The choice of material for the ceiling in the room

The choice of materials for finishing the ceiling in the roomIt is an important task. Most often used for this purpose are used special plates or wallpaper. But no one stops to perform any other finish. So, material for the ceiling in the room may be tile, laminate, wood panelsor other coating. Depending on the room and the apartment interior, you can choose what suits you the most. Today is available a huge selection of different types of wallpaper, wall and ceiling.

How to choose wallpaper for the ceiling

If you have to define exactly what willceiling wallpaper paste, you decide what is important, because of their species there is quite a lot. If we talk about fiberglass, they are durable, environmentally friendly and durable. However, a good alternative would be flezilinovye wallpaper. They are well withstand voltage, thereby prevent the occurrence of cracks. Each of these types can be dyed, so in terms of color, you can not worry about.

In all seriousness approach to the choice of adhesiveWallpaper. After each coating species is a type of glue. If you read the instructions carefully and you will follow it exactly, then the probability of peeling ceiling coating is minimized. Many wallpaper will be a perfect material for the walls.

Plates - original material for the ceiling in the room

For papering the ceiling plate can be used,which consist of foamed polystyrene. Plates may be rectangular (100h16,5 cm) or square (50x50 cm). The front side of them may have some relief, but may remain smooth. If necessary, the tile can be painted, but if its surface is laminated, is you do not succeed. Bright uncoated material can be used in the rooms where the humidity level is small (living rooms, bedrooms).

The coated tiles can be laminated filmset in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room. Check the ceiling it can be used even on their own: to make it easy, even if you do not have experience in carrying out this kind of work. From the outset, it is important to prepare the surface of the ceiling - it should be smooth, dry and free from any coating. In addition, the surface should be primed and marked for later pasting.

Features of the installation and operation of the ceiling tiles

To attach the tile to the ceiling can beuse PVA glue or specialized polisterolny glue. By the way, specialized adhesives allow for the replacement of individual elements of the material for the floor and ceiling. Experts advise to start sticking plates from the middle of the ceiling, moving in the direction of the walls. With the help of a sponge or soft cloth with plates adhesive residue can be removed. If you decide to paint the uncoated paint, then use a colorant, water-quality osnove.Chtoby perform joint ceiling and walls, the angle between them is closed or holding the cornice. Better purchase these items in the same store as the tiles, and from the same manufacturer.

If we talk about the cost, then glue the ceilingIt is the most accessible type of finish. In addition, it is characterized by ease of maintenance. To wash the laminated tile is enough to take a warm soapy water and a damp sponge, but not laminated coating wiped with a dry cloth, in addition they can be vacuumed.

The disadvantages include its high polystyreneflammability - at a temperature of 800 degrees it starts to melt. So you can not have with him an incandescent lamp or any other heating elements. As usual polystyrene poorly resistant to moisture and water, it is not recommended for use in kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms. In such circumstances, better use of extruded polystyrene. In addition, this material does not like direct sunlight - it is to them just turns yellow. Moreover, as you are not well adjusted to the polystyrene plate, you will not be able to ensure that their joints are not to be seen. And if you use low quality glue, then it is likely that your ceiling is simply peeled off. Such deficiencies styrene plates have reduced demand for them. Although they can be used to achieve the original decoration of the room.

The choice of material for the ceiling in the room
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