Decor hallway walls

Surely you've ever seen, and sterilecold, almost lifeless entrance areas of some offices. On the one hand are not used cheap materials for decoration, everything is done very carefully, but used furniture design. The reason is that the authors of such projects do not pay due attention to decoration of the walls. And this mistake is better not to allow registration at the hall walls in his house or in an apartment.

Types of coatings

Base and decor.

Base coats, whether using traditional or modern materials, will always occupy the entire or practically the entire surface of the walls in the hall.

In an act of decoration wallpapers, decorative panels and decorative tiles.

Your Strategy

Before or after the repair. Traditionally distinguished two types of design of the corridor and hallway. One of the options used for the already existing interior, so it does not require wet and dirty work. This is the most usual option for finishing the hall: the walls hang paintings or pictures in frames. Another option begins in the repair process.

The painting in the hallway

How best to paint the hallway? If you want to please yourself nachtennoy painted, watch the subject image. It will depend on her first vivid impression of the interior, from which the perception of the whole house will depend. Let it be something joyful, bright or home and uyutnoe.Rospis on textured plaster will look very impressive, even if you select a very simple drawing.

decor options

Art painting. This decor usually require space, which lacks perspective. It can be used in places such illusory volumes: Draw niches, windows, openings, doors, and other architectural fragments and various landscapes.

The work is usually performed paints havingacrylic base. First of all you must carefully prepare the surface. It should be dry, smooth and free of grease. Then applied to the wall acrylic primer. Once it dries, a drawing. Deadline will be totally jealous of the skill of the artist, and the complexity of the drawing. And they themselves paint dries fairly quickly.


performing mural technology is on thewet plaster is applied drawing using tempera paint. This option is quite long. Master first make a sketch and then pattern is transferred only to a moist surface parts.

The plaster then dries naturallymeans. This process may be delayed for a single week. After drying, the wall is necessary to apply a protective layer of lacquer. Even compliance with all the rules does not guarantee a 100-percent durability of the finished painting.

And do not forget that such a panel should not create in those parts of the hallway, you abusive outerwear or where simply leans.


Extended to the interior wall to the streetspainting, is another option wall decor, which is perfect for hallway, made in the style of punk and avant-garde style. Among the advantages of graffiti can distinguish loyal requirements for surface preparation and strength. On the surface of the walls of any shape spray paint lay down evenly. It does not matter what material your walls are made. They can be plastered, and even concrete finishing.

Ordered in a professional studio imageit costs expensive. Especially if you will be involved a large surface. But now there are a lot of young, talented artists who will perform the work for much less money.

Decor hallway walls
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