The original decoration of the room

Modern life is characterized by a hugenumber of unusual solutions, with the help of which you can decorate your room. Your imagination with the designers tips will help you create a creative composition. Do not be afraid to experiment, but be guided by the fundamental principles that will help you achieve the desired goal.

Photocopying make curtains unique

Today, not many people are familiar withthe possibility of drawing on the panel or blinds using thermal. Yet this method is quite effective and is gaining popularity. Printing will allow you to move the curtains on any image, be it a personal photo or a painting. The main requirement is a sufficient resolution, or the result of poor quality of the original image will be of poor quality on the curtains. A good solution may be translucent curtain hanging in front of the curtains with a printed pattern.

From cardboard can make collage composition

Cardboard can also serve to the original decoration of the room. To create a pattern you must drawa preliminary sketch. On it are different levels of height should be marked: a design interior room often has a number of three-dimensional shape. To create a collage, you will need about ten sheets of cardboard. Each of them should be given a certain shape and glue them in a different order.

You can buy colored cardboard, and canhand-paint the ordinary. Colorful paper will provide it desired image. Your imagination and willingness to experiment will create a beautiful collage kompozitsiyu.Kollazhem considered nontrivial combination of textures and colors. It can be created from a variety of elements, but a collage made out of cardboard, is one of the most popular compositions, which can become a unique material for walls.

Decorate fitokartinami

Fitoizobrazheniya are compositions,built on the basis of natural elements with which you can create an abstract pattern. To create such images need thick cardboard or canvas. On it using oil-based paints can be applied to the desired pattern, and then complete the picture by various dried flowers, leaves, shells, herbs and other natural elementami.Kogda the product is ready, it can be covered with a polymeric material that will provide better safety. After that, the picture is placed in a baguette or a wooden frame and hang on the wall.

The aquarium can become a worthy ornament of your room

Original decoration of the roomIt can be achieved with the aquarium. After a glass house for fish may not be just a habitat for pets, but also a beautiful piece of decoration of the room with his hands.

Interestingly, both the aquariumfunctional, and beautiful. It can be used for zoning of space, lighting rooms, and can become a decoration of your room. In addition, the picturesque and elegance of aquarium fish with the movement of water will help to calm down and get a positive attitude.

Decorative fireplace

It's no secret that a fireplace can create inliving room an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Yet along with its setting and you need to think about fire safety. In addition, the establishment of a retraction of the smoke system can take you not only time but also money.

But the decorative fireplace is a perfect solutionfor those who wish simply to simulate the presence of fire while preserving their money and time. To create an ideal frame material is drywall. Its outer surface can be oblitsevat using tiles (mosaic, granite or artificial stone - all at your disposal). The design will look natural and easy.

The space of the fireplace can be decorated with exquisite vases, and on the mantel can be an original way to decorate using family photos and create statuetok.Kak the original decoration of the room? Consider the various options: It can be applied to curtain one of the masterpieces of classical painting, set in it a large aquarium with a decorative fireplace to create a cozy atmosphere, and collage composition and fitokartiny can make the room a unique interior.

The original decoration of the room
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