The right bedroom design

Sleep quality is largely dependent on the situation in the bedroom. Therefore, the design of this room should be designed.

Due to the fact that each person is different,can not give the same for all recommendations on arrangement of bedrooms. Relaxing atmosphere for one can seem oppressive to another. It is necessary to highlight some generalized tips for different psycho man.

sanguine person

For active sanguine important space. That it is desirable to adhere to the minimalism in a bedroom setting. As for color, then for sanguine most suitable shades of yellow. A small room will help to "broaden" the mirror. Just do not need to set them in front of the bed.

choleric subject

Furnishing a bedroom in explosive cholericIt must be peaceful. Relaxing effect have all shades of green. Therefore, the whole range of colors from blue to khaki to be appropriate. Furniture should be set so that it does not irritate and does not interfere with free movement. The sleeping area should be convenient. For those who want to buy mattresses Kiev provides a wide range of products.

Phlegmatic person

Balanced phlegmatic not like change. Conservative by nature more suited classic situation, no stranger to them, and eco-style. The color palette, preferred for phlegmatic - shades of gray and brown.


Sensitive and too emotionalmelancholic can relax, only feeling safe. Therefore, the colors of the walls and furniture in the bedroom should be in pastel colors. No bright, "screaming" colors. Melancholic very picky to detail and like to use the romantic details in the design of the room.

There are general guidelines for arrangement of bedroomsfor all psycho. Background noise can affect sleep. Therefore, if there is a choice, then the area for a bedroom should be planned in the farthest room from the hallway. It is not advisable and occupancy of the room near the bathroom.

The main subject in the bedroom is the bed. That she should be given special attention. If you are unable to pick up the product in which you will triple and the mattress and the bed itself, they can be bought separately. Thus it is necessary to take into account weight, age and anatomical features of the wearer. Depending on availability, you can pick up diseases mattress given the required rigidity.

The right bedroom design
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