Features of the development and design of children's room design

In carrying out repairs in the apartment to the designpremises should be treated seriously enough. Especially it concerns the design of the nursery. Even if the room is small, can and must find a way to build the child's private space.

The first step is to choosemost bright room, which as far as possible removed from the living room or kitchen. In the case where this area do not allow, it may come to the aid of plasterboard walls.

If the family has heterosexual children, then firstThey can be placed in one room, while making another game zone, placing toys and things there. As you grow, each of the children will need a separate room.

create corresponding interior nursery possible after the space areas in the room will be determined:

• dressing;

• game Zone;

• sleeping area;

• workspace with bookcases or shelves and a desk.

It is best to provide accommodation in advance atdesk computer or other related devices. As they grow older children should also try to think about the possibility of re-planning of premises. This concerns not only the placement of furniture, but also the location of the antenna cables and sockets, as with time in the children's room will need to put a TV or other equipment.

In some cases, in order to save space, you can extend the desktop due to the sill area, placing the bottom cabinets or shelves. In the case of such a method should not interfere with the curtains.

The furniture should necessarilyappropriate to the age of children and at the same time be durable and comfortable. Tables and chairs must be purchased with a height adjuster. Collection of toys, books and gift items should be stored in boxes and baskets.

It is best to repaint the walls in the nursery inpastel or neutral colors, applying the non-flammable and environmentally friendly building materials. In addition, the decoration of the walls can be issued by means of murals, but they are best used only on two walls, leaving two other more neutral and soothing. In order not to interfere with the cleaning, rug or carpet is best to place only in the gaming areas or next to the bed.

The room should be well lit, for whichit is best to use a desktop spotlights. It is necessary to provide for even if not large, but individual dressing room for storing clothes, bulky items and toys.

Appeal to professionals on the development and processing facilities will enable the designer to create a multi-functional child, beautiful and original children's room.

Features of the development and design of children's room design
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