Making room for leisure time: tips and tricks

Many people dream to have in his housea special place for relaxation. Ideal for such purposes - one bedroom, but sometimes this feature can be assigned to the guest room or balcony. It is known that the idea of ​​human reunification with nature is reflected in the Japanese style. So, decorating, furniture, folding doors and decor are required to meet the eastern direction.

The walls, floor and ceiling

Background in the room should be quiet: white, cream, light green, beige. You can use paint or bamboo cover.

The floors are usually covered with wooden panels or tiles made of gray stone. Fluffy rugs and colorful rugs are excluded, the maximum - straw mat.

Ceiling beams, it is desirable to complement the dark colors, if you plan to make a pendant - frosted glass. Admitted pale watercolors Asian themes.

Furniture question

Traditional wardrobe with mirrors not buyworth. Better equipped near-wall niches and shelves. Most soft bed should be replaced by a low bed with a podium. To make the national color is recommended to install the sliding screens of rice paper - "shoji" and a table for tea ceremonies.

In Japanese interior dominates the texture of wood. Therefore, the furniture and all the design elements must be made of natural materials (maple, cypress, pine resinous, cedar).


Bedroom decorate porcelain figurines, liveplants, paper lanterns, paintings depicting a running brook or spring cherry blossoms. A window should hang bamboo blinds or thin panel curtains that will not interfere with the natural light.

You can install a mini-waterfall of mountain rocks in order to achieve a relaxation room effect, as well as to place candles, aroma lamps, throw pillows.

Making room for leisure time: tips and tricks
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