Interior wisely

A classic and straightforward interior designnobody will be surprised. Everyone is eager to make your home the most individual and not like others. And while many forget certain basic principles of building a comfortable interior decoration and as a result get a tasteless jumble of bright and incongruous things. In view of this is once again delineate the boundaries of refined and absurd.

The most important rule when buildingquality interior - observance of colors. The easiest way to select all the furniture and wallpaper and paint the walls in the same tone. You can play with the brightness, thereby highlighting certain items and focusing attention on them. Lovers of experiments need to be careful: the deviation from the overall picture may adversely affect the harmony. Valid considered to play on the contrast of two or three colors, not more. So it is possible to even better describe the overall design of furniture.

A very important point - the choice of qualitymaterials for all moving parts, including the door lock. In pursuit of a unique style buyers often choose intricate shapes to the detriment of the quality characteristics. The consequences of such a decision could be opening doors, cutting jammed locks and so on. So it is better to stop at a simple but practical option finishes.

For furniture are put forward similar demands: practicality of primary, secondary, shape and design. Often buyers amenable assurances sales assistant or inexperienced designer and acquire a completely unnecessary for their furniture. In the future, there is no benefit from it, but it brings a lot of inconvenience due to its cumbersome / non-standard / impracticality. To prevent such an outcome is possible in two ways: either to follow the advice only a trusted and experienced interior designer, or to reject all the taste preferences and focus on the main characteristics of the product. The first option is preferable because it is less risky and more likely a positive result.

It is necessary to consider the future and the possibility of repair. Within 5-6 years it requires replacement locks the front door, and 7-10 to start thinking about cosmetic repair of the whole apartment. If the interior has been laid out rationally, and its components are of the highest quality of workmanship, repairs will not require much time and cost.

Interior wisely
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