Furnishing a child's room

Children's room for a child - it's his personalarea where he plays, has been sleeping, studying, resting. How to successfully arrange the furniture in the nursery, so it does not interfere with the child, but that was all he needed for work and leisure?

The first rule - do not need to overload the furniture andobjects children's corner apartment. Remove all the excess out of the room if the child has grown out of something or does not use a particular piece of furniture. All the furniture is better positioned on the perimeter, clearing center for games, sports and recreation. Children's bed, do not place near radiators, it is better to make it one of the edges abuts against the wall, adjacent to the toilet or corridor, in order to avoid unnecessary noise. Opposite the bed put lockers with books, open and closed shelves.

Next to the bed can be positioned wingwardrobes for clothes and accessories. Furniture and choose bright and saturated colors that will awaken the child's life tone. Desk necessarily set so that it fell on the natural light from the front or on the left. A good place for a table - at the window. If two children, give preference to a bunk bed, which is excellent saves space and at the same time convenient and comfortable for babies. The center, which will host games and fun for children, it is better to issue a soft carpet of bright, pleasant, warm and comfortable.

Zoning space - a mandatory principlea child's room. Must be clearly marked zones of rest, work, storage, sports and games. Equip additional lighting sleeping and working areas and a central chandelier lighting provide a safe bright shade. Fortunately for the desk lamp on a flexible stem, allowing to vary the direction and power of the world. It does not prevent the crib cute nochnichok in the form of a favorite cartoon character of the room owner.

Ergonomics and safety of furniture and objectsInterior in the first place during the organization of the children's situation. Therefore, natural materials are held in high esteem. Children's health and normal development - the main value. Also pay attention to the smooth surface, safe materials, the lack of fine detail, unbreakable surfaces - all to avoid the possibility of injury, cuts and damage to the child.

TV and computer in the children's best not to let it be a separate type of entertainment under your strict control, your focus area.

Furnishing a child's room
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