Interior studio - the struggle for space

Do you prefer the freedom and scope, butthe owner of the studio? And the furniture is already captivated almost all the space, leaving only the "path" connecting room, kitchen and bathroom? So maybe it's time to streamline the layout of things and the interior to make a little freer and more comfortable?

First step: get rid of excess

It is really to make a one-room standardThe apartments are modern and create in her own design style, is only carefully analyze the surrounding objects. Critical look at the decoration of the room, leave only what you really need to. Discard the excess trim and numerous trinkets. Laconic rigor as a result of purposeful selection - the main priority of the first phase.

The second stage: the organization of space for storage of "junk value"

Of course, not all the unwanted, but very expensive heartIt raises a hand to throw things. Therefore, you must take a definite place for long-term storage of such small things. It is possible to withdraw all the cottage or in the garage - excellent. Otherwise, you need to allocate to them a nook, not conspicuous, for example, pantry, mezzanine or balcony. Alternatively, storage can be divided into three zones: the front and rear, and the rear divided into two.

On one side there are full-height shelves- To get something and go all the trash; On the other hand, you can hang a wall hanger for storage raznosezonnoy clothes. The front part of the storage area can serve as a mini wardrobe for clothing and footwear of the season.

The third step: to determine the overall style

It is advisable not to mix the design direction,focus on one simple style and follow it. Divide the room into zones according to function - this will facilitate the selection of furniture. It is much easier to pick up something when you know where and what will be.

Step Four: save the expense of the furniture

In this question will help us multifunctionalfurniture, such as a folding table or a sofa bed. It is also appropriate built-in furniture - wardrobe will solve the issue of opening the door, the space to do so, simply do not need. This type of situation will save space and ensure full functionality.

Step Five: more light than the more space

An important emphasis in the design - it's the lighting. The bright, high-quality lighting is visually enhances the space. This can be solved with the help of artificial light sources or to focus on room window, decorate it original, not dimming with skylight.

In general, the comfort of your "flat-baby" in your hands, the more that practical minimalism in fashion today!

Interior studio - the struggle for space
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