More often than not we have a kitchen and dining room at the same time performs a function, so there should be enough space for cooking, and for its use. Therefore, if the apartment area exceeding 45 square meters, and at the same time for the kitchen discharged tiny size, this layout is considered to be unsuccessful. In any case, you should know how to arrange the furniture in the room.

Basic rules for the planning of apartments

Immediately you need to consider the location and bedrooms. They should be placed as far away from the premises in which usually more noise: entrance hall, kitchen, living room. Communicating room, which made long rectangle differ inconvenience of operation, they are usually poorly lit, uncomfortable and not adapted for comfortable living.

Many have noticed the benefits of installationmaster bedroom en-suite bathroom. And closer to the entrance to the apartment, you can install a smaller bathroom and elaborate color schemes bathroom. Incorrect layout is considered to be a neighborhood toilet and kitchen. Also unfortunate is considered to be the location of the location of the only bathroom at a maximum distance from the front door.

If you buy a house in the panel house, from the beginning, tune in to what you are unlikely to produce radical changes in floor plan. Since most of the walls are load-bearing,their displacement may have catastrophic consequences. On the other side of the monolithic homes have a solid reinforced concrete frame, so they can be at the design stage to think about the placement of rooms in their apartment. So deciding to buy a house in this house, you will become the owner of the apartment with the desired layout.

Features planning of apartments in apartment buildings
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