The house

Many residents of cities and large townsdream of a break from the bustle of crowded places. They displayed an irresistible urge to buy a country house, not just a house, but functional, comfortable and cozy accommodation. The place to which I would like to come back again and again. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to realize their ideas of a perfect home. When its construction is important to consider all the details: to think about the layout of the interior space and zoning, to develop construction project, which will be reflected in particular locations plot, its geological characteristics and your wishes.

Construction begins with the planning of the house

Preparation for the construction of adevelopment of the concept of the future cottage or home. From the outset, it is important to decide what kind of house you would like to receive: the number of its floors, rooms, support facilities, as will placing the furniture in the room. But in addition to their presence, it is important to choose their mutual arrangement and make a sketch. Only after you will have at least a rough plan of the future building, should contact the professionals. The following experts will appreciate your project will make it their own adjustments, and only then will formulate the final requirements for professional project if necessary. Without pre-development house and surrounding the concept of its territory, it is impossible to get even a superficial understanding of what will be an engineered facility.

developing house designing, You need to think about the composition of your family, itneeds, habits and age, or errors in design can not be avoided. Thus, for a small young family or single person the ideal solution would be one-storey house, if a family has children, or are you going to live with elderly parents, then seriously think about a two-story building.

Disposition of the interiors

How to determine the minimum number of rooms? Here, a simple calculation - a living room, bathroom, kitchen, utility rooms and for each family member on the same room. Given the overall concept planning, design engineer and architect develop a working draft. With its creation, they certainly need help engineers for heating, sewer, water, electrical and ventilation systems. Experts on the basis of construction calculations, rules and regulations will create a working project. It must fully meet the appropriate building constructive and your original plan.

The internal layout of the house It must be determined not only by your convenience anddesires, when it is important to consider the development of sanitary and hygienic norms. According to these rules, one person has to account for the volume of air not less than 25 m3. This index will play a crucial role in determining the minimum size of the room.

Another important indicator is the level ofnatural light. To each room to meet the requirements, it is best when planning rooms have them along the exterior walls of the house. But even in this case, if the room more depth of six meters, even in the daytime, it will need additional light sources.

Guidelines for creating a cozy home

developing layout of the houseAvoid creating a walk-through bedrooms,though to them and you can pass through the adjoining rooms. The best place of their location will be the attic or second floor. Many try living rooms and common room to make the area from 25 to 30 m2. In this case, there will be not only to spend time with his family, but also to organize the reception.

kitchen layout deserves special attention. In our culture, and that the kitchen was a place of cooking, and dining room served a function. If you too are planning to use this room for eating food, then try to allocate no less than 9 square meters for him Its dimensions should allow to place the necessary furniture: stove, oven, table, chairs and refrigerator. And all this should not prevent the free movement in the kitchen. If you select it under 15 meters, then have room for the bar or the dishwasher.

Bathrooms and bathrooms are the best country houserecommended Located not far from the bedrooms or kitchen. They should not be less than 5 square meters In his bathroom is better to install a bath and shower, and a guest can restrict shower kabinoy.Razmery Hallways building codes are not specified. Usually taken into account when planning the volumes of cabinets, which will be stored shoes and clothes. If the two-story house, you need to take care of the space for the stairs. Recommended Corridor width is 120 cm. Boiler room, pantry, laundry, porches, terraces and balconies are located on the preliminary draft and their location determined by the customer's wishes. Most often, their share is given a fifth of the total building area.

With an increase in area of ​​the house, and the number is growingoptions for its layout. From that, there will be able to find a compromise between convenience and beauty, functionality and comfort depends on the performance of the entire structure. Smart planning will create harmony in the design of the house.

The house
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