The main stages of development of the design project a cafe and bar

Due to the design project to create a suitablehabitat, focused on a particular customer. It consists of a series of documents, which is obtained by carrying out design work to the extent that will be carried out repairs, construction or komplektatsionnye work. In general, every design project involves the planning stage, styling and technological stage. Let's take a closer look at them.

Features planning stage

At this stage of development design project includes measurement of the configuration of the walls, the research of the designed object, space zoning and development planning decisions.

For its implementation, the following documents: layout of the premises, his plan to dismantle everything and partitions, plan future equipment and furniture arrangement.

In the beginning, it is important to determine the requiredamount of furniture to be used in each area. In other words, you need to make the technical project. At this point you must decide on the solution that best reveals the potential of space.

The style design development phase of the project

At this stage the model room, developing his color-textured graphics capabilities and decoration. It is determined by the overall look of the room.

Since you can make a sketch pencil, inif approved, it developed a computer model. If desired, you can immediately start with the development of the project on the computer. The complexity of the designed object determines the optimal type of work.

stage Technology

At this stage, developing locationelectrical appliances, circuit sewer and water systems, describes the principles of ventilation and air conditioning, made drawings of structures laid tile.

After the development phase of the customer processreceives a plan of switches and lamps, elektrovyvodov, water supply and sewage scheme etc. This is a key point in the implementation of the project. It matched materials, utilities, technology and design, intended to bring ideas to life. Terms of Reference, the customer's requirements and its ability to allow you to pick the desired value of the object.

We have reviewed the main stages of development of the design project a cafe and bar. Paying attention to their creation, you will be able to fully implement their idea and open a successful business.

The main stages of development of the design project a cafe and bar
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