The correct picture for a kitchen

Many people desire to create comfort in the facta place where they spend a lot of time. Pictures for the interior, perhaps the most relevant solution for creating a cozy atmosphere in the house, because the paintings created by the master, his every brush stroke brings warmth and comfort of looking at her. It is believed that painting interior - Is an art for the rich, but it is not inNowadays, one can indulge in art at an affordable price. An important consideration in the selection of paintings for the interior is the room in which it will be located in the living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

Kitchen - is the most popular place in our house,Here we spend the most time, start and end the day. Pictures for the interior of the kitchen is a very important accessory of this room, despite the fact that the aggressive kitchen environment can spoil the canvas, but modern materials, such as synthetic canvas and acrylic paint, oil painting make a reasonable purchase. An excellent performance of the acquisition will be painting in the genre of landscape or still life, uncomplicated motives are pleasing to the eye and improve mood in the kitchen design.

How to choose the right picture that will fit harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen.

1. First you need to determine the size. For a better perception of the painting it is important to observe the basic rule of "golden section", its meaning lies in the fact that the angle of the picture would be next to the interior of the subject there was a distance about equal to the size of the picture.

2. There are many types and styles in art, so that the picture selection process was difficult, should be defined in the genre, in which The guiding your picture will be written. Usually in the design of the kitchen, many people want to see these paintings as landscapes or still life. Abstract paintings plot makes sense if the design of the kitchen is decorated in the style of hi-tech.

3. The basic tone. This is one of the most critical moments. The fact that the color tone contains the information and an emotional component. First, try to determine the main color of the walls, and do not select the pictures in the same color as they will blend .. Next, experiment, try to trim options.

4. Framing. Picture Frames They play an important role in the frame and attachedart of perfection and elegance. Buy a baguette is not a problem, the main thing to choose the right it is necessary to be guided by the basic palette of colors of the interior, as well as genre paintings.

By following all these rules, you will bring into your interior harmony and the beauty of the painting.

The correct picture for a kitchen
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