Carpet - a beautiful decoration for your home

As the saying goes: "Everything is new - it is well forgotten old". These words can be attributed to carpets, as the fashion for them back. Previously, they were a symbol of wealth, now use them to create extra comfort in the room. Beautiful and well-chosen rug will give even the most nondescript room a unique flavor. Buying it is very important to determine the color and size. If the product is large, it means that the main emphasis should be placed on it, and the rest of the interior of the building, starting from him.

There is also a small trick that is taken into account in the interior decoration with the help of the carpet:

• Carpet should not be the entire floor, be sure to leave about 25 centimeters of empty space;

• if a lot of bright colors in the room, so the carpet needs to be inconspicuous;

• room for sleeping must be warm and soft, so here is ideal carpet with a high pile;

• need to determine what will be focused on the main focus: the decoration or the floor, or on the interior environment;

What is important to consider when choosing a carpet

It is noteworthy that even synthetic carpets, ifThey produced high quality, appearance of anything will not yield a natural counterparts. Moreover, their lifespan is 15 years. These products are woven and adhesive, the first view is particularly durable. On its back side and yarn are small nodules, while the adhesive carpets - cloth bonded. Products of the latter type are used for about three years, so it is better to give preference to woven carpets.

It is also important to consider that carpets with long pilerequire more care, besides such products quickly wiped. Therefore, if the carpet pile is short, it is best to lay in a hallway or corridor, if the average - in the nursery or living room. Products with a long nap would be the best solution for the rest of the room - because of the small cross-subject will delight you long enough.

Try to fit harmoniously into the design of the carpetpremise that it completely matched the style created. So, for the rooms, decorated in a country style, the best solution would be rough rugs. The English-style carpets will look good, which depict roses.

Online carpets are presented in a huge variety. You can easily buy the product that you like. The main thing is to decide what you want to create the interior.

Carpet - a beautiful decoration for your home
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